The issue of reflection over one’s life at suitable points through the process of realisation is an essential component of truth-seeking in that it rationalises the past and develops the frame work for the future for the individual. It is anathema to a Hindu to engage in socialism of any kind, the ideal being the libertarian spirit that has sparked countless generation of Hindus to seek mukti/moksha, which is said to come from satchitananda in that bliss or ananda is the nonchalant result in the state of what Hindus describe as nirvana.

The use of drugs, whether cannabis or just tobacco is very much part of the rituals of truth-seeking, in that no source of information is to be rejected. Of course, if one has hard and fast rules of do's and don'ts as part of one's search for the truth, one is constrained from realising what we are composed of mentally and how our mind needs to chart our future in truth. So the idea is do not discount anything, experience everything for it all goes to contribute to the desirable position of oneness with Creation, as God that we may or may not believe in depending on one's personal persuasions would like us to. Tobacco and cannabis is part of the natural world, and they are well. There are no laws that inhibits one from following what is lawfully permitted in society. This is the critical factor. Always abide by the laws of the State that one lives in for that is the status quo truth. In India, it is a free nation and people are allowed to even take opium in this respect.

It is when one accepts Reality in what it is in the changing evolution of the planet and its inhabitants that one sees advaita as very practical. One strives to truth-accommodate by losing all one’s attachments, then only one is free of the shackles that causes a person to be intolerant of even very bad people instead of trying to find a gentle way, the ahimsic way, to get them to change their ways. If one fails to change anyone, one should only derive satisfaction to the extent that one did not harm anyone in the steadfast adherence to the principle of ahimsa or non-violence in words or deeds. All proactive steps conducted in resisting persecution is therefore left as a false pursuit in reflection through the process known to Hindus as swadhya or self-examination. In my case, in the absence of  guru or even a Sadhguru as Om/Sri Krishna/Supermind that lasted for a durable period, my actions from a very early days in the Institute that I worked in was a deliberate spark to awaken me by God into discovering these truths.

Self-Inflicted Wounds Symbol: treat all injustices and injuries perceived to have suffered as self-inflicted wounds, for you not having had the mental-capacity to truth-accommodate instantly but resisting and activating/stoking. Take the blame, say sorry, and get better with greater optimism for the future.

Campaign for nuclear disarmament Symbol: This symbol of peace through is constant source of inspiration to me for nearly 40 years of campaigning against nuclear disarmament that proved futile, but where there is life there is hope that the world of humanity will come together in truth to preserve our cherished Creation.

Peace and Love Symbol: it is so lovely to read the caption to this image on Google, saying manage your injuries with peace and love, and not with aggression, in defending or attacking back, stand flexibly and stay in peace and love for that is God's Creation for us to live to. Truth never ever dies.

Attack or defend Symbol: do nothing: just stand still; stand at ease. let the winds of Brahma-Nature blow over you until it blows over exhausted by its compelling needs, whatever these are and however they manifest themselves.

Punishing and taking revenge was futile for it generated greater animosity for fear in one’s adversaries that one was out to undermine their integrity as an individual or as a society. That punishment was not ahimsa which is an absolutely fundamental aspiration of a Hindu, and is enshrined in our Hinduism as inviolable. I disagree the Kshatriya version that one can hurt another living being wilfully as necessary to preserve so-called dharma as if there is any such thing for an individual or towards Creation to try and preserve. I preserved nothing except the existing status quo. It was a lesson to remember

Rita Gupta on Facebook asked ‘What you propose to do with child abusers, rappers and murderers of the society? My reply was stay out of the matter: I am not a career politician of a law enforcement officer earning my income from doing something about these child abusers, rapists and murderers of society. I stay within my own liberated frame of mind, which is to tolerate what happens using my intelligence to prevent myself falling victim to such intruding predators. The best idea if you want to preserve yourself is keep to yourself and mind your own business. If your business is to act as judge and jury because you think you know the truth of how human beings should behave towards each other, then carry on doing what you are compelled by your conscience to do, that is to punish people. My conscience says that I do not know the truth of what is socially acceptable as I am a secluded person with my own thoughts of minding myself to keep myself to divine purity of truth so  keep myself secluded in my home and watch the world of ignorance go by, and in so doing practice ahimsa to the nth degree. Just watch without being judgemental. it is very hard. It took me 23 years to learn my lesson.