Here the author reassess his assessment of the Divine Being in the Vishista-advaita Conception.

Today on the 29 of January 2022 I have reviewed the conception of god and goddess in terms of the Supreme Being as the one and only Reality that exists for meaningful worship without which no bhakti displayed can result in material and spiritual insights and mental welfare of the individual.

In the past I had focussed on Sri Krishna and assigned this name to that Supreme Being but had left the option open that this was not the fullest Reality that exists. The true reality of the Hindu gods and goddesses is represented in the male and female forms as follows:

In my assessment from studies that I have conducted, Devi is not just mother she is the flipside (coin) of the Supreme Being, the otherwise side being Sri Krishna. One can worship either of the two or as in my case both of them together and separately, the effect is the same. Devi Durga squashes evil and is mother while Sri Krishna is knowledge and Sadhguru and with His Sudarshan Chakra runs the universe. if one has the highest level of bhakti for God as the Supreme Being one must worship both Sri Krishna and Durga. In a perfect marriage here on Earth the husband and wife combine to form that heavenly association in human society and both are purnavatars.

Vishista-advaita as conceptualised by me places bhakti at the heart of all one's devotion to duties and responsibilities in our lives on this Earth and this is why it is central to the sanatan dharma that is essential basis for one's actions as karma. the Vedanta reveres all human beings and life forms as emanating from the Divine Creator of the universe and places ahimsa (non-violence) as the tool through which one conducts oneself in this world. Even harsh words in anger is prohibited and sinful if one is to revere the Creator and Preserver in the Supreme Being. All one's thoughts are perennially immersed in devotion and the highest level of practices in the material world is through satya-advaita or truth accommodation. This is not the standard version of advaita which constructs separateness but one which reconciles oneself with God and with all living beings as one and the same thing. 


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