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I think that there is no ideal greater than the one on ascertaining the reality of the presence of God in the past, present and future as an Entity. In my view there is something as an Entity that we should call God. There is no doubt in my mind on this. I consider myself to be living proof of it. The question nevertheless arises as to whether God has always been there in the past, present and will be there in the future, and if so what are his functions eternally. I have no answer, only conjectures on what I have personally experienced in my life.

If God was only there in the distant past and set in motion a universe in a pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated fashion and then disappeared leaving Brahma-Nature to take care of itself with Brahman that people consciously aspire to as the Supreme Self, should God be worshipped? What is Brahman Self? Does it matter? Yes it does matter. because if God set in motion the universe and disappeared, it is stupid to worship Him/Her/It.

Today I can honestly review that there is no such thing as destiny that one could try and uncover through acting nonchalantaly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in all one's actions every moment of one’s life. Destiny means you go to some horizon. What is that horizon you do not know. Is it liberation as mukti. Is it paradise, is it Brahmaloka the Heaven and Hell combined. Is it nirvana? Who will tell you for certain that any such destination should be aspired to. I have not come across any kind of God who has given me revelations of that possible outcome to one's sadhana or bhakti. So, there is no point in bhakti. What does worship and bhakti do for people, or what is the expectation from bhakti and worship then. I used to have such ideas but at the age of 65 have run out of time to explore it further. All I know is that I still live as a human being. So, I do not have any expectations, anticipations, wishes, hopes, desires, missions, plans, objectives, ego and so forth. Worship did nothing for me except got me to the attention of the United Kingdom's authorities who promptly incarcerated me in mental hospitals on two occasions, first in 2004 and the second in 2008. I also spent a lot of money in seeking my fate and got fined £4170 by the Courts for my litigations that I was a sane human being and not a deranged lunatic. I was told yesterday that I still had to take my anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications to be able to live in the Community effectively.

It is therefore pure delusions of grandeur that I had found God lying dormant in my psyche or that the digital clock checking that I did in the past yielded real messages from any such Entity from an ever-present God. I have created a Conception of Reality and it is a conception that is better than any other conception expressed hitherto. I have my websites and my books to sell and bring to the attention of humanity in the present generation and in the future that I had lived and these were my art work, a work of fiction effectively but with real human beings as actors that I named as belonging to a nation of morons in a police state. I could earn recognition, income and admiration from that.

I have survived through satya-advaita yoga to become so knowledgeable and aware that I can handle anything thrown at me. That is the only thing that I have proven. I am lord of the jungle of Brahma-Nature. That is a reality whether or not it was pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated. I doubt it very much now, for why would there have been eight mass extinctions in the history of the Earth; to prove what if God is so elusive that after 65 years I do not have concrete proof of HIs existence in the past, present and the future to come. Were the mass extinctions to give the present generation food for thought about the Grand Design, for example.

I was never going to write these haunting questions after declaring myself to being a Maharishi of Hinduism yesterday, for I have income to earn and family commitments to fulfil; and I have recognition that I have thrashed the State of the United Kingdom through the legal channels  to withstand the persecution that I have been victimised with over the past 24 years for being nothing other than a truth-seeker. This as the above discourse shows I continue to be. Or were these conceptualisations and websites weapons of warfare with the State of the United Kingdom only so that no one should take what I have written to have any meaning other than that.

It is therefore still possible that I was enacting a true life Mahabharatta as Arjuna did in the battlefield of Kurukshetra with Krishna, his charioteer.

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Life is short and art is long so do something that you would be remembered for in as high an 'ideal' as is possible within your changing circumstances

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