Share and share alike is a theme of our Vishnavism for which we do not actively proselytise but we do publicise ourselves as to who we are so that people can get interested if they so wish, and join us, or if they feel themselves having been thus forewarned of our ethos and principles they can decide not to associate with us at all: 'tell me your friends and I will tell you who or what you are', is an old English saying that we take to our hearts. We do spread the word, so that people can decide for themselves whether we are acting correctly. It is our duty in Vaishnavism to be open and honest with society at large.

Hence, the attached application was submitted this morning:

Certifying a Place of Meeting for Worship Registration Act 1855

from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date:  11 Mar 2021, 09:08

subject:         Certifying a Place of Meeting for Worship Registration Act 1855



Certificate Services Section

General Register Office

PO Box 2



Dear Sir/Madam

I write to you this morning on a matter of conscience, for everything I do in life must steadfastly adhere to the laws of the United Kingdom under the provisions of the Constitution of the United Kingdom.

Very recently, I have developed my own religion, that for want of a better word I call, Vaishnavism. It is different in comprehension to anything else that has been referred to in the past under this name within the Hindu-fold. It is by its very nature distinct and some conception that I have arrived at from personal studies of Reality. The details are far too complex to discuss in this email.

The central issue for my continuing to live usefully within the United Kingdom is how I can retain the purity of my conception of Vaishnavism and still play a good and productive role in society.

Lately, the conception of Vaishnavism as enunciated by myself has generated conflicts of interest between my material obligations to society within the State that I live under and my duty to myself as 'swadharma', such that I have had to put on two hats, one for my societal obligations, the other to my duty to myself. This has been possible for me for the philosophy underlying my construction of Vaishnavism, namely 'Vishista Advaita Vedanta' enables me to adapt to both these obligations.

In accordance, with these considerations, I wish to ensure that the application to the Home Office for Certifying my home abode, Shanti Niwas, Room D, First Floor, 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SL, United Kingdom, will be accepted as a Place of Meeting that I can invite fellow Vaishnavists to come to and enter into communal worship of our Lord, Sri Krishna who is represented as Vishnu in the Trimurti of Brahma-Nature in its rajasic guna-consciousness that is part of our psyche.

We are distinct from International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON worshipping through karma in immersing ourselves whole-heartedly into Creation with our work.

If you agree to this suggestion and require me to complete the attached F76 Form attached (F76Certifying a Place of Meeting for Worship Registration Act 1855.pdf) and send it to you by post, with the required details (I could not complete the Form on the pdf version or I would have done so for your assessment), with any Fee that I need to pay to complete the process of Certification, I would do so today.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

Attachments area:

F76Certifying a Place of Meeting for Worship Registration Act 1855.pdf



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GRO Certificate Services

from: GRO Certificate Services <>

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to:       Shantanu Panigrahi <>

date:  11 Mar 2021, 09:09

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