In this post I wish to discuss the full implications and ramifications of the idea of truth accommodation or satya-advaita.

It started off as a yogic technique for me back in the days when I was recovering from the shock of mental hospital incarceration for a second time in 2008 for a relapse of dharmayudha that had got me into the mental hospital first in 2004. There had to be a better way to living, so I experimented with the idea of truth-accommodation as an ideal that I assumed I could not go wrong with if there truly was a God who was not just Truth but Truth itself was God.

I developed a Conception of Reality based on these studies that may be read here: ; .

In essence, God is one element in the Reality, the construction of the universe being according to Brahma-Nature perception being the other element and then there are the ground realities that one has to contend with as one proceeds from one moment to the next in determining what lies in store for one in terms of his or her destiny. I await for God to clear my truth path to that destiny. This accomplished by sticking pin-pointedly at the centre of the sphere of Reality and conducting oneself without any missions, objectives, aims, plans, having no desires, no ego and so on, living without attachments of any kind whatsoever. If I am not the doer then, I am just the witnesser and that is the great position to be in for I cannot be held responsible for my actions as these emanate out of me from within this frame of mind that is without wishes, anticipations, expectations, hopes, desire for karma (where in ordinary dharma or in sanatan dharma). The actions just take place as part of the unfolding of time on the assumption that everything that happens in the universe is preordained and pre-orchestrated, and it would therefore be a sin for me to try and change or influence things for the better or worse.

This is what I mean by Truth Accommodation. It is the course of complete harmony. I have numerous websites and have written 7 books but I have done what was in my path as I went along trying to deal with my realities and I am no longer attached to those 'accomplishments'. They were just in my truth-path towards my destiny.

Right now at 7.16 am on the 26 of August 2021, I have no idea what the next moment will bring. I have complex material involvements, legal issues, medical issues, employment issues, and so on all of which I might have to act on, but no such thoughts are coming to the mind right now. I am not buccaneering for the truth again as there have been no emails coming in to upset me so far this morning. Everything is calm and peaceful, so stay still is the truth-accommodational state of mind. I do not need a job, I have sufficient money by way of a pension and I do not have long to live being 64 years of age and in poor health with having to take 7 medications each day and having arm and shoulder muscular pains ever since I took the coronavirus vaccinations. Who knows the real cause but I would not be taking any booster jabs as I am done with life. I can ignore the world of vyvaharika now. Finito.

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