A Vedantist is someone who practices Truth Accommodation. He does not necessarily have to be a Hindu.


My quest for truth accommodation began in 1998 but it did not come into immediate fruition, nor even ascertained the path to this ideal way of living until 2021. I came out of my shell yesterday the 12 of September 2021 when we had family-friends around for a dinner party hosted by my wife and during which I lubricated my tongue and brains with alcohol profusely to take part in discussions on the past twenty four years of my life here in the United Kingdom.

This morning I am starting this book on Truth-accommodation or in Hindi Parlance (Satya-advaita) with describes what I now do and what my outlook of being non-judgemental in the assessment of facts not only in contemporary history but also in distant history from the coming of mankind into the biosphere.

Satya-advaita or truth-accommodation is a yogic process of navigating Nature conceptualised by the author in his previous publications in consisting of guna-consciousness Brahma-Nature that is of three-fold attributes: sattvic (pious, goodness), tamasic (evil) and rajasic (routinal). The rajasic path is described by me as the occupation of the centre of the sphere of reality in that all that one experiences is accommodated in arriving at one’s decision on how to act and react as one’s karma which is sanatan dharma for it represents the perfection of truth-accommodation thereby harmonises with Nature, the person living symbiotically with all the elements of Nature (hence advaita), the result of this approach to living being the conservation and preservation of Creation. The reason that I call it the eternal law of the universe in being sanatan dharma is that I arrived at this assessment by losing all my bodily attachments surmising that the body is nothing and the mind is everything, so I perfected the art of seeking my destiny by being nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in my actions, having no aims, plans, missions, objectives, anticipations, expectations, and ego. This led to knowledge accumulation in the brain that I drew upon to develop the highest level of awareness possible of ones surroundings and circumstances to be able to survive in the dignity of liberty for I had as the passage of time showed harmed no-one from all the 24 years of trials and tribulations that I have gone through since being awakened by Sri Krishna the Almighty God and Creator who blessed me with visions of various descriptions including utterances, dreams, prophetic statements that all came to be true as manifested and at the end of the day truth prevailed in the age-old adage of Mundaka Upanishad of Satymeva Jayate and the essence of Mahabhratatta that Dharma so attained was the preservation of the self and one’s works which the scriptures led me to the road to try and discover the meaning of Dharma Rakshati Rakshita.

This 'Truth-accommodation’ (Satya-advaita) book is the end of Veda discovered as Vishista-advaita and thereby constitutes the Vedanta as specified by the author from his studies of a personal conception of Reality that shows how to navigate Nature by a thorough understanding of the guna-consciousness forces at play in their sattvic, rajasic and tamasic interactions that give the impression of conspiracy theories that are much talked about. The middle path of proceeding in occupying centre of the sphere of Reality that harmonises, conserves and preserves Creation each moment by a Vishista-advaitist.

Hence on this auspicious day that my scholarly researches came to an end I felt very relaxed having accomplished all my chores to a state of mind where I am in total peace and this gives me ‘ananda’ which means blissful joy; in total liberty: if that is not mukti or moksha within samsara nothing else can be. Nothing else matters to me. This has been proven to me this evening at 8.14 pm hours (UK-Time) of 13 September 2021, when I do honestly feel that I have contributed to humanity with my work and on hindsight albeit have not been a pariah in the State of the United Kingdom or elsewhere in any other part of humanity.

I was advised by a yoga teacher Shubham Joshi of Indore in India, as follows: ‘Health is wealth and yoga is best for it. Asanas , Pranayama , Dharna , Meditation can do wonders. Many disease can be cure by yoga , immunity enhanced , subconscious mind can be reprogrammed and even we can change our DNA quality’. My reply to him was: ‘My yoga has over the past 24 years has taught me that the body and physical health is not important, one must let go of this attachment to set the mind free and live for as long as ones genes have programmed one, in total liberty. Yoga is that quest for liberation from bondages and so as to facilitate the arrival of the sadhaka in mukti or moksha. The yoga you seem to be specialising in is limited in scope: satya-advaita yoga has no boundaries. A Vedantist practices satya-advaita yoga or the yoga of truth-accommodation’.


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