This website is a personal account and description that has its roots in the ancient idea of advaita in Hinduism with God being acknowledged. I make no apologies in describing it as the development of what I know to be traditional Vishista-advaita Vedanta, since I have explored it from first principles and the ideas are based on extensive studies of Humanology in the modern context, with the facilities now available to man in one of the most highly developed nations of the world, that is the United Kingdom.

In Vishista-advaita Vedanta that I subscribe to God Sri-Krishna-Durga is present in the psyche of all individuals dormant but It can be evoked by bhakti and surrender on worldly matters the reality dimension termed vyvaharika in Hindu parlance; this Brahma-Nature being composed of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness and their interactions in the universe (Brahman). The term guna means the property of matter in its divine, semi-divine and evil nature for sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna respectively. These gunas in consciousness are governed by Brahma (sattvic), Vishnu (rajasic) and Shiva (tamasic) gods that give living beings their own choice of characteristics.

God Sri Krishna-Durga is the Supreme Entity higher power who choses when to awaken a yogi to show the path of truth and dharma to undertake dharmayudha. When God decides to go dormant again the yogi seeking knowledge and liberation enters the reality dimension of paramarthika the ultimate Reality wherein he discovers guna-consciousness free Brahman Reality by jettisoning gradually all his beliefs and attachments towards spontaneity of actions where he has to no objectives, aims, plans, missions, hopes, wishes, desires (so no man-envisioned dharma) and ego to become the Self which equates to Brahman in nondual existence. That is when he attains liberation from having acquired complete knowledge, wisdom and understanding. So God does not exist for all intents and purposes unless a person is selected by God for a missionary intervention, the life being preordained and preorchestrated to the destiny that the yogi has been selected for.

A person is self-sufficient if he or she follows this Vedanta and becomes the Self as his true nature. In mindless living without thoughts he has total awareness of the imminent reality such that he can spontaneously, nonchalantly and unpremeditatedly take actions to survive in Self-preservation because guna-consciousness free Brahman is pristine truth as the ultimate Reality. He becomes a Master Escapologist and survive in the most oppressive situations in his house of shelter. Whatever he does has the effect of truth-accommodation because Self is Brahman. His truths are superior to that of. oppressors so he will always be dominant over his adversaries in conversation and arguments about himself in a court of law operating on man-made structures and values and not the ultimate truth of Brahman that he is.

On 22 February 2023

I posted in Facebook: ‘You are Brahman but you are confused because you are attached to your lower self, the body-brain-mind complex. There is no duality in Brahman.’

Advaita Vedanta is a scientifically proven fact. Being Brahman is perfect Truth-accommodation.

Life is biological, the lower self. Some confuse this with Maya, but it consists of atomic particles just like rocks, sun, water, etc. Brahman is this ultimate Reality conception comprehended by the higher Self which is none other than Brahman itself.

Advaita Vedanta is one half of Vedanta: of which the fullness is given to us by Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

I am a qualified adviatist, otherwise known as Vishista-advaitist according to Vishista-advaita Vedanta. In this conception, we have vyvaharika (the visible and experiential reality) and paramarthika (the ultimate reality). In the visible and experiential reality, life has the body-brain-mind complex and we have God experienced in this dimension of Reality. This God is very real to the Vishistaadvaitist and one lives life to the fullness in immersing oneself in creation of Brahma-Nature to live to dharma (duties and righteous actions). This dharma is known as sanatan dharma or the dharma that is derived from surrender to God and bhakti and devotion to God. But this is only half of reality. The objective of life is to be liberated, even from God in one's psyche. When one wishes freedom of thought and independence, on seeks the paramarthika reality, where one truth-accommodates and seeks the truth of the nature of Creation. This brings one to being nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in one's actions and finds Self-Realisation in that one is none other than Brahman. Once one reaches this destination of one's journey in life there is no turning back. One is Brahman in perfect non-duality, There is no birth, no death, we are just the same as plants animals, rocks, sun, water and the rest of the cosmos. There is no dharma left of duties and righteous actions. One reacts of developments and lives in perfect truth-accommodation as Brahman, in harmony with all that moves, for everything moves with physical energy that Brahman is. One is then fully liberated, with no concerns, no emotions, no ananda, no sorrow, no feelings as one has left vyvaharika (samsara) behind.        

La Iluminación Suprema wrote:

Shantanu Panigrahi so, when we are involved in vyaharika, the duality is between the experiential life and god, and when you realise you go through the witness till conciousness itself, the duality is between concepts of thought and no thoughts. But theres is a point when we realise that all is the same with no possible differentiantion between illusory and real and there is no duality anymore. Do I understand properly my experience? Thank you.

My reply: ‘Precisely.’

La Iluminación Suprema wrote further: I dont want to disturb you, I'm nobody Sir, but may I have another question? Then during the life of the body, our no name no form 'being' no fixed identified with anything, is what we call Presence, Awareness or Turiya?

Shantanu Panigrahi replied: In vyvaharika one has to think and calculate, have strategies for performing one's dharma, so one suffers mentally even becoming paranoid schizophrenic and developing other mental disturbances, but in paramarthika, one has no aims, plans, objectives, missions, anticipations, expectations, wishes, hopes, desires, no ego and no delusions: one is totally aware of one's surroundings and can instantly work out who is doing what and one automatically reacts in the perfect manner to what one is confronted with. This is the height of 'Awareness' where one has total truth of the imminent reality and is able to survive because it automatically has access to one's memory bank in the brain. It is so valuable to have this condition that is free of impurities of the mind that are contained in vyvaharika reality. It is the perfect non-duality state of Brahman.

La Iluminación Suprema

Shantanu Panigrahi Tkank you very much for your confirmation, Sir. My body was 23 when suddenly thoughts stopped for some days and after they came back, I've been living at ease till my today's 64, not finding before anybody with 'knowledge' enough to understand. Thank you very much again.

Further Comment:

The transition between vyvaharika dimension of reality and paramarthika dimension of reality is sequential, one way towards Brahman which therefore counts as the ultimate Reality. It is the complete package as the endpoint of truth search through satya-advaita yoga that I have practiced for 25 years of my adult life. The reasons are that one is more efficient at what one needs to do under Brahman than under subservience to God in sanatan dharma, for it is very clear to the author that all plans, strategies, objectives, desires etc are fools gold in that not only these material benefits are hit and miss endeavours and riches acquired can easily disappear in the course of time to render one from riches to rags, the journey through vyvaharika is perilous materially and spiritually in that one has enemies in society out to pull a person down as happened to me with two spells in mental hospital and further attempt made against me to make it a third irreverisble fate if not the even worse fate of being jailed in a prison cell. Mentally, such stresses cause suffering with psychiatric disorders like paranoid schizophrenia and others. So the only way out for me was to find the path that led to liberation from such anxieties and this led to slowly travelling on the path to paramarthika dimension of Reality. There is no going back for the single most important thing is to have peace of mind and that cannot happen in vyvaharika: the mind has to be dropped as the lower self of one's being.


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