At 17.00 pm (UK-Time) 20 March 2022, Dr Shantanu Panigrahi declared that he is now 'Swami Shantanada' having found permanent bliss at the end of his satya-advaita (truth-accommodation) yoga; and he accordingly has established this Page in the Vishista-advaita Vedanta website to conduct all his future works as well as invite seekers to the Sampradaya as members/disciples or followers..

The Vishista-advaita Vedanta that forms the foundation of this Sampradaya is not related to any other religious or philosophical tradition within Hinudism or outside Hinduism.

For further details the rest of this website is referred to the visitor of the site.       

Swami Shantananda


Addemdum of 7 May 2022

The researcher found no justification for the existence of God as a Personal God by the name of Sri Krishna or by any other name and discontinued being a Swami Shantananda in the Vishista-advaita fold hitherto considered. He is simply a strong atheist accepting the Creation of Brahman was an act of God Sr Krishna but does not have a personal relationship with the author. The author is still a vishistaadvaitist who practices oneness with truth, which is what he found on this day.


6 August 2022

Dr the researcher completed his research and found very strong evidence of God with two aspects: Sri Krishna-Durga, Sri Krishna being the Teacher Sadhguru and Durga being the Evil-Annihilator. Oneness with truth was a satya-advaitaic yoga within Brahmanisma which does not actively engage in dharmayudha which the researcher does. This re-establishes Vishista-advaita as his religion and this Page promotes the spread of this gospel:Client Albums | Swami Shantananda : Hi's Travel Clinic Journey (




The following is only applicable to the vyvaharika material dimension of reality, the other component of Vishista-advaita Vedanta being the paramarthika dimension where different considerations apply; (dated 21 June 2022)


In Vishista-advaita Sampradaya the Supreme God is Sri Krishna and Durga (Devi) as two sides of the same coin accessed by meditation but God is not accessible to the human mind as a Personal God to guide or grant benefits to a devotee.

The Vishista-advaita Sampradaya considers that events in the universe are aĺl preordained and preorchestrated with freewill for all living beings to live.

The objective of Vishista-advaita Sampradaya is to immerse onself in Creation through only spiritual actions of karma in Sanatan Dharma.

Yoga for inner transformation is essential in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya for which truth-accommodation oneness yoga is required.

In Vishista-advaita Sampradaya one constantly seeks ones destiny and devotionally accepts it as the Reality created by God.

Combining nonchalance and unpremeditatedness with seeking ones fate enables the conduct of sanatan Dharma in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya.

Seeking ones destiny in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya needs one to be nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in ones activities, so free and fearless.

The way to harmonise is to become a renunciate through unattachment to all considerations of material gains so living purely to spiritual gains.

Spiritual gains means those acts of empathy, kindness, toleration, patience and caring for others be it human, animal or plant life which are all soul-edifying.

Soul is the essence of what a person is in terms of his/her character and outlook which is wholly under the control of the mind.

Surrender your mind unto the Lotus Feet of God and find out the meaning of life, of how to attain ananda (bliss).

Ananda comes from peace within (obeying God) and peace outside of harmonising with all humanity and also all other living beings: Om Shanti.

In Vishista-advaita Sampradaya there are no rules restricting the consumtion of foods and natural drugs, nor on consensual sexual conduct.

Vishista-advaita Sampradadaya is based on a unique conception of guna consciousness interactions in Brahma-Nature that Brahman is composed of, so no vows.

The karma in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya is to seek justice as a dharmayudhi through truth-exposure:Satyamev Jayate/jatha dharma tatha jaya.

In Vishista advaita Sampradaya when only truth has prevailed in the material and spiritual spheres there is everlasting peace and ananda. 

In Vishista-advaita Sampradaya, there are two levels of reality, material (vyvaharika) and spiritual (paramarthika), neither is an illusion. 

The dharma in vyvaharika is to serve man-made laws, whereas in paramarthika the dharma serves the eternal law of God (hence named Sanatan Dharma). 

Sanatan Dharma service requires total unattachment from vyvaharika and is the cornerstone of Vishista-advaita Sampradaya.

In Vishista-advaita Sampradaya truth exposure is the link between vyavaharika and paramarthika realities and the vital element for existence.

To harmonise is to bring peace; with peace comes ananda (bliss): that is the ultimate realisation in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya.

A Master escapologist in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya is still able to live in liberty within the samsara yet attained through spirituality alone.

Spiritual ascension through truth heightens knowledge and awareness so a Vishista-advaitist conquers evil for dignified survival.

Still your mind from all attachments to then experience the supramental descent upon Earth like an avatar for the perfection of thoughts and actions.

Those 'unattached' are moving towards the Supermind and are automatically on the truth path of experiencing the supramental descent upon Earth for peace and liberation.

Brahma-Nature guna consciousness interactions are supramental descent on the universe that generate conspiracy theories on Earth.

Through satya-advaita yoga (the yoga of truth-accommodation) a person can change fròm an humanimal to an avatar of God which is Brahman or the Self.