From Navigating Brahma-Nature to Advaita

Spirituality amounts to nothing if one does not understand the functioning of the universe such that oneaa always knows how to navigate a path to survival in liberty.

The universe is a spiritual Entity and best described asd Brahman, the ultimate Reality. It changes every moment. So one needs to be aware of the imminent reality to be able to navigate it towards the peace of mind that comes from liberty.

To live in Brahman perfectly one realises that it consists of Nature  best described as Brahma-Nature to denote its gunas (properties) in the consciousness of matter. The Hindus have described these in the Trimuti triad of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness. It is these three or blends thereof that generate interactions in Brahma-Nature that cause the impermanence of reality.

To navigate Brahma Nature, therefore one must not be attached to anything material or spiritual so as to posses the fullest supramental flexibility for one's actions in spotting dangers to one's survival and seeking opportunities to better one's prospects in the knowledge that loss of liberty diminishes the scope for both these objectives.

The sattvic guna consciousness is attached to piety and sentimentality at the one extreme, whereas the tamasic guna consciousness is attached to criminality (evil) at the other extreme, with the rajasic guna consciousness being in the middle of both of these in being semi-divine.

These all have attachments that generate dharma of different kinds given by the religions that people adopt, as for example Vishista-advaita employs dharmayudha activism in the rajasic guna mould to fight for truth and justice. So none of these guna-based religions aid a person in navigating Brahma Nature successfully for survival in liberty.

One needs to transcend one's gunas through the satya-advaitic yoga of oneness with truth and thereby acquire knowledge at the highest possible level which sharpens one's awareness of what is going on In Brahma-Nature imminently and simultaneously one obtains the truth-tools to navigate Brahma-Nature successfully. Without guna-trancencedence consequently a person is trapped in bondages both internal and external, is restricted, loses his liberty and suffers.  When one transcends the gunas there is no dharma in terms of rules and regulations to bind one.

Thus, when a person brings into his mind dharma as duties, responsibilities and righteous actions, he or she is attached to a god or a religion/philosophy, even as atheism) so is not well placed in navigating Brahma-Nature to a happy and secure future.

So how does one trancend the gunas? This is done by having no aims, missions plans, strategies  tactics  hopes, expectations, anticipations, desires, wishes  and so no ego. One is totally unattached so that the mind is at a supramental level that is so free that the thoughts one gets are pristine unpolluted truth that no one can beat in the battle for survival.

At the level of the supramental being where one is truth-personified Self Realisation takes place and one is the universal Self or Brahman (atman=Brahman) with no Brahma-Nature to navigate. That state of being is advaita, there is no second.

Shantanu Panigrahi

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Through satya-advaita yoga one navigates Brahma-Nature with spontaneity to reach

advaita state of being with no second where Self=Brahman (physical energy).


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