An essential component of the need to try and live positively in search for a happy state of mind is the need that one has to know the Truth. This not only means the overall Truth, in terms of the Construction of the Universe in order to delineate its mechanism of functioning, but also how the dyanamic flux of events in the passage of reality move in its imminence as the imminent reality, and how this relates to the direction of travel of the universe in the medium and longer term realities so that one can judge whether it is all pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated as a Creation in Grand Design with a full set directional paths of the dynamism of the unfolding future. A Vishista-Advaita Vedantist is perennially in search of this understanding during the course of his life, for as long as it lasts. So, he/she has to have the perfect art of buccaneering for the Truth so as to be able to realise the construction of the universe within his own life-time. This is necessary for truth-accommodation purposes to the imminent reality that he faces which is the central raison d’etre as the purpose of his living in the samsara, the Creation. So, the question one needs to ask oneself is do you know how to buccaneer for the Truth, the process of satyagraha, in pristine perfection?

The specific religion or philosophy that one pursues is never constantly the same: that is the essential criteria for progress in the process of Realisation. One has no hard and fast rules as dharma or karma. Every action is dependent on the need to survive first and ask questions later so that one lives to find the answers another day. In my case, for instance, the material reality was first investigated through laboratory-base material Science, and I would most likely have carried on in that path until I ran out of patience with those with whom I worked in association as colleagues and more widely the scientific peers who frustrated my train of thought and so they were opinions on my publications that I paid scant respect to which, nonetheless hampered by scientific path to the truth by delays in my progression. I rebelled against this corruption of my mental faculties as I knew even then that we were disagreeing even on the fundamental nature of truth as revealed from scientific experimentations in the laboratory and in the field because we all pursued these as careers in targeted State-jobs to address the Economic formulae of  the government in our employment by the State as the Civil Service in my case to begin with where I had enough problems with peers, but which took a turn for the worse when the Institute got privatised to the University of Greenwich, a former Polytechnic pretender to the University-status of academia.  So the clashes of the means to acquire Truth had come to the point that I was subjected to disciplinary proceedings by the University which I did not cooperate with and accordingly did not attend any of its disciplinary hearings, either within the University, or in the subsequent Employment Tribunals or Courts that followed where I feared I would be subjected to the same old endorsement of the cultural values of the State as kangaroo courts to rubberstamp the status quo, which would have led to endorsement of the Defamation that I perceived as my being either deliberately victimised with or necessarily so in order to protect the material-integrity of the State of the United Kingdom and its overseas allied States. I needed freedom from society to carry on patiently searching for the Truth by living in the sanctuary-confines of my family home from November 1998 to date, doing whatever I could find to earn a living, from menial employment such as ‘Cleaner’, ‘Warehouse worker’, Shopworker, Cashier, etc. and bide my time to see if I could avail other opportunities to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and fathom out the answers to all my curiosities, in the freedom of freethought and in so doing trying to find criticisms in other avenuesto my way of thinking from any quarters that I could in progressing forwards. This included God, if He truly existed as a benevolent Personal God. I practiced: he who fights and walks away, lives to fight another day, my dharmayudha being a search for the Truth, or satyagraha. Buccaneering for the Truth needed a framework of experiments under a hypothesis of what I was naturally inclined to adopt of seeking oneness with truth in an interactive process of investigation and online publications, which I called satya-advaita yoga.

I only ever attended Hearings, when seeing that the British State had manipulated around 50 Law Firms and Lawyers over the past 23 years not to cooperate with me so as to expose me into direct interrogation by the Law Enforcement authorities who I feared would concoct charges like me having engaged in contempt of court expressions judiciously assessed or forensic-psychiatrically disordered behaviour assessed by the Judges in Courts and Tribunals both Employment or Psychiatrists in  Mental Health Institutions, or by the Police for crimes against the State’s governance of the population, in order to survive for another few hours until the coast was once again clear to enable me to resume the buccaneering for the Truth once again and again and again as the years went by, such was my compulsion for satyagraha. Of course, exposing truths in websites such as the Internet Forums that I visited as part of the investigations in the processes at play in such websites as ‘Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board’, ‘Secular Café’, ‘Talk Rational’, ‘Rational Skepticism’, ‘Speaking Tree’, ‘Advaita-List’, ‘Religious Forums’ and ‘Hindu Dharma Forums’, brought me into even more conflicts with their participants and administrators, especially when my considered-findings were published by me over a 10 year period from 2010 in my free Wordpress Blog entitled ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ at and its counter-part Twitter Account ShanPanigrahi, which were then suppressed by their archiving and suspension by vested interests who could not tolerate being exposed and held to account in the Court of Public Opinion’, effectively.  A free Blog facility therefore proved useless, and I started my own website, ‘Humanology’ at Simplesite to continue my detective work of investigating Nature, which I complemented by turning my Linkedin Account upgrade to Premium status ( and also extensively used my Facebook Account (, with  new Twitter Accounts (usernames: @TheCons50434311, @shantanupanigr9,, and in new Society that I tried to form tentatively, named The Conservative Libertarian Society (; and its offshoots and then Wordpress and Twitter said to me that I had violated the terms of usage of their Social Media facilities, and the Court of Central London was asked to adjudicate on it but has not yet pronounced Judgement. As I analysed the States’ use laws of privacy when it suits the rich and powerful, but when my privacy was incessantly violated over the past dozen or so years and especially by an organisation calling itself ‘Victims of Panigrahi Association’, there were no privacy laws for the protection of a social media investigative journalist like me.

I continued, notwithstanding, searching for the Truth which I saw had to be discovered and proven to the Court of Public Opinion as a service to humanity I felt, so the perpetrators of material injustices and persecution on me had to be taken to task in this manner for the truths that they held dear and in which they regulated their societies and States. It required perfect ‘cover’ and I had to do this carefully and pre-emptively to prevent the perpetrators from taking out private litigations against me or criminal charges from the Law Enforcement authorities of the State by lodging my E35YM660 Claim first, where the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the sole Defendant as cited in the Claim Form and it requires defence submissions from nearly 1500 national and international agents of persecution upon me. Effectively, the Claim is to be adjudicated as being against the Queen of the United Kingdom to follow on the dethronement and impeachment proceedings that I had so far unsuccessfully lodged in Medway County Court and in the House of Commons (Westminster) over this period, indicating that the real Defendant is the Monarch of the United Kingdom and its dependent territories overseas constitutionally and as bilateral allies of the State under unwritten international Treaties, and which of course effectively includes the United Nations, having been made ineffectual by the Veto Powers that the United Kingdom and four other Nations hold in the Security Council to protect the material integrities as States and as current Rulers of the States; thereby makes the Claim proceedings insoluble for total Judicial Failure today.

It was very tricky for me to navigate my path through these complexities of circumstances and the law as national law and international law that is effective to the proceedings so that Orders were passed but never with Full Written Reasons for the judgments which are currently still adjourned from a partial Hearing that took place on 19 January 2021 at 10.00 am-10.15 am over the telephone when His Honour HHJ Parfitt telephoned me, and I provided my objections to the status quo. The State has contended, on the other hand, that I have a mental disorder so cannot be taken seriously on the evidence that I was twice incarcerated in Mental Hospitals in 2004 and 2008 and am still apparently held in semi-detention of living in the Community but under anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications that the Mental Health Institution led by Dr Odesanya, Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House, Gillingham, Kent, imposes upon me without the recently requestd updated Care-Plan for my diagnosis and treatment of mental disorder, that he is legally required to do in accordance with the Mental Health Act of the United Kingdom.

This evening I still have just enough liberty at home to continue my buccaneering for the Truth.  The means of satya-advaita yoga, if I can now call it that rather than the procedure that I adopted over the past 23 years simply being intelligence-based common-sense based on the development of my mental faculties to the highest level of awareness attainable from which to analyse moment by moment the material circumstances that I face which need me to keep ‘ducking and diving’ against the State-sponsored oppression to my quest for the Truth;  for which I have necessarily had to shift my positions when more of the realities became apparent, as I learnt more and moved towards the peak of knowledge which saw my earlier conceptions of Green Socialism panacea and then its superceding conception of Conservative Libertarianis under the philosophy of the mode of operation in Vaishnavism (and not the other way round) were just staging posts towards the final destination of the raison d’etre of  existence that I have now adopted of adhering to the tenets of Vishista-Advaita Vedanta that I have described in this website.

All the activities that I had undertaken over these 23 years of living here in the United Kingdom in truth-accommodation were therefore just buying time for myself in order to survive long-enough for me to attain this goal of living in Ananda from the long process of satyagraha.

16.43 pm hours (UK-Time) 17 February 2021

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