I posted a reply to someone in Facebook who was complaining about the China coronavirus saying that if the virus is not worrying you something else will, after replying elsewhere that liberty was more important than life. I said further that viruses are part of the ecosystem that humans live under in Nature and if coronavirus goes some other virus will come along and they will cross over to the rest of the world as part of the global ecosystem. You will then cause distrust and animosity against the Chinese people in complaining about the virus, use disinfectants to kill the virus. We do not kill people who murder, rape and commit paedophila, and that this is what makes us humans. Liberty was important to personal welfare in that one’s own carefully judged moralities should be the guide to what one does in conducting oneself. We humans are not social animals to live like sheep and cattle, to be herded along in nationalism. And we have a choice to be in liberty within this life time as the mukti within the samsara, not to be aspired for in another life for oneself as there is no such thing as incarnation. Dictators get people to live socially placing responsibilities on them for acting socially, so wearing masks through Police enforcement. If one acquiesce to such impositions from the government one is no better than to have become a moron and living like a vegetable instead of a human being that one is capable of. This kind of living is all right if one wishes to live like that instead of thoughtfully in freethought to work out for oneself what should be the right conduct. Only the person himself will suffer when living like a slave in monotonous existence in this manner, by closing one’s eyes, ears and noses to sniff out impositions into one’s privacy that compel one to take inhuman actions under the consideration that one was only doing one’s job or duty to society under the nationalistic government in place. One would always be mentally unwell and rot like a vegetable does and die with no dignity to oneself as a human being, causing conflicts in the ecosystem of Nature in the process that lead to distrust among other nations of the world, and actually not just killing other creatures of Nature like viruses but also human beings to impose the superiority of one form of nationalism over another. That is the sure path to living to no purpose of one’s own but as dictated to by one’s religious beliefs as enshrined by the State. There is a get out clause in Nature. This is to keep oneself to oneself and attain one’s own peace of mind without letting it get distracted from wider living conditions of material importance. Anyone can live like a moron, what makes you special as a potential superior-minded person. Read and work out for yourself.


I wrote on Whats App to my wife, daughter and younger sister : Liberty is more important for me than anything else in the world. My wife and daughter moaned. I explained: ‘My mind needs to be peaceful and that is only possible in seclusion in my own Shanti Niwas away from all the irritations, distractions, insults and intrusions that me lose my mind and cause it depression, mood changes and psychotic tendencies that even medications like risperidone, sertraline and depakote cannot cure. So, if you and mama do not want me in the house, I will be better off in a mental hospital or go to heaven, that is to say end my life. All my frustrations from not being in a world living in freedom are published in the internet, and not a single human being came today to my rescue. That is why I want liberty. As I write this mama is asking me to stop humming. She has even complained about this natural expression that I use to soothe my mind to Dr Odesanya. He wrote it in my Care Plan not understanding why I do this humming and grunting. So, no one understands my needs, not even God.

I had earlier written on Facebook ‘Attachments restrict the inflow of knowledge but there is one attachment that is sacrosanct: liberty’, that was followed later this afternoon with ‘I am no longer in control of myself because I live within my mind, released from this world of social animals.


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