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This Page describes at a snapshot the various mental afflictions that the author wen through from 1997-1998 from the essentials landmark moments through the conceptions that he forumulated during the period since he suffered a nervous breakdown at the Scientific Institute where he worked. Problems had arisen in materially combatting the disciplinary charge to protect his repuation from the charge of being blameworthy of gross misonduct in employment. I do not wish to go through those details as these are already well publicised in other Blogs on the internet as follows:


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The point of this post is to summarise my assessment of what it all meant for me and if there are any lessons for mankind from this assessment.

The visions and utterances that I had experienced and expressed cannot be dismissed easily as a psychiatric disorder that has a genetic basis, for I was in normal health until my 40 birthday and had an exemplary career record that was unblemished. I wrote to my superiors at the Insitute: 'In this continuing quest to satisfy the need to know, to unlock the secret codes of the universe so to speak....' and that I was moving on to higher things from the noddy work of poultry nutrition and animal toxicology within agricultural development. I continually reflected on these as perhaps Sparks of Awakening to rise from the mendacity of regular employment and explore the Nature that we lived in. I started looking for how on Earth I could apparently be predicting my own future in the process. With the intransigence of the legal authorities to hear me out, seemingly on the grounds that I was a mental patient, I was on a hiding to nothing, especially when I wrote to my Consultant Psyhiatrist in 1998 that Big Brother here in the United Kingdom wanted a nation of morons in a Police State. Further, in later years I wrote to Kent Police that I was delivering the final nail in the coffin of the British State in my deep-seated conviction that I had an ideal that was correct.

My ideals would never be accepted by the State that I lived in, but it taught me lessons, most notably in the past year when I continued seeking out my fate by adopting he stance of responding nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly to any external stimulus received, to see if I was destined to attain the promised land of the visions and utterances and what was in fact the promised land that I was supposed to aspire to, if it was all pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated for me as it is for the rest of the universe, I contemplated. I had written that I was engaged in warfare and the State took it as a challenge in continually persecuting me with no holds barred and no end in sight.

I discovered achintya bhed abheda tatwa of the oneness and separateness with God that has been part of Hindu folklore since the days of Chaitanaya, but much more. The tatwa was confirmed to me when I used a digital clock to exchange messages with God on how to tackle my legal and medical problems to fight in a dogfight with perceived Satan-evil rakshases of the British State. Following that period I wanted to be my own man and seek liberation from the shackles of restrictions under which I lived such as the spiritual existence of God in my life on the one hand and the repeated threats of being returned to the mental hospital for a third time following the 2004 and 2008 episodes for a relapse of my dharmayudha to try and restore my reputation in the material world from the Defamation mounted upon me by the United Kingdom State and its overseas counterparts, and I still remain under enforced anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medication-agents from the mental health institution who also examined me for forensic conduct unsuccessfully. The Courts would not entertain anything else so that the Consultant Psychiatrist's word is taken to be the final word.

But I resisted the third spell in the mental hospital successfully through awareness-based intelligence to deal with the illegalities through which the State dealt with its due processes of justice. I was an escapologist extraordinaire and considered myself not only the sanest person in the world today but who has ever walked on this Earth and also the most creative genius ever.

This pursuit of my fate was always done by assuming that the visions and utterances still meant something in the sense that I was destined to find out the truth on the Reality that we experience. So the correct way way was to determine my fate losing all my attachments to beliefs, aims, ambitions, missions, anticipations, expectations, wishes, karma as something to do for Creation as sanatan dharma, tactics, schemes plans, etc, to see where it would lead me to.

Hence, on this day, the 31 March 2021, I have no other conclusion to draw from my past 23 years than to have performed Sanatan Dharma as a God-instructed mission for me to pursue with multifarious objectives, and implications for humanity, not least of which is the concern that we should show to stop urbanisation in its tracks, and stop overpopulation that kills off the rest of biodiversity, stop over-indulging ourselves in materialism that consumes up the finite oil and other natural resources of the planet, and stop pointless medical science to prolong lives to grand old ages of over 70 years of age when a person ceases to be useful and productive and to give the younger generation a chance to live their lives; to dispose off Psychiatry as a Science, and adopt the view that God is there for those who seek him in bhakti/faith to preserve the individual and demonstrate the age-old conception of HInduism that Dharma Rakshati Rakshita, or one who preserves dharma is in turn protected by dharma as an eternal law of God's universe; to stop pointless religious interferances, rituals and proselytisations and get on with the work of preserving Mother Nature instead.

As one of my utterances during the struggle at the Institute, when I wrote 'for Al's intents and purposes' this was a very special intervention by God in the affairs of mankind.




































































































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