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Advaita on reflection does not concern itself with intellectual questions like the possibility of the preordination and preorchestration of the universe as if a God has set it in a precharted motion. There is only speculation that this is true. For me today there is no certainty of anything like that. I have waited 24 years to find out if I am the proph3s8sed Kalki avatar of Hinduism. I have been fishing in the darkness of such a Reality.

Knowledge is an aid to survival. Nothing more. Then knowledge of even a moment ago is not to be dwelt upon if one wishes to survive in Nature. There is'fight', there is 'fight, and there is symbiosis as the three strategies for survival. These three biological means need to be judiciously used in practising the art of Escapology from the predators in human society just like one would do against all other animals in Nature. One has a mind and it needs to be developed through satya-advaita yoga such as to make oneself a Master Escapologist. That is the only truth I have experienced. So I am back to square one and have reverted to calling myself a Satya-advaitist (truth,-accommodationist).


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Advaita is unsustainable as it destroys the knowledge that Brahmoadvaita acquires on preordination and preorchestration of reality and assumes that there is both material and spiritual goals of liberty and moksha attainments. This means that the advaitist accommodates persecution that one necessarily faces in the jungle of Nature by acquiescence to injustices faced in life. This the advaitist justifies in describing the perceptional-reality as an illusion for which he has no proof for himself. He therefore seeks refuge in theorising Reality into vyvaharika and paramarthika realms of Relative Reality and Absolute Reality. It is therefore mired in delusion.

The correct approach to life is to discover the nature of the reality that the jiva lives in and so has proof of to try and fathom the meaning of life as one goes about one's moment to moment commitments in whatever capacity that Fate has arranged for one that one has freewill and control over.

To attain peace of mind which is a mind free of suffering mentally one also needs to be physically perfect. For that one needs to struggle for survival and counter the forces of Nature to the best level that one can do. This comes from knowledge of Nature to develop strategies and tactics to make oneself financially secure so that not just the basic necessities are met for oneself daily there is something saved for a rainy day or one's old age when one is physically incapacitated. So one must aspire to be as rich as possible through use of one's intelligence to establish one's reputation in Humanity as it develops through life.

The best way to do so is through education in life and using all one's energy to experience life in all-available means materially and spiritually to sharpen one's intellect with the perfect knowledge that one can acquire of Nature.

So I return to being a Brahmoadvaitist after a brief foray into advaitism which is unsustainable for me intellectually.




Satya-advaita is not just a vedangta but also a yoga and only needed until one has ascertained the truth. The truth was realised by the author at 21.55 pm on the 20th of July 2022, when he decided that that what one does within it is spontaneous dharmayudha which is the essential human need to withstand the evil forces of Brahma-Nature in its tamasic attributes. Fight, not flight is the way of dharmayudha, So I am prepared for the next thing to come fortified with knowledge of how the mind works, its potential and its limitless power.


9.16 am 3 August 2022 Update

Satya-advaita is advaita in reality and that does not feed the belly, truth accommodation as a way of living leaves one to the mercy of the tamasic forces of Brahma-Nature. 

Dharmayudha is essential in fighting the evil forces of Brahma-Nature. This comes from following the principles of Vishista-advaita Vedanta based on the scriptures of the Mahabharatta and the Bhagavad Gita.

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