Satya-advaita as a religion is not sustainable truth-accommodation because on seeing this the tamasic evil element of Brahma-Nature as vested interests against a libertarian will continue to attack and persecute the individual sattvic guna consciousness associated raison d'etre which destabilises and disrupts the peace of mind of a person.

The following considerations are relevant:

Volunteer Centre Newsletter - October 2021



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Dear Lysette,

I had said to Wendy Macgeachy that I am no longer going to be able to volunteer my services, for various reasons, so she should delete my data from IMAGO's database. It seems as though the message has not registered or you are intent on pestering me. Which?


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Hello ,

Hope you are well.

This month’s edition of the Volunteer Centre Newsletter is now ready for you to read by following this link Volunteering-Newsletter-October-2021.pdf (

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and get ready as it’s a bumper edition featuring opportunities from AgeUK Sevenoaks & Tonbridge, Advocacy for All, Tunbridge Wells Repair Café, Victim Support, Citizens Advice Tunbridge Wells, Bradbourne Riding for the Disabled and SO many more.

Opportunities are diverse so hopefully you will find something that interests you, allows you to use existing skills or develop new ones, whatever your reason for seeking a volunteering opportunity I wish you all the best on your journey.

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Kind Regards,

Lysette D'Urso

Community Development Coordinator


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Posted in Simplesite: ‘Pestering Society’:


Is this the way of loving thy enemies? The mind detected further round of persecution which I automatically thwarted questioningly. Let me see the response.

Issac Newton? said in the third law of motion: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That is what I just did. It is a fact of life. So, I am not sattvic. I am rajasic, truth-accommodation is not the way to be. Dharma in the rajasic mould is what is needed to combat evil. I do not love this IMAGO Volunteering group at all. I do not do volunteering I had made that clear to Wendy McGeachy. Right now, I am busy ensuring that our daughter gets to work in her new job each day so that the money keeps coming into the house. I had told Wendy McGeachy that Times are Hard. The Court has not ordered any damages and compensation to me for 24 years of persecution, nor Ordered the Defendant in Claim E35YM660 to return the £4170 that I had to pay arising from the DJ Lightman’s Order of 21 June 2021. It is a matter of survival: life or death. So, dharma is what takes over: rajasic dharma, in the Vishista-advaita Vedanta conception at the Relative level of reality; the ideal way to be. So, I am a Vaishnava. That is the truth. One has to be careful not to go in too hard or it would rebound on one. That is the danger. Paranoia is a saving grace. It exposes the truth to truth-accommodate rajasically as is proper through appropriate dharma.

The sattvic truth-accommodation or Satya-advaita was just a yoga, an experimental means of getting to the truth. It got Samadhi and then to Shunyata in the realisation of the Absolute truth. There is no need for any more truth-seeking yoga, so no need to truth accommodate sattvically. The fullest realisation of the Nature of good and evil in Brahma-Nature has been exposed. Now there is dharma as swadharma, to keep the family together, making judicious decisions which require Lordship over the Jungle of Nature. So, attack back at every provocation using the means available. Do not let them dominate you or you will be enslaved. Some provocations need to be tolerated and ignored for they want to provoke a reaction that can be used in legal proceedings against me. So having stuffed the State and its morons into their cubby holes remain in control over your future and prosper materially. This is not dharma beyond swadharma. Have nothing to do with society or the global humanity. Only the self is important.

For me now, the only truth accommodation is rajasic; every action on one should have an equal and opposite reaction if it threatens to disrupt one’s chosen way of life. So I changed my Bio in Facebook to ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ This is because that is the eternal law of the universe; It is self-preservational, that is it is the dharma implicit in Dharma Rakshati Rakshita. That is sanatan dharma, which God has taught me directly though my clock checking consultations and left me at a suitable time to allure me into finding out the truth for myself for which I changed from tamasic to a sattvic person. It was necessariy merely to seek the truth on Reality of my utterances, visions and prophecies while at the struggling to save my reputation at the University of Greenwich and was the path to get me to realise Shunyata though the interactions that I have had with thousands of posters and emailer, all of which are detailed in my 12 books. When there was no need for truth seeking any more (only sattvic guna consciousness attains truth independently for which one needs to be free of bondages such as God, aims, objectives, plans, missions, wishes, hopes, expectations, anticipations and is lacking of ego, in fact all attachments to bodily senses and spiritual ones to include those thoughts emanating from the somatic mind the brain) I was back living my life again in my body as self. In this frame of mind (yes the mind returned) every action that suppresses truth had to continue to be responded to with an equal and opposite reaction from me just as it happened through the period of long standing sanatan dharma where I left my body to become of a mahatman state operating it at the interface of the mind with the Supermind (OM), with Paramatman now dormant in that part of my psyche. So the lesson from all this is that it has now been shown to me to be the eternal law if one consciously reacts with every action of an evil nature with an equal and opposite reaction; the evil action being when one’s liberty is being intruded upon so that one’s libertarian spirit is being denied, for libertarianism is the highest form of life being mukti/frredom, no matter where the intrusions come from, whether from within the family or from outside the family. With such a frame of mind that is rajasic in Vishista-advaita Vedanta for it is not ‘Love thy Enemies’, I will see how long I can continue living in liberty as well as in material comforts for what is left of my life.

I changed my Bio by early evening on Twitter and Facebook to Vishista-Advaita (Own Version) Every oppressive action on me will be met with an equal and opposite reaction.


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