It has become necessary for the Founder of Vishista Advaita Vedanta to spell out a review of the principle of ahimsa with respect to how a person defends himself or herself to provocation, bullying, raping, other forms of attacks such as physical assaults and wars when its territory is invaded by parasites of various descriptions including viruses, bacteria, humanimals who wish to incarcerate you for your beliefs and practices in liberty, and so forth.

The assessment is based on the personal experiences of the Founder of this particular sect of Vaishnavism. This evening I had to write to the tormentor Tesco Ltd as follows:

I have for years tried to secure a job with Tesco, and there are four such applications pending on my Tesco Account awaiting your decision. Whilst there had been some question mark relating to my Right to Work in the United Kingdom, these were 'False Alarms' from Trollers. I am ready and fit and immediately available and wish to take residence in a bedsitter in Sheffield if you select me for employment based on my past questionnaire completions and the interview that took place which I passed in Tesco Extra, Rainham, Kent.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. I am not a mental patient as Dr Odesanya make me out to be sitting on his high-chair at Britton House, Community Mental Health Team, in Gillingham Kent. I take revenge against those who perpetrate injustices, by callIng them names, like 'saale, madarchod, bhosadiwale, suar ke bacche, kahinke, pig-shit phirangi bastards, wankers and criminals'. I hope you will not treat such utterances given in writing to various people who have bullied, intimidated, harassed and terrorised me in the United Kingdom at the behest of the Security Services monitored by COBRA, under Mr Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who instigated me to accuse the Judges of bias and prejudice against me in my Claims for £55,000 severance payment from the University of Greenwich following an unblemished 18 year career in the natural sciences that had made me a world leader in Animal Nutrition so that our of jealousy and envy I was discarded out to a life of near destitute in the United Kingdom working as Cleaner, Warehouseman, and Sales Assistant to make ends meet, because I did not wish to return to India, my motherland with my tail in between my legs to be an embarrassment to the honour of Bharat and its international reputation as a spiritual nation, which would see that charges of being abusive of the process of court and contempt of court that was engineered against me was not an excuse for a sattvic person to use such language, whereas I was more tamasic (take revenge and destroy the perpetrators of injustices against you), and lately reconciliatory in defensive outlook in being rajasic since I became a Vaishavist.

I will never leave the United Kingdom come what may, even if I am declared 'stateless', for the indignity of returning to Indian with such a reputation does not bear thinking about. So you all will have to put up with me as I wrote.

This account was clarifying an earlier email to an anonymous 'madarchod' who sent me another email to the one 'indeeed of Ireland' had sent me to trick me into a trap legally, as follows:

How are you, or should I ask who are you? I can only assume you are either Sivaji Panesar, or Marty Caine or Fritz Wueller, or Edward Mulhouse or even Nitin Bharadwaj, or Devi 8. You are perhaps phands of Secular Cafe, or Egregious--c. Who else could you be, Victims of Panigrahi Association or some other Defendant in my Claim E35YM660 at the Central London County Court, perhaps even Cherie in Blog

Whoever you are, even if you are acting for Mrs Theresa May or Mr Boris Johnson, I am pleased that you have contacted me. If you or  anyone else associated with my High court Claim HQ17X01773 against the Security and Law Enforcement authorities of the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world, including the University of Greenwich, Shell and Sainsbury,s have any cost of my legal proceedings in Claims over the past 23 years, including if you are a Judge in any part of Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service, and feel that my Claims were immeritorious, frivolous or vexatious, or abuse of the process of court  or contempt of court or seditious, in wanting to punch the final nail in the coffin of the British State, please send me your Bills for damages, compensation and costs ordered by the relevant court immediately and I will meet the Bills in full for having accused her Majesty the Queen of being a green-witch fraudster. My reputation depends on my willingness, ability, and commitment to take my punishment, but I will not stand by and accept that I have ever been insane or mentally ill. I wanted my revenge for what I felt and still feel has been coordinated and concerted attack on me, especially for saying that I am the Kalkii avatar of God Sri Krishna on a Secret Service 007 James Bond style mission to explore the environment, human frailty and put forward a plan of action for a new world order, and this I have done through the formation of The Conservative Libertarian Society.  ( with offices online in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America; as mission accomplished. I look forward to meeting your invoices immediately. It was worth it.

The first rule of fighting to protect one's dharma, that is one's right to live to the full potential that one is materially capable and not get discriminated against based on your religion, and further suffering damaging insulting and defamatory reports on you that make you unemployable, as in my case, is you have to be Master General to chart your course through your struggle. If you give the perpetrators an inch, they will take a yard. You have to get your strategy right. He that fights and walks away lives to fight another day. So, stay alive; do not take suicidal actions, always keep your options open for a way out of the traps that the oppressors set for you. A person, unless he or she is very schematic and in the extreme form of tamasic existence does not have the intelligence to analyse all the situations that he comes up against. A sattvic person is too mild and weak to get involved in fighting, so lives a saintly life. Neither have the truth. For the person who strives to stay on the path of truth steadfast in belief that truth is God and God is truth, eventually comes to the conception of Vishista Advaita Vedanta, and practices Vaishnavism.

Through the practice of Vaishnavism, one is automatically making the right decisions to survive and fight on until the last day of one's natural life, never becoming trapped from total awareness of the environment, and truth will flow into the mind at the right time. God Himself will come and alert you to the dangers if you are not prepared for the traps that the adharmis are plotting against you. It will spur you into taking further corrective actions to step up and find navigation right in a master of escapology practiced in self-defence only. Violence will only lead to martyrdom, so violence is avoided, but if you see that in the State that you live, you have freedom of expression, you express your reactionary feelings in such a manner so as to stave off the parasitic insects in the form of human beings. You take steps like calling them out by publishing their evil acts as much as possible. For me democracy gives that latitude. One can seek asylum in other countries when the level of persecution gets too much or so much that they are on the verge of killing you. That is best. But otherwise be prepared to be sent to a mental hospital for fighting to take revenge and fighting to retaliate against even the State Judge and the State Prosecutor refusing to issue and serve summons on the criminals who have been persecuting you. They will have to feed you and look after you in a mental hospital and prison and if you have played your cards right from publishing every little thing that they do against you, bringing it out into the Court of Public Opinion, that in itself is enough revenge.

You have to calculate very carefully then whether you will be killed. Alexei Navalny was apparently poisoned in Russia, but we do not know for certain. It could be propaganda against the Russian regime. Whatever the truth is he is brave enough to go back to Russian and spend time in jail and bide his time for when he is released to fight again.

If a person is on the path of truth, the oppressors of Satan-evil tamasic with their pious sattvic counterparts in society act in a coordinated manner to suppress truth. They can mobilise the entire State-human and financial resources to counter those who are on the rajasic path of truth, as it threatens to break apart their State by virtue of the fact that truth is being spoken and the State powers have been using their moronic slaves to shield their General from facing the enemy within. The strategy is always to go for the top brass repeatedly so to smash the spiritual credibility of the oppressors in legal manoeuvres. This is what will cripple the oppressors.

Always have your escape routes ready and keep them guessing which way you are going. You should not identify your destination even to yourself. That is not truth. Truth reveals itself in the fullness of time. This is what Vishista Advaita Vedanta believes, in terms of the pre-ordainment and pre-orchestration of the universe, so that we Vaishnavists always leave it to the last second before deciding what action to take, judging each moment as it comes and waiting for the right moment to launch our attacks on the oppressors to ward them off our territory, our 'House of Shelter'. Always treat your home as your only house of shelter and work hard to keep it in ship-shape condition for any moment, the oppressors could attack you.

Therefore, it is continuous game that one needs to be alert on and aware and use all one’s spare time to polish one's weapons that would come in handy, so never run out of ammunitions, build a diverse range of ammunitions to withstand the attack, all defensive weapons, for never die out. Always live and enjoy life in ananda mode, happy that truth is on your side, and for a Vaishnavist worshipping through karma Sri Krishna and his presence in the Trimurti Lord Vishnu, there is sound reason never to panic and take the wrong course of action.

In short ahimsa means just that, life is precious, no one should wish to end their lives, one should then on that bottom line, live to as much liberty as is possible in the circumstances of one's State, if that is in a prison, you have not been careful enough, if that is in the mental hospital, again you have not been careful enough, if that is in the Community at home with enforced anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising mental health medications, it is a small price to pay for you can still publicise what you are suffering. It is all relative.

Never have desire other than Liberty and Conservation. This is why I set up The Conservative Libertarian Society. No one has been able to argue against it. It must be the ultimate truth on the politics we should engage in as Vaishnavists. It has opened online offices in the United States of America: After 23 years of suffering injustices, I have I feel restored my reputation at 23.42 pm hours (UK-Time) 4 March 2021 that I write this blog post.

Tomorrow is another day. I am still taking my medications, but I will not give up my religion, which uses just spoken words to stir up the oppressors when necessary to provoke them into a wrong move, that I can then capitalise on materially as it buys me time and adds to my financial resources from menial jobs that I take with minimalising my expenditures and saving for a rainy day. All this is part of the General's armoury in the modern day when a person seeks mukti, or liberty within his own lifetime.

To protect your reputation, requires warfare type of approach to living. When the oppressors to your way of living throw 'missiles' at you to dislodge you from your swadharma, be wise and collect these missiles and wait for an opportunity to throw it back at them as ammunition. 'duniya me suaron ko bhi bachana padta hae take we tumhara joota saaf karen', meaning that their troops against you are just moronic slaves doing their things to live, so do not kill them but try and 'imprison' them in their positions so that they can come in handy when you need them to fight for you in turn against the evil forces who you are up against in authority.

In bhakti, worship God as Sri Krishna and Bhagawan to guide your through the warfare, if you sincerely believe in the Bhagavad Gita, and consider yourself to be an Arjuna being guided in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Sri Krihsna will listen and alert you when you are idle and face immediate danger in your struggle to reinvigorate your belief in yourself, to the extent that He will lend you his Sudharshan Chakra to combat Satan-evil of atheism. Learn the art of dharmayudha using the Bhagavad Gita as the guide. Always keep your bombshell atomic bomb ammunition dry, you never know when you will be in dire need of it.

Verbal assaults are not just the God-given strength of the mind to express one's feelings of protestation and defence against other forms of practicising dharmis who restrict your ability to practice your religion, if one is confident of the underlying laws or the State one lives under and uses those due process facilities to remain in the country, and if that does not materialise, one faces the consequences that there is no place on Earth safe-enough for a Vaishnavist to perform ones Sanatan Dharma, so one should go to prison or face capital punishment as martyrs. It remains to be seen if this is going to be my Fate, as Mahatma Gandhi succumbed to in India under those Hindu adharmis of Shiv Sena: But they have been told by me: Babaji beithe pahad par, aapan lund latkaye, jeka jetan chaahiye, kaat kaat le jaye, meaning that the Guru is sitting on the top of the mountain penis of wisdom along the slope for his followers and disciples, this is the Mahaguru, the supreme guru of Hindu India, in other words, like a modern day 'Thaka Guru Sankaracharya' known to us from the State of Odisha meaning a deceitful and misleading spiritual leader. The Vaishnavist does not restrict himself with the severity of his utterances thus, and makes it explicitly clear to the adharmis that he is fighting a dharmayudah through 'gaand mein danda dalna' (stuffing a pole up their arses), and 'Jesus Christ saves arse oles' (arseholes, in plain English) as his weapon in the use of words, and other milder forms of utterances as appropriate to any given situation that requires it tactically for one must survive to fight another day. He challenges them to come and get him, with words like 'I intend to stick my head into the British Lion's head and hope to take it out again unscathed.

So do not give up from consideration of these words of wisdom in the practice of Vaishnavism: while there is breath left in your body to defend your rights to your own material 'wealth' in whatever form you have acquired whatever was your passion for working in Creation, for dharmayudha is a life-long battle, a life-long struggle to protect your reputation, especially if wish to practice ahimsa at the same time as totally non-violent way of conducting yourself in Vaishnavism. Do not get captured by temptations that they will entice you with. Stay faultless of character and actions. Believe in that, being rajasic is the Kshatriya mode, so give up your sattvic and tamasic tendencies in a cool, calm and collected manner to fight the dharmayudha believeing in the aadarsha of Mahatma Gandhi in ahimsa. Never abandon your raison d'etre in this regard, for that is the Satan-evil manner in which to destroy you. So pick up the cudgels. Attachments to material possessions should be jettisoned (Tyaag, the central advice of the Bhagavad Gita) in favour of dharmayudha.

Study the Bhagavad Gita with utter concentration and make it a daily routine and live by Vaishnavism in its totally physically non-violent ahimsa for that is the preservation of the Mother Nature that feeds you ultimately, not the State in which you live, nor your parents. So have total reverence of Mother Nature and believe in what you do. Struggle along as best as you can. For that will lead to 'job-satisfaction' that people crave for, except you are here talking about the job of preserving and conserving Mother Nature, your overriding concern.

If your circumstances do not enable you to do this dharma, do not get dejected, but do not protest in any manner that causes civil disobedience of any kind, let alone damage to property and infrastructure such as monuments and architecture, as well as biodiversity of animal and plant life including viruses. So, if the Queen as in my case has said that it would be selfish for people not to vaccinate themselves to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, her words are enough. Treat it with respect and change your stance as you would if the State enforces mental health treatment on you by sending you to a mental hospital or treating you as an outpatient at home with anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications. Do not protest against these impositions on you, in other words. Your dharma, that you treat as Sanatan Dharma is between you and God only. Whether everything is pre-ordinated and pre-orchestrated in the universe is also between you and God only, so do not spread 'fatalism' for you yourself can never be 100 per cent certain of it, as you yourself cannot yourself be certain that there is a God as Creator and Preserver, unless you are an avatar like me.

Look out for the opportunity (the 'mouka') for actions of buccaneering to perform your dharma, but never plan any course of action in advance, for events could come and scupper your plan. Be patient, in other words. If no opportunities come, regard it as game-over in whatever you have achieved is suffice. Sit on your laurels then.

Lions are like horses in the wild only, both can be tamed into joining the circus of life as the ecosystem of society by a learned ringmaster, who knows the Truth.

Be a fearless warrior, like a tiger to preserve your dharma, even sacrificing your country as a nation being an attachment too many to preserve your dharma in the sincere belief that that is Sanatan Dharma, as proven to the Founder of Vishista Advata Vedanta, that generated the dharma of Vaishnavism.

Sanatan Dharma is a set of ethics that one cannot compromise: either you as a Dharmist in Sanatan Dharma is right, or the oppressors to your dharma are right. Do you not wish to be right? Have faith and learn your lessons as you progress and test the truth of Sanatan Dharma as the eternal law of the universe, through yoga: satya-advaita yoga, nothing else involved. Just mental exertions with concentration (dhyan). 'Who dares Wins', that is the logo of a British Special Forces who undertake secret missions for the State in wars.

So, stand up for your beliefs, if you feel that these are perfected and no longer delusional, for you have survived with all your works also having survived. Do not give in to terrorism on you, to become a saint for the collection of pious points of sainthood. Keep struggling on. Never say die.

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