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Loyalty is of fundamental importance. When one has lived up to the age of 65 in a country and survived with his family intact despite tremendous upheavals, one has to quieten down in sombre mood and live out the rest of one's life. That is how I feel right now having signed up to Loyalty Scheme of my new employers who have been kind enough to give me a part-time job to get up and about, sharpen my skills and do something productive during the rest of my life.

I have always been conscious of the fact that while I have been ambitious as a human being in my life and chose to play hard and work hard to get to prosperity and security, spiritually and materially, loyalty means to me that one has to reduce one's demands on the State that one is a part of at a time of great uncertainty for the nation so the applecart of the Establishment is not upset by one’s selfishness and self-infatuated ego-based one's actions. It helps to always see the good in one. circumstances and count one's blessings in having got this far in one's journey of life.

I do hope that from my efforts over the years that I have spent in the United Kingdom from the age of 15 as a Indian Hindu I have contributed more than I have destroyed, the destruction that seems to have been achieved from my efforts at truth-seeking is the eradication of ignorance for having been a mental patient of the United Kingdom's National Health Service over the past 24 years, I have proven my worth in that I have survived today in liberty. This is because I have never been a pariah of the State of the United Kingdom, and always had the best of intentions for the country that took me in.

I do not bite the hand that has fed me for 49 years. But loyalty also means that I have been loyal to God who awakened me out of the wrong path that I was following to discover hitherto truths that were secret codes of the universe. So feel immensely happy that I have the dignity to be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom who is due to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee later this year and I will sing the praises of the Almighty God who I named as Sri Krishna for showing me all that there was to know about God and living a life. Loyalty therefore applies to material food as well as spiritual food for one’s thoughts and actions. All my knowledge on spirituality is God-imparted who did not spoon-feed me but showed what can be done by self-effort in the pursuit of truth and which forced me into the means that I have used to chart my way through through a process of tapasya, (deep yogic meditation) that sorted my mind out to reach the point that I have had a reconciliation with God (spiritual reconciliation) and a reconciliation with the matter of living with all its day to day issues (material reconciliation). I am loyal to both in the ideal form of living that is vishista-advaita.

Now I really do understand Vishista-advaita.

Loyalty is a virtue, one good turn deserves another, one needs to be grateful for what has been given to one no matter where it came from, parents, teachers, State Establishment, God.

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Through the course of my process of realisation using the satya-advaita yogic method of assessing the truth, I had separated Reality into the vyvaharika (experiential and visible reality) and the paramarthika reality that encompassed the spiritual dimension of nothingness, but increasingly there was contradiction felt in how a human being could live under both the vyavharika and paramarthika modes of reality at the same time. What would be the dharma in each reality. I attributed sanatan dharma to the Sri Krishna God visualised in the inner depths of my psyche through what I considered was the Supermind, but equally who would believe that kind of suggestion. It could have been merely a conjecture  a speculation. Could it be explained in terms of the possibility that I was simply mentally getting to the truth of the real construction of Reality by losing my attachments such as beliefs, concepts, ideas, hopes, aims, targets, missions, anticipations, expectations, objectives, desires, ego etc and this was an automatic process that led me to increasing awareness of reality with its nonchalant, spontaeous and unpremditated scope for action that then had to lead me to my destination of shunyata as things stood today the 6 of January 2022? UNDER WHICH LAW OF NATURE COULD SUCH A THING ARISE?. I had survived all persecution upon myself from vested interests out to thwart my progress in life by incarcerating him in mental hospitals or police cells or even in the prison after all that was tried, so I deduced from this that there was a right path to the truth and that I was on it. Satya-advaita yoga was therefore a genuine method of truth determination. Now there is no need for satya-advaita yoga as the destination is already arrived at. How can I be sure of this analyses?

Further, in having separated reality into the illusionary vyaharika relative reality and the paramarthika, the Absolute Reality of Nothingness, what should I be doing with the remainder of his life by way of personal conduct? It could not go on forever for me to have one foot in vyvaharika and another foot in paramarthika to switch and change between the two as the situation demands. There was only one way to live: that is in the Absolute Reality of Nothingness, which describes the vyvaharika as illusionary.

I made up my mind as follows:

In paramarthika regardless of what one felt on bhakti-worship of God through sanatan dharma there is no Personal God so one is an atheist. One cannot worship God as one has now considered sanatan dharma in the vyvaharika mode as also having been an illusion on reflection if it is an illusion now. At this moment of the Realisation process certainly it is true that in the Absolute Reality of paramarthika dharma of any kind is delusional.

There is only one Reality to live in, at any given moment in time and hopefully it would be durable. For I am now the Absolute Reality, so must always now live in paramarthika mode, the vyvaharika reality having been history or totally delusional experience.. One has no choice but to be rational and logical accordingly in such a line of argument. In paramarthika regardless of what one felt on bhakti-worship of God through sanatan dharma there is no Personal God now so one is an atheist. One cannot worship God as one has now considered sanatan dharma in the vyvaharika mode to also have been an illusion in my history. So how does one live? By accommodation into Reality may be?. This is purely and simply Advaita, where all dualistic considerations have disappeared because all attachments have jettisoned automatically off ones psyche through the process of satya-advaita yoga. But what has advaita got to do with shunyata?

To take the argument further, there is only one Reality to live in, that is the Absolute Reality, the real world, the real universe in terms of the real interactions between components of Nature as understood to be Brahma-Nature or Brahman as the manifest 'It' (SHUNYA). Vyvaharika is the illusion, so one needs to conduct further studies on how to accommodate Brahman as an Advaitist. But what is Brahma-Nature and what is Brahman, I have no evidence for their existence. They were all speculative ideas in my journey.

I determined that I must always live in paramarthika mode from the lessons that I have learnt in my life. One has no choice but to live to material realities for who knows whether there was a Personal God for me whom I named Sri Krishna. I was just awakened internally by visions, deja vous symptoms and utterrances that turned into prophecies for certain, but these are not scientific proof of a God residing dormant in my psyche. One has to come down to Earth to be rational and logical accordingly in such a line of argument. For this one must search what precisely is paramarthika for paramarthika is the result of the search. Vyvaharika was a real passing phase for me. Was there really a God who came to me to awaken me into an allurement of Reality if nothing else besides?. Whatever may be the truth of that I still have a life to lead. All is not lost yet. Better late than never as far as coming to ones senses is concerned. So I have to be realistic that the vyvaharika phase is exhausted.

Having said that I got to where and what I deserved. JUSTICE WAS SERVED IN LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. I HAD SACRIFICED MY SCIENTIFIC CAREER TO CHASE MY VISIONS. I LEARNT EVERYTHING THERE WAS TO LEARN.It may be possibly all have been wishful thinking and now to be consigned to the past, if not the dustbin of my personal life. But I survived severely intense persecution possibly because of good luck and having family support and persomal honest and innocent efforts. I  DID NOT LOSE MY LIBERTY AND WROTE 26 BOOKS. I have a pension and a part-time job. I am in reasonably good health. We have a family here and in India. I have a British passport. I disposed off the State's mental health authorities. So this evening at 20.30 pm hours (UK-Time) I am very happy indeed.

Now I have determined that I am simply going to tick over moment by moment by regarding that there is no longer any vyvaharika for me. THE VISIBLE AND EXPERIENTIAL WORLD IS THE REALITY WITHIN WHICH I WILL OPERATE.

There will be no advaita for me, no Brahman  No Brahma-Nature, no shunyata. No nothing. I am devoid of knowledge. I have no inclination to know anything more to obtain greater clarity on my Realisation. I want to work like a machine at my new employment  keep a clean nose hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

The future considerations will naturally reveal themselves if there is any more revelation to come.



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Whether one calls Reality as vyvaharika or paramarthika, there is no such thing as sanatan dharma which implicitly serves a God.

There is only one Reality to live to that one can be sure of: this is what one senses and develops an awareness of; imagined realities are all delusional.

Do not truth-accommodate except to aid the search for the truth and establish truth and justice as the swadharma in the real world.

Always be in control with truth as your tool to strive for justice and do not take no for an answer: there are no Gods for me in this quest.

Whether God exists or not, keep the question out of your mind for the God retards human progress towards the shaping of a better world for oneself.

Assess Reality to determine what you are up against in terms of the intransigence of adversaries before aiming for just rewards.

The only person who is important is the self: considering others in a socialistic manner leads to self-destruction. HENCE PPRACTICE SWADHARMA.. A Conservative Libertarian is a one man band  because Liberty is exclusively individualistic.

Do not put your faith in other humans or a God; free your mind into Self mode that makes you self-sufficient to become the lord of the jungle.

In vyavaharika a Hindu may conduct sanatan dharma in bhakti/devotion to Sri Krishna to satisfy himself/herself of how a Personal God is manifest in the yogi's psyche: afterwards the Hindu conducts only 'swadharma' in the  realisation of shunyata (unmanifest). In the shunyata modus operandi the yogi is a rishi in Samadhi and does nothing controversial: he/she hears no evil, sees no evil, and speaks no evil: just lives to tick over day by day until the death of the body. Shunyata is the Ultimate Reality (paramarthika). The experience of both these stages of Realisation is the Absolute Reality for a Hindu incorporated in Vishista-advaita Vedanta.



To Know the Self as the only Reality and all else as temporal and transient is freedom, peace and joy’ Nisargadatta Maharaj’.

I have been thinking about this. There are two levels of reality, the first is the vyavaharika, that is to say, the experiential level of reality in which the body uses its senses to detect changes in the environment and conducts the necessary tasks to keep the body functioning well. In this relative level of reality the Self is a Truth-expressing inner mechanism of the mind that comes into prominence when the self (lower self) is lost and with it all beliefs, concepts, and other attachments such as aims, plans, missions, objectives, hopes, anticipations, expectations, ego, desires including desire for seeking the truth of what Reality comprises of and therefore there is nothing whatsoever left not even the Self (as Consciousness/God/Paramatman) with increasingly the self just engaging in eating, drinking and doing the body maintenance chores. Beyond this point of realisation one arrives at the level of the Absolute Reality of paramarthika. In this mode of Reality the mind does not exist at all either as it was in the going through the motions of keeping the body alive in vyvaharika reality and in which Sri Krishna God existed lying dormant in the psyche. In the Absolute Reality (paramarthika): the experiential reality of the visible world is an illusion of relative Reality or vyvaharika caused by Maya. So, from vyvaharika to paramarthika is a continuous process of increasing Realisation.

So I live now in the Absolute Reality where there is nothing to be bothered about, There is no I, no Self, no Sri Krishna, no body as anything other than the illusion that what exists has anything meaningful to be made sense out of, so no work to be done as karma or particular dharma or as sanatan dharma. There is no feeling of joy, sadness, no elation from spiritual experience, no spiritual experience at this level of Reality. The entire universe is a non-existent illusion, so I just do nothing and do not exist. This has been talked about as the state of realisation of nothingness encapsulated in the term 'shunyata'. What was the mind is now empty. So I do not exist, my mind does not exist, I am an illusion, the universe is an illusion in Absolute Reality. The terms freedom, peace, ananda, bliss, liberation, moksha, mukti, birth  death etc are all meaningless now.

In Vishista-advaita Vedanta, Samadhi is the state that is henceforth defined as the mind's entry into the mode of Absolute Reality and which starts treating the vyvaharika experiential reality as an illusion not to be bothered about at all. So one is an atheist in paramarthika. In Mahasamadhi the illusion also disappears.

It is highly unlikely that until a yogi goes through the exploration of vyvaharika to fully to enter paramarthika that any of this process of Self-realisation will make sense to him. Realisation is a highly personal experience.



My discovery of the conception of Vishista-advaita Vedanta took me into Vaishnavism as a religion with its manifestation of sanatan dharma because I was seeking the truth of the destination of my life for which I acted nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in all my conduct as karma.

I learnt a lot about God as Sri Krishna and having survived in liberty on this New Years Day 2022, all I know is that God exists as resident in our psyche lying dormant in the deepest recesses of our mind and the way to develop one's knowledge of God is to operate the mind at the level of the Supermind of what I have described as being a mahatman state of mentality where all the truths are accessed in the most self-protective manner possible.

I cannot in all honesty say this morning that there was ever anything called sanatan dharma (explicit God-instructed duties and righteous actions) except for what I have considered as being my attempt at achieving oneness with the hypothesised idea of a preordained and pre-orchestrated nature of the universe through time that a person can realise if he or she adopts the satya-advaitic path to truth discovery that I have done. Once this knowledge is gained and I am now fully satisfied that I have developed the correct understanding of this Reality through the use of the techniques of exploration that I have employed, I cannot say that there has been a God resident in my psyche to which I approached as the source of truth, and through that truth adopted the tactics and strategies needed for my survival in liberty in the United Kingdom where I faced severe persecution over the pat 24 years for my legitimate legal proceedings of both civil and criminal nature against persecutors. For this lately I was hounded by Kent Police from mid-September 2021 through to this morning on criminally-set up charge of apparently me harassing and stalking an individual through the internet emailing system for which our desktop computer, Mobile Phone and USB Memory Stick has been confiscated by the Police. But I was destined to survive it all from years of efforts to make me stateless and to deprive me of dignity by incarcerating me in mental hospitals and other lesser forms of detention under enforced mental health medications and in a Police Cell on the 24 of November 2021. I survived it all because I was and remain an avatar, an incarnation of Sri Krishna, on a truth-path for which I spent enormous sums of money to fight to save my reputation in the material world. There was only one side that could win this battle, and in having cornered Kent Police into inaction on the attempt of the State  to prosecute me in a criminal court, I have attained what I always sought out to do, namely to clear my name of the charges of gross misconduct that the University of Greenwich labelled me with in 1998. I had a spiritual experience, there is no doubt about that now after this 24 years of struggle in a patient manner, and withstanding the persecution that was State-organised. It was a small price to pay to have supplied £4170 as costs to the Defendant in my Claim against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in Claim E35YM660, and I look at the loss of our computer devices to the State in the same light. I have a brand new British passport issued to me on 8 December 2021 and a new job to restore my credibility as a perfectly sane human being who was victimised and harassed by the State for seeking justice. See: this:

Where does that leave me now? I have determined that I would not be silenced, and since Brahma-Nature is a reality that we have to contend with in its sattvic, rajsaic and tamasic interactions, the struggle to go on in santan dharma as part of the Vishista-advaita Vedanta conception continues. I have to be on my guard for the persecutors cannot be expected to give up their victimisation and persecution. Having said that I have no evidence of any of this analyses so so need to watch the situation closely, to see what happens next.

I am where I am and I have no real proof that I have been an avatar or an incarnation of God. That is for posterity to decide. But I do have evidence of a very high level of self-awareness that I have developed over the course of these 24 years, even if one concludes there was no evidence of God or my avatarhood. Maybe  that awareness that has led me to to safety is the essence of what Vishista-adavita Vedanta represents in the final analysis.

For me I am still alive and I need to put God out of my considerations altogether and simply assume that sanatan dharma is a personal Vishista-advaitic means of attaining oneness with Reality both in terms of its construction as Brahma-Nature and in terms of the preordination and preorchestration of the universe.So this morning I have for the new dawn that I have set my mind on as 2022 has begun, and I have reiterated my Resolutions for the rest of my life as follows:

My New Year's Resolutions: no politics, no religion as in sanatan dharma, no tobacco, no alcohol, and rebuild health with good food, hygiene, exercise and a job.

Enough of freedom as in 'Born to be Free'. The time has come to enjoy living as well as the body enables- I have earned it.

Freethought and rationalism led me to conduct scholarly studies by the Grace of God, but now I must pay attention to my body to attain peak physical performance.


Never make up your mind of what action you are going to take in any circumstances that you face until the moment comes when you are compelled to take action to safeguard your liberty. This is because the nature of the threat to your liberty is never clear until those that persecute a libertarian make another move seeing you as an enemy to their interests, otherwise known as vested interests. The action required to thwart the attackers must be proportionate in a reactionary sense (every action should have an equal and opposite reaction) so that it does not generate further scope for the persecutors to use their ammunition to demolish you. Being a libertarian is a very special way to be, When there is a need for action, take action, If you do not have money to survive on find a job, otherwise stay in the house of shelter that you accustomed to without the predators of society banging on your door.

Liberty is worth giving up all ones desires, aims, expectations, wishes, anticipations, hopes, and for this one needs to be attached to nothing, not even to your family members if you have played your cards right to have the security that a person needs for survival with dignity of liberty. Therein lies ananda (joy) and this is when one has attained moksha as a permanent state of nirvana, the bliss of the mind without insecurities, anxieties, delusions, paranoia, and with that having total freedom to do what comes into the mind at any given moment in time, fearless of the future.

So in Vishista Advaita Vedanta, one must always keep one's house of shelter in order. One must be on the look out for dangers. The house of shelter must be strong enough to weather the severest storm. This ultimately comes from knowledge, the knowledge of how Nature works, so that when one is unattached operating the mind at the level of the Supermind having no real connection with the body except that one is still alive and it is therefore a vehicle to use one's mind to do great works that would make ones achievements meaningful, truth alone dawns to steer one so that the status quo of Nature is navigated for another moment. The truth that one comes to rely on comes from the eternal Entity that we name God. Hence one is Vaishnava by religion subscribing to Vishista-advita Vedanta as the conception of Reality with its sattvic, tamasic and rajasic guna attributes, with Vaishnavism having adopted the rajasic mode at the pinpointed centre of the sphere of Reality that is required to access truth.





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On reflection today Vaishnavism is a religion that is formulated on the basis of Vishista-advaita Vedanta that was a stepping stone for for me in pursuit of the duties and responsibilities that one has in life in sanatan dharma. Sanatan dharma simply means those specific duties and responsibilities towards Nature, the Creation. So from abstraction that I had specified a year ago, today I can say that Vaìshnavism is the highest attainment of a religion outlook in life. It loves Creation in all its manifestations. It harms no living beings or inanimate objects, so it practices ahimsa or non-violence through truth accommodation and simultaneously truth conservation

 For truth is the Reality as defined in Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

Thus we have a Conception of Reality, and we have a religion based on that Conception. The reality is the universe is Brahma Nature with its Trimurti of Brahma, Vishu and Shiva representing the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna Consciousness. The religion of Vaishnavism worships Vishnu as the essential sanatan dharma that sets out the perfect actions as karma and it gives us the eternal law of the universe.

Brahma-Nature is created by Almighty God Sri Krishna represented in the Trimurti as Vishnu.

Hence from Vishnu comes the term for the religion of Vaishnavism.

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Shantanu Panigrahi

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Of Vaishnavism I examined if I was a practitioner but could not say in all honesty that I am that as a self-conceived abstraction.


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Do as I say, not as I do, for I am a yogi seeking to be the law-maker for all humanity as this generation's Maharishi.


Changed my Bio in Twitter and Facebook from ‘Vishista-advaitist’ to simply ‘Yogi’.


12.52 pm (UK-Time) 18 November 2021




I reated a podcast this morning:


I then attended to a Facebook prompt:

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I think that there is no ideal greater than the one on ascertaining the reality of the presence of God in the past, present and future as an Entity. In my view there is something as an Entity that we should call God. There is no doubt in my mind on this. I consider myself to be living proof of it. The question nevertheless arises as to whether God has always been there in the past, present and will be there in the future, and if so what are his functions eternally. I have no answer, only conjectures on what I have personally experienced in my life.

If God was only there in the distant past and set in motion a universe in a pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated fashion and then disappeared leaving Brahma-Nature to take care of itself with Brahman that people consciously aspire to as the Supreme Self, should God be worshipped? What is Brahman Self? Does it matter? Yes it does matter. because if God set in motion the universe and disappeared, it is stupid to worship Him/Her/It.

Today I can honestly review that there is no such thing as destiny that one could try and uncover through acting nonchalantaly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in all one's actions every moment of one’s life. Destiny means you go to some horizon. What is that horizon you do not know. Is it liberation as mukti. Is it paradise, is it Brahmaloka the Heaven and Hell combined. Is it nirvana? Who will tell you for certain that any such destination should be aspired to. I have not come across any kind of God who has given me revelations of that possible outcome to one's sadhana or bhakti. So, there is no point in bhakti. What does worship and bhakti do for people, or what is the expectation from bhakti and worship then. I used to have such ideas but at the age of 65 have run out of time to explore it further. All I know is that I still live as a human being. So, I do not have any expectations, anticipations, wishes, hopes, desires, missions, plans, objectives, ego and so forth. Worship did nothing for me except got me to the attention of the United Kingdom's authorities who promptly incarcerated me in mental hospitals on two occasions, first in 2004 and the second in 2008. I also spent a lot of money in seeking my fate and got fined £4170 by the Courts for my litigations that I was a sane human being and not a deranged lunatic. I was told yesterday that I still had to take my anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications to be able to live in the Community effectively.

It is therefore pure delusions of grandeur that I had found God lying dormant in my psyche or that the digital clock checking that I did in the past yielded real messages from any such Entity from an ever-present God. I have created a Conception of Reality and it is a conception that is better than any other conception expressed hitherto. I have my websites and my books to sell and bring to the attention of humanity in the present generation and in the future that I had lived and these were my art work, a work of fiction effectively but with real human beings as actors that I named as belonging to a nation of morons in a police state. I could earn recognition, income and admiration from that.

I have survived through satya-advaita yoga to become so knowledgeable and aware that I can handle anything thrown at me. That is the only thing that I have proven. I am lord of the jungle of Brahma-Nature. That is a reality whether or not it was pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated. I doubt it very much now, for why would there have been eight mass extinctions in the history of the Earth; to prove what if God is so elusive that after 65 years I do not have concrete proof of HIs existence in the past, present and the future to come. Were the mass extinctions to give the present generation food for thought about the Grand Design, for example.

I was never going to write these haunting questions after declaring myself to being a Maharishi of Hinduism yesterday, for I have income to earn and family commitments to fulfil; and I have recognition that I have thrashed the State of the United Kingdom through the legal channels  to withstand the persecution that I have been victimised with over the past 24 years for being nothing other than a truth-seeker. This as the above discourse shows I continue to be. Or were these conceptualisations and websites weapons of warfare with the State of the United Kingdom only so that no one should take what I have written to have any meaning other than that.

It is therefore still possible that I was enacting a true life Mahabharatta as Arjuna did in the battlefield of Kurukshetra with Krishna, his charioteer.

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Shantanu Panigrahi

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Life is short and art is long so do something that you would be remembered for in as high an 'ideal' as is possible within your changing circumstances



Transcript of Podcast of 24 October  2021

Good evening everyone. My name is Shantanu Panigrahi. I have been living in the United Kingdom for the past 48 years. I am 65 years of age. I am a Brahmin Hindu born in India in the State of Assam, Shilling city but originally my parents came from the village of Baikunthapur in Odhisha State and that is the place I consider my home to be: home means the native land that I was born in. But I am happy here in the United Kingdom for I am an immigrant who has adjusted to life in the United Kingdom.

I am talking here today about Spirituality for over the past 24 years I have gone up and down the road, with too many failures in material objectives. I had been living a life of near destitution at times as a cleaner, a warehouseman and so forth working in petrol stations and supermarkets. This after having published 35 scientific papers in international journals and becoming one of the top poultry nutritionists in the world. And it all came to a shuddering halt. My career was in doldrums when I was first accused of being blameworthy of gross misconduct in the University of Greenwich at the Natural Resources Institute where I worked. I was charged with the offence but I never attended the Disciplinary Hearing because it was a kangaroo court and the court would not conduct the Hearing on my terms, that is the terms that I needed to have all the truth assembled together for a proper judgment to be made on my conduct.

Having said that, my conduct was Hindu conduct, Dharma conduct, and dharma means something very special to me. Dharma means the very essence of who I am as  Hindu.  In out Hindu upbringing in India, we said, Please God take me through the path of dharma and truth for that is the only prayer that I ever actually believed in and that is the prayer that I have always made to God over the past course of my life. Andwe believed in God, God who we call Sri Krishna, and so forth. So when I got stuck into the University of Greenwich and faced the false charge of gross misconduct, they just wanted to get rid of me because I was a thorn in the backside. I was doing things in my career independentaly and solitarily that was developing my own ideas on how agricultural development should proceed in the wider interests of humanity. And what the University required me for was to be a cog in the wheel, in the machine and just be a slave to the system. This was unacceptable to me as a human being. I had my own thoughts, my own ideas and my own objectives on how life should proceed, how research should be conducted, how adaptation of research to the resource-poor farmers should be done and so on because I had a Phd from the University of Reading on poultry nutrition and a Post Graduate Diploma on Agricultural Development within Environmental Sciences with Distinction level markings; so I resisted the charge of gross misconduct and never attended the Hearing. I decided not to take the £20,000 that the University was offering me for severance with a reference so  that I could get another job. I wanted my job back, to be reinstated back in the job so that I could continue with the same work that I had been doing for the previous 18 years. And this the University would not accept.

So then started a 24 year struggle for material justice in the courts and employment tribunals of the United Kingdom. I consulted 55 odd lawyers, and none of them would come to my assistance for it was all coordinated in a Police State of the United Kingdom such that the courts and the government were part of the same State-apparatus. And this is something that I realised. And I am OK with that for me truth is of the essence. Truth is sacrosanct. One must always adhere to the truth. This is my conviction. Truth must never be covered up.Truth must always be probed out. Truth must always be absorbed and conserved and not accommodated. Truth accommodation is a strategy. It is satya-advaitic strategy to assemble the truth, to discover the truth and that is the yoga that I have performed over the past 24 years. It is called satya-advaita yoga, nobody has ever heard of it. It was a self-discovery mechanism, an experiment, a hypothesis that I have personally developed to understand whether God was instrumental in giving me visions, utterances and prophecies at the very early stages of my struggle to protect my reputation at the University of Greenwich. And I went on a dream chase from that point onwards to find out the truth whether God resided in my psyche dormantly when it suited Him and exposedly when He wished me to get me to do certain things. And I have been under the hands of the State in its Mental Health Institutions such as hospitalisation under Sectioning in 2004 and 2008 and in Care in the Community detention in my house since 2008 on enforced mediation of anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising agents; all that to quell me to stop me from persevering to discover the truth about the secretive British State, that is a State that is accurately described as a nation of morons in a Police State. And I have engaged in what I stumbled on and described to my sister as dharmayudha, a yudha to preserve my dharma. My dharma means my duties and responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities come to the Community of the global sphere, community of the society that one lives in, the family community and the self community, in that order. And so I set myself targets of various kinds to develop Knowledge for World Conservation and so forth, after I was dismissed by the University of Greenwich without a single penny in compensation and damages.

And the State has decided that I was a mentally deranged person and suffered from persistent delusional disorder and paranoid schizophrenia and even talked about autism and so forth; all kinds of rubbish where in fact it was the State that was causing me the paranoid schizophrenia by threatening me with a third round of incarceration in a mental hospital, or even to send me to prison by conducting a Pre-Trial Hearing for wanting to punch  the final nail in the coffin of the British State for being such a satanic British State as I perceived it.

So what does dharma mean. Dharma means intense struggle. Dharma and satya (truth) go hand in hand together. Truth reinforces dharma and dharma reinforces truth. And when you perfect the art of dharmayudha, one is actually conducting sanatan dharma, that is the dharma or duties that God wishes you to conduct. And that has proven to me to be true even today as I prepare my Podcast.

So how does that relate to what I think of Sprituality now. When I was first going to temples in India, bathing in the Ganga (Sangam) and went to a temple complex paying my reverence to God in Hindu temple I first had my first experience of a Higher Power when I bowed my head to the statue of Lord Ganesh and felt a shiver-sensation down my entire body, which alerted me and I said to myself what is happening to me. And so I kept that at the back of my mind and during my Post-Graduate Diploma I developed the dissertation on the basis of Hinduism. And my dissertation was called, Parallels and Differences in Dairy and Poultry Developmental Strategies and Issues Relating to Urbanisation in the Eastern India Region’ in which I talked about the Trimurti Lord Krishna, Vishnu Brahma and Shiva and so forth and I developed all kinds of elements of Hinduism in that. And it was a way of acknowledging that I was a dharmic person, a spiritual person and a believer in God, a strong theist and so forth, but equally it was the start of my quest for the truth for I wanted to test those out as soon as I had visions utterances and prophetic writings that were preminitions of doldrums in my life that was to unfold. IN the latter stages I have tested out all kinds of manner using a digital clock to communicate with God in that when I saw a time amounting to 7 (at first I tried 3,6 and later on 7), it meant that I was receiving a message from God to act in a certain way in fighting my legal battles and medical battles in the United Kingdom; and I discovered the oneness and separateness with God that we Hindus call achintya bhed abheda tatwa. That point led me to a situation where I could go confidently forwards and I surrendered to God totally and utterly until 2013 when He would not have anything further to do with me.

I was very depressed after the first round of incarceration in a mental hospital in 2004 when I thought all my subservience to God led me to nothing but being imprisoned in a mental hospital, and so what was all this all about. All my religionism, all my spirituality went down the drain. I became an atheist for 2 years but kept on studying in Forums (international Forums) in the internet and tried to make sense of it all to rediscover myself and develop my own ideas on as a human being. Suddenly though God reappeared in 2014 to get me to act in certain ways and I resumed my dharmayudha. I continued with my battle by taking Kent Police to court in a litigation for £5 million in damages and compensation for protecting the criminals who had been harassing me for the previous 18 years or so. That fate materialised and I was harassed and terrorised by the Police who had assembled themselves as Victims of Panigrahi Association to have me booted out of the United Kingdom, for I was publishing everything in the internet. I had a Blog called ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ at Wordpress and the Psychiatrists who who were supposedly caring for me but trying to denigrate me as a human being would have none of it and they  got Wordpress authorities to archive and suspend the Blog. That would not stop me for I reopened other Blogs at SimpleSite and various other places since then to continue with my dharmayudha for that had been the essence of myself. I was a spiritual person. Dharma is inseparable from Spirituality. That is how we Hindus live. Whether other Hindus live in that way or not, it is in the Mahabharatta that dharmayudha must be practiced, and dharmayudha and sanatan dharma are intrinsic part of Hinduism.

And so I had to develop my own ideas on what is Hinduism. And I separated Consciousness on the basis of what is the Trimurti; the Trimurti is the concept that Nature is comprised of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness and I described it all as Brahma-Nature. And there are interactions between these three gunas that reveal everything about how Nature works; sattvic nature being the pious sentimentality, the tamasic nature being evil-predatory activities, and the rajasic nature being routinal preservational approach to life. I discovered Vishista-advaita Vedanta through the process eventually after being through Brahmoadvaita Vedanta where the Brahman Self was the Ultimate way to be. For Brahmoadvaota was not satisfying me in terms of my duties and responsiblilities. And duties and responsibilities come first. So I abandoned Brahmoadvaita Vedantism and developed Vishista-advaita Vendanta. Vishista-advaita Vedanta requires the occupation of the centre of the sphere of Reality in conducting oneself perfectly; but beyond that is the truth that God has created it as sanatan dharma, that being the truth that Vishista-advaita Vedanta is the ultimate way for human beings to conduct their lives. That is the sanatan dharma and when perfected we come to Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita, which means we preserve dharma and protect dharma, then dharma protects and preserves you and your works for all  of humanity to read. You yourself are surviving in liberty and in the dignity of liberty and you do not have any discomforts whatsoever. I have a wife, a daughter and we are living happily today in the United Kingdom, all because I maintained my dharmayudha in all kinds of ways; by immersing myself in Creation and I have been living perfectly to have overcome all my obstacles and hurdles that were thrown at me through the process of persecution that I suffered during the past 24 years.

So today I am preparing my first Podcast on my life story that God does exist. He lies dormant in the psyche of human beings and whatever name you call that God, we are not alone in the universe. He has His ways and means of doing things and for us we need to unseat ourselves from Him, not live to surrender to Him, not live in bhakti but live like human beings that we are created to live as. So I have detached myself from God and I keep Vishista-advaita Vedanta pure in that God is there but not to be worshipped. He is there to be acknowledged and one should be reverential towards Him but He is not there for me to offer my flowers and other offerings in rutuals or going to temples again and worshipping Him in the traditional ritualistic manner. He had once asked me to take off my janeo, that is the sacred thread that we Brahmins wear, and I took it off immediately; and while I have since toyed with the idea that I might be denigrated by my family for having taken it off but it has not stopped me from keeping it off. For that was an instruction from God and it has to be taken seriously.

So today I was talking about failures in life: failures are successes in disguised form for they are information. They are knowledge. They are experiences and I was alerted to the phrase by someone today ‘ My life experiences is my classroom’, and that is certainly as true words that one can imagine oneself to possess. And with that I terminate this Podcast. Thank you




I loved it when I heard someone say that my life-experience is my classroom: very original and accurate. As for me I failed in my jobs but found a new way of redesigning and transforming myself so that I had no fear of failure for I developed the idea not to have any ambitions, plans, objectives, attachments, hopes, anticipations, expectations, desires and ego. This experiment that I was led to from successive failures found that fortune of different kinds than what one plans has come my way and these are way beyond what I could have designed for myself as an ambition or a mission. It was a case of learning from life-experiences and leaving no stone unturned to go where life takes you for opportunities to better oneself always exist and it is a question of what one selects to act upon that determines whether one is making something meaningful of one's life. I am taking here about how the mind needs to be free and in full liberty to rationalise unhindered one’s chances in life and this has led me to write my autobiography 16 Sections, entitled 'The Allurement of Reality' which is widely disseminated. For knowledge is the key to success, and one learns only when one is free of the baggage of societal brainwashing to move from other people’s agenda to one’s one's own in the libertarian spirit altogether.

Failures are stressful, they are costly, and they come to dead ends whereas in the libertarian spirit the whole universe is your oyster, the sky is the limit of what a person can attain. So, the crucial thing is not to serve anyone whether through business ventures like the vast majority of humanity is engrossed in but to serve oneself in acquiring knowledge and working on it until pristine truth comes to mind. If one is fortunate enough to have been led to this course of life (I was a man in a hurry to learn) new horizons emerge from nowhere and new opportunities for material betterment come with them. There are so many opportunities, and selection from among them is a hit and miss adventure so one is not fulfilled in any durable manner and one is consequently depressed. So, the motto is have no plans but be alert to every new opportunity to learn and contribute so that people take interest in your knowledge and call upon you to assist them with your work. Once one has enough to live on with home comforts, be jolly and cheerful and look forward to the next opportunity to better yourself. There will be no Failures then for there is nothing to fail on. I hope humanity gets my drift.

When we talk about Vedanta, one should bear in mind that there are two major strands of Vedanta. Brahmo-advaita Vedanta and Vishista-advaita Vedanta. Brahmo-advaita Vedanta is for those people who have no dharma in terms of duties and responsibilities in the material world, no families to support, spending their lives in sanyass in ashrams. There is absolutely nothing wrong about that. We need it for accurate guidance of the people of the Hindu religion. As many noted gurus have given us a lot of very useful advice that uphold Hindu shastras, and talk about Brahman the Supreme Self abound, which is correct in as far as a sanyassi is concerned. But Ramakrishna himself had taken it further in having had communion with the Divine Entity and Vivekavaniji has spoken very eloquently about that. I have no problems with comprehending Brahmo-advaita Vedanta for which the Yogashastras that alerts us to adopt is very pertinent. But Vishista-advaita Vednata is for the householder with duties and responsibilities; to raise a family, to live to assist our elder generation in their old age, to teach the young on what is the essence of life in terms of dharma. Dharma is central to Hinduism for the common man and woman, for which one must engage in dharmayudha. One has to battle against the elements of Brahma-Nature (Prakriti) to survive, and pure survival is not enough; one has to survive in dignity as a Ram for which He is known as Maryada Purushottam Bhagwan Ram. In Vishista-advaita Vedanta truth is of the essence as it is for Brahmo-advaita Vedanta but truth serves a different objective. One comes off the self-surrender to God Sri Krishna to concentrate on the mundane matters of life and death, one comes off Brahman-the Supreme Self also, as Consciousness too is for the sanyasi. In Vishista-advaita Vedanta, one occupies at the centre of the sphere of Reality, equidistant from all horizons at the periphery of Reality. It is the sure way in which the truth of our dharma is made clear to us as ordained by Sri Krishna our Lord the Ultimate Sadhguru. Read more here on how my personal journey went:    


This Blog post is an assessment of the possibilities for optimising the practice of Vishista-advaitism in non-Hindu countries. It is based on a personal experience of the author as an immigrant to the United Kingdom since the age of 15.


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Good evening everyone. This is Shantanu Panigrahi here. I have had an interesting day today. I completed my Review of the Status Quo and found that there was nothing further to be done. It is all over now, 24 years after I struggled to protect my reputation in the United Kingdom. I came to the proof  that Hinduism cannot be a functioning religion in an alien culture. It has either got to be abandoned, or It has to be modified to meet the requirements of the State; and as a conviction person who believes that truth is sacrosanct and the ultimate truth given to me is Vishista-advaita Vedanta, I could not sacrifice that truth. So I am remaining at home isolated from society and not cooperating with any intrusions into my liberty, just waiting to se what next turns up in my life.

I had given the benefit of the doubt that Britain was a multi-cultural society, but culture without religion, culture without spirituality is no culture whatsoever. It is merely a materialistic outlook that goes as culture. Culture is materialistic culture of spiritualist culture and materialist culture and spiritualist culture do not mix. So in this sense Vishista-advaita Vedanta being the highest of all religions, highest of all thoughts, because it puts truth at the top of all considerations so that one manifests one’s karma or duties and responsibilities to one’s family and society to that level of perfection. If the society does not want you, then of course it is up to them. It is not for want of trying my level-best to accommodate into the British State and to naturalise within my deeply-held conviction that suppression of truth is the ultimate religious persecution. So the persecution has been proven and in that sense one has to grin and bear it.

I did not come to the United Kingdom by choice; I came as a 15 year old boy with my parents and my parents left me here for higher education and I am grateful for that, but when I applied for asylum out of the United Kingdom back to India in 1998/1999 first when I was feeling severely persecuted in the United Kingdom and I had the evidence of my brother Devanand Panigrahi who is now deceased  having been booted out of the United Kingdom when he worked at Hawker Siddley Aviation and could not cope with the stringent requirements place upon him as a calm and dignified person and who I love very much and he ended up in the Psychiatric Unit of India and became a life-long mental patient with paranoid schizophrenia that was treated with high doses of medication and electro-convulsive therapy, I have avoided all that as I got stuck into Creation as my conviction based on religion to get as much experience as possible taking advantage of all the facilities that came my way to improve myself materially and to improve myself spiritually. And the spiritual dimension took precedence in the end over material considerations. So I cannot let go of my spiritual convictions whatsoever in any shape or form. I am a strong theist, a very strong theist, and I do believe that God protects those who conduct themselves spiritually at the ultimate level of spiritual well being for the individual in terms of dharma which is the duties and responsibilities, and which should give them their lives.

Whether that dharma is Sanatan dharma meaning that one conducts God’s wishes on Earth, I do not accept that this is what it means. It is for God to protect ordinary dharma that a person conducts and not rely upon attributing one’s karma as sanatan dharma in that we are conducting the wishes of God. In my experience it is God who left me in 2014 and I went my own way. God made it clear to me that there was no such thing as Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan dharma is a figment of the human imagination in Hindus and which is used in a religious and nationalistic manner to further the cause of the need toprotect the religion and to protect the State. Dharma on the other hand is very important and that dharma in  Dharma Rakshati Rakshita means that if one performs dharma at its finest level of perfection, then that Dharma protects the dharmic person, the Dharmist, and his works are protected forever. That is the true meaning of Dharma Rakshati Rakhshita. Jatha dharma tatha Jaya is the motton of the Supreme Court of India. So I go by that on this day the 19th of October  2021 17.40 pm hours to make it clear to myself that while I investigated the concept of Sanatan Dharma in considerable dedication and devotion to God, Sanatan dharma did not come to secure me any kind of material justice in this world. It did not get me free from mental health medications, it did not get me my £55,000 severance payment from the University of Greenwich and it did not reverse the decision of the Courts to fine me £4170 to be paid to the Prime Minister of this country. So Sanatan Dharma is not the eternal law of the universe. Dharma itself is what it is all about. And Dharma to me is not going to be compromised in any way or form. You try to do the best for society, or globally, but is in the order that dharma comes first to yourself, then to the family, then to society and then to globally. So, if the global environment does not require you, the State does not require you, the family does not require you, then you go it alone and get isolated into an ashram and become a sanyasi. For that is the only way to attain peace of mind which leads to nirana or Shunyata.

Of course, nirvana or Shunyata need to be sacrificed when one has a family and has commitments to the family, and the family is functioning well. In my case this is the situation, so I have no need to go to sanyass. I have a reasonable family life here in the United Kingdom, happy with a daughter, and I have commitments to them and I intend to fulfil them. So I stick to my dharma towards them until they say that my dharma is no longer required by them. And this is not the case at the moment. So I live by that simple dharma, not dharma in sanatan dharma. We explored, I explored Sanatan Dharma in considerable detail. But all the while I was looking to see where my fate was and this is the final fate that I have arrived at. And the fate is that I am totally ignored and disregarded by the society of the United Kingdom; for all the work that I have put in over the past 24 years and the 35 scientific papers that I published prior to that – all amounted to nothing. There was no reward for me. I was a cleaner, a warehouseman, a supermarket assistant and a petrol station worker; all that after having a Distinction level Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Development and Environmental Sciences and a PhD on top. So that kind of life had to be sacrificed in the interests of securing liberty; liberty as far as the commitments that one has, the dharma one has to perform permits. And once society has rejected me, all my qualifications had to be jettisoned; and now that I have completed 15 books of my knowledge and experiences in the United Kingdom these too have to be jettisoned and I must not rely on them to further any goals of mine into the future. So I will not be promoting the books or trying to obtain any kind of financial gain or recognition of contribution; If the books sell and finances come my way I will gladly accept them because that will assist the family into greater prosperity and we all need that to survive and continue to fulfil our dharma, the Dharma that is swadharma, then family dharma, and once the family is self-contained within its house of shelter there is nothing else to worry about.

I have played my cards right and avoided the mental hospital for a third time and I have played my cards right to avoid prison at any time of my life. So I have not committed any offence since 2008 that deserves for me to be detained in a mental hospital or in a prison. And I have survived to this day with my liberty intact. And that liberty is due to the fact that I had always put my dharma ahead of any other considerations. And that dharma had to be family first; and me first when the family was rebelling against me: I tried to divorce my wife a number of times when I saw that she was going a different way and we were not compatible. But that somehow got adjusted and we learnt about each other and we stayed together and we are prospering right now.

So the thing is that whilst I do not have personal ambitions of any kind anymore, used to have that as part of the Santan Dharma that I was exploring in terms of developing Knowledge for World Development, Knowledge for World Conservation to contribute to humanity. I set up this Conservative Libertarian Society to promote those ideas and I set up the Vishista Advaita Vedanta as the structure or philosophy that was the ideal way of living, but there is no proof of any of that. They were just formulations that I made up to help me find my way forward. At the end of the day, they had all got to be jettisoned and a fresh new start has to be begun. And that is the situation right now.

I am going to watch the James Bond Film with my wife this evening and tomorrow I will be taking our daughter to a place of Training. That is all I will be concentrating on from now onwards. I have avoided contacts with the despicable creatures that have persecuted me for the past 24 years for being who I am; having total belief in ahimsa and non-violence but believing also that the truth must be sacrosanct; and truth must be exposed. Truth must be probed out, exposed, and brought to the public domain as truth is the ultimate goal of humankind. Truth is the Reality. Truth is what human beings are destined for in terms of their destinations. Truth shows you the meaning of life. Truth itself is the meaning of life.

Thank you


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