Hello, This is Shantanu Panigrahi speaking on the 9 of July 2021. It is a day that I started on a kind of Samadhi form, where I have completed all my tasks and I am very pleased with myself that I have survived to this day when my realisation is complete. The realisation that I am talking about is the Realisation that we have a God that I named Sri Krishna and this God is living dormantly in our psyche and the way to realise this has been enunciated by me through my books, ‘A Conception of Reality’, Navigating the State of the United Kingdom: food for thought’, Searching for Mental Health Services’ ‘Karma in Sanatan Dharma’ and ‘The Preliminaries of an  Allurement of Reality’ in two volumes.

What we need to do is that when we start of on a journey of satya-advaita yoga, we try to accommodate truth, by doing what we need to do to get rid of old ideas and adopt new ideas as old ideas falter and show ust the wrong path of living. I tried Brahmanism because I was brought up in the Indian Hindu fold and believed in the Mahabharatta and the Ramayana in that we had to fight for our justice in the material world and if we did so then God will be there to guide us just like He did to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurkshetra. Well, I did that for a long time and I ended up in worse trouble than I started off with. I did not want to seek material justice when it was landing me in trouble with the Mental Health authorities of the United Kingdom and got me incarcerated in a mental hospital on two occasions, the first in 2004, the second in 2008. So it had to be abandoned. Brahmanism was not the way. Brahmanism was actually dharmayudha in the Hindutva style and Hindutva style proved to me to be a wrong idea, a Jihadist idea that is anathema to Hinduism. It is more of a Islamic perspective of living.

So from that I was not deterred. I had to keep searching and the search had to take place through the process of satya-advaita. Satya-advaita means truth accommodation, the quest for truth accommodation. The truth that we believe in as Hindus is Satyamev Jayate; that means if you go by the truth, you go on a path that devas have been in and go where you find the ultimate treasure that is hidden and which is what you realise. So I went on a search fot that path because I was interested in finding out whether that truth incorporated God or whether it was separate from God. So  in that sense I wanted to continue with my studies; and 23 years after my dismissal from the University of Greenwich I went my own way isolated at home, isolated from society and still continuing my research in this field.

So what we need to do is this. Searhing for God is not for the faint-hearted. It is an intensive long hard process and that process went on for me through Brahmanism to Brahmo-advaita Vedantism in which I relinquished the idea of Brahmanism and adopte Brahma-Nature as being Brahman that one needed to be in tune with in the sense that Brahman was the Ultimate Reality. But that really did not satisfy me because it did not address my concerns about material matters; that we live on this Earth and we have to do something productive, create something, do something positive and live productively in our life that we have only one single chance for. I never believed in reincarnation and rebirth, but I do believe in rebirth in the sense that every moment is a rebirth for me. Every moment that I live needs to be assessed afresh and one moves on.

From that I found the idea that I had a religion and that religion was karma. Karma means taking .part in Creation and doing whatever that came to me by way of improving myself, my family, and society boith in the national and global sense. So in this I took the Prime Minister to Court on a litigation to assess these matters and the Court of the United Kingdom judged against me and awarded Costs to the Defendant. This was at a time when I was formulating the final stages of my ‘The Conservative Libertarian Society and its offshoot, The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom’ as the correct way to govern the country. So I formed the Party but it did not acquire any membership, so it was way before its time, and so where did that leave me with the idea of God. Was God helping me in developing these concepts, the concept that I finally arrived at as Vishishta-advaita Vedanta in the rajasic mould of occupying the centre of the sphere of reality. Well I had to test it out. And so I stumbled on the idea that our fate and everything that happens to us are pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated. So what one needed to do was to be nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in all ones actions and reactions. And in doing so one was actually finding out what God had in store for you, and one had surrendered to God, and that God I called Mayawadi God Sri Krishna residing in my psyche inspiring me into my activities, the actions that I call Karma in Sanatan Dharma. And that karma in sanatan dharma had to be tested to see if it realised the eternal law of the universe, the eternal law being dharma rakshati rakshita. That means if you practice dharma, dharma will come and protect you and protect the works that you do. This has led to the idea that I should wrirte my books and I have written these five books as the end of my story of my Search for God.

I am a Mayawadi Sri Krishna bhakta and I do worshikp God and into His Lotus feet I surrender these books for humanity into the future. So one message I would like to give to even previous gurus who have talked about Reality is that advaita means not being at oneness with Reality; that Reality being God it is actually oneness with what God has in mind for you to live your individual lives. To find that fate, the destiny, one needs to act nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly and that alone is the dharma that dharma rakshati rakshita that we Hindus have been brought up to believe in. It is an individual experience. It is an individual Reality.  No one can talk about it or preach about it because it all depends on how intensively one wants to study Reality: the gyana yoga that we call. But gyana yoga, karma yoga are all and part of bhakti yoga. They are all interrelated, and in essence one has to have dhyan which means concentration of the mind. Concentration of the mind leads to a position where one finds that mindfulness is actually wrong. It is a wrong way to search for God. The way to search for God is to lose one’s mind and lose one’s body. And to relinquish all things or tyaag all that one has; be prepared to spend all ones money and material things and losing one’s dignity by having yourself called a lunatic or a madman in search for God because at the end of the day one is with oneself only and your own self and no one else is important. If we are not called upon to serve the nation in a dutiful form then one has to protect one’s liberty and go along one’s own path. And I feel the only purpose of life is to search for God, and that search for God has remained with me for the past 23 years. And it was an allurement of reality brought on from visions and utterances that I had to wake up and to relinquish my scientific works in the laboratory and move on to higher things from that kind of stuff. Because that kind of stuff generated envy in the rat race to see who is superior in the material world and so one and that was not for me, it turned out; so I feel that God had actually prompted me into relinquishing all my material tamasic nature of improving myself in the material field and I lost all my riches and it turned into a riches to rags story. But I do not regret any of it today.  I find that these were all stepping-stones to searching for God and finding God; and the way that I needed to find Him to help me lead my day-to-day moment by moment existence. And in that I worship Him deeply.

And so to all atheists I say you do not know what you are talking about. Stop quarrelling about it. Learn something from people who have had experience, who have something to say and who have had experience of searching for God at a personal level; and have exposed themselves to you of their search in their writings. Not gurus who talk incessantly like J Krishnamurthy who keep talking about questions and esoteric philosophies of what experience is, what is pressure and what is institution and so one and never have any answers that satisfy and yet we have them as our guide confusing matters.

The whole aim of life is to do Karma in Sanatan Dharma. That is the only expression of service to God that one can imagine. And we need to serve God because God is our Creator. And He is not our Preserver. We are the preservers. We are preservers of what He has Created. And in that manner we have to strive to be a purushottama or purnaavatar and do whatever we can to ensure that we work towards to goas of being a purushottama and purnavatar whether or not it was God’s idea or one’s own idea. One has to set high ideals. And I have always set high ideals both in the material world and in the spiritual world. And I have combined both of these in my works. And I dedicate all my works and all notes and Diaries and correspondence files to Her Majesty the Queen in service for the good things that I have learnt in the United Kingdom in respect to the State of the United Kingdom and for looking after me, my family and so on, when everybody else had abandoned me into a life of near destitution; to allow me the latitude to pursue my goal of searching for God through all kinds of trials and tribulations. I thank Her Majesty the Queen considerably this morning.

Thank you

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