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Is Neo Hinduism, a form of Communism? 

Below are some points which shows that Neo Hinduism is too much similar to Communism.

■ Neo Hindus believe that life is free without any rules and regulations. One is free to do anything he wishes. Communism also believes that life doesn't have any morals and principles. One can behave anyhow.

■ Neo Hindus believe that no matter how you live, there is no one to question you. Even Communism believes that no one should question your evil deeds.

■ Neo Hindus doesn't have any compassion on animals. They eat animal meat for their taste greed. Even Commies support killing of innocent animals.

■ Neo Hindus believe in Darwin's fake theory of evolution. Even Communists believe in that fake theory of evolution.

■ Neo Hindus consider Atheists as Hindus because they are Atheists themselves. Even Communists are hard core Atheists.

■ Neo Hindus are hard core supporters of L-G-B-T. Even Communists are hard core supporters of L-G-B-T.

■ Neo Hindus hate all old things and love all modern things. Even Communists hate old things and love all modern things.

Shantanu Panigrahi replied

If one lives freely, one can choose the morals and dharma (duties and righteous actions, that is karma; and if one becomes learned, one realises that the freedom to seek the truth without restrictions, that is in total liberty, brings one to find the rules and regulations needed to perform sanatan dharma, the ultimate dharma that has surrendered to Bhagwan (Sri Krishna in my case). This generates moksha or mukti from worldly affairs. Communism is something different. It means communal living in an extreme form of socialism where the State imposes all kinds of brainwashing restrictions on all the citizens. Hinduism must be left to individual determination of rules and regulations to govern ones actions taking guidance from wherever one can get advice and counselling such as a personal Guru. But even Sadhguru can be a reality if one practices satya-advaita yoga, or the yoga of truth accommodation each moment of the day. So I do not know what you mean by Neo Hinduism, if it is universalism that is preaching world peace and world unity then of course it is a form of Communism. Socialism is anathema to Hinduism in my honest opinion. It generates atheism, and consumerism which is destructive to the environment in exploitation of natural resources without any care for the Planet Earth and what future generations would inherit from us. It is very simple philosophy, conserve, preserve and harmonise to live symbiotically with Nature's creatures, and God will inspire you to attain the goal of sanatan dharma which generates the ultimate treasure of peace of mind. As regards Darwins theory of evolution, it is true for tamasic-minded people and living beings, but from 40,000 years ago God intervened in human affairs and generated sattvic dharma for whom the extreme form is Christianity and Buddhism. HInduism takes a balanced rajasic view of routinal actions that is in between these extremes, and the reason that it survived for thousands of years is that the rajasic path shows us the truth path and truth is sacrosanct to HIndusim (Satyamev Jayate). So if one follows the rajasic path the Theory of Evolution that we have studied at various levels in the University is superceded by a greater degree of design created in the universe by God, the Mind. In the rajasic path that is the core foundation of Vishista-advaita Vedanta, the body is relinquished and all attachments, desires and ego got rid of so that the mind goes into becoming a jivatman of increasing intensity until it becomes mahatman where the person is acting at the interface of the mind with the Supermind (OM) and this is the mechanism that Sri Krishna has created through his Maya for the greatest level of awareness generated on the environment each moment of the day so that one automatically, nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly realises what action (karma in sanatan dharma) he or she needs to perform next. The Theory of Evolution becomes totally fake to the yogi.

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