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Hello all...

My question is

 How long do someone takes to incarnate after death..??

Can someone die and after like 10 years to incarnate??

Another question is can a boy incarnate to a girl or vice versa???


Shantanu Panigrahi

It is like this: all living beings have a soul. The soul is the character of the individual and it is this that determines what kind of person the genes will manifest itself into living lives. Soul is distinct from the mind. The mind disappears with the body after death. The mind is part of the body and is called the somatic mind when raw like in a baby and an infant. With increasing spirituality through religious upbringing the mind starts becoming the atman, and at the ultimate level of spirituality it becomes the mahatman. God is linked to the mahatman through an interface or OM for short. When we meditate on OM all our actions are perfect karma in sanatan dharma. The Paramatman can override the atman but not in the somatic mind state. The somatic mind is highly tamasic or Satan evil. The Paramatman is Divine, the mahatman being sattvic. The halfway point between the somatic mind and the mahatman is rajasic guna or semi-divine consciousness. It is therefore all in our own hands as to who we wish to be when we live our lives on Earth.


I said all living beings have a soul. When the person purifies himself or herself through good karma the soul sheds its evil attribute and it is this soul that then climbs up the karmic ladder and on death become a deva or an asura in Brahmaloka which is the abode of God's and goddesses Brahma, Vishnu and Siva for males and correspondingly Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati for females. Evil souls become various degrees of auras. These souls can stay in Brahmaloka for as long as they want but they reincarnate to come down to Earth that is known as Samsara (Hell) to try and reach a state if karma that would attain union with God as the Soul of souls. Those souls that are semi-divine on the karmic ladder therefore also reincarnate if they chose as they have not attained absolution with the Soul of Souls which is the Creator Sri Krishna. This is the philosophy of Vishista-advaita Vedanta. The soul has to want to get union with the Almighty God Sri Krishna. eventually or they will remain in Brahmaloka as devas and auras fighting each other. The souls in Brahmaloka when they reincarnate can adopt males or female bodies to incorporate themselves in as these become available to them from the animal kingdom or plant kingdom. The souls are part of the cells of the body in the DNA. The souls according to the level of purification when in Brahmaloka are attracted to the DNA of living beings on Earth that they deserve from the karma of their previous lives.

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