I had changed my Bio on Facebook and Twitter rom ‘Vishistadvaitist’ to simply ‘Advaitist’, after earlier posting:

Shantanu Panigrahi is in Gillingham, Medway.

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Do not go for any kind of triumph, not even for Truth; attachment to any kinds of objective destroys. Instead, be at one with Reality. Know that. End of story.


12.45 pm (UK-Time) 5 February 2022

Shantanu Panigrahi

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Vishistaadvaita does not yield peace of mind for one engages in sanatan dharma. Only in advaita is the mind set free.

Shantanu Panigrahi

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In advaita, there is no dharma; there is only truth that one accommodates through one's nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated actions and reactions: karma results.



No approach to living is going to be superior to the one that generates peace of mind. As such whilst the author has explored various conceptions of karma, dharma, sanatan dharma and related these to the Supreme God that he named Sri Krishna he has found from experience that even Vishistaadvaita does not yield sustained peace of mind, just instant moksha. Vishista-advaita is accordingly just a stepping stone in his path or journey in life towards the ultimate philosophy that is not a religion whereas Vishista-advaita is a religion by virtue of the fact that it incorporates the eternal God Sri Krishna/Durga as the one who blesses the practitioner in the course of his karma in sanatan dharma. This may be a correct conception so long as one wishes to be perennially on one's toes fighting dharmayudha battles in the materiel world. Fighting such causes has proven to be futile in my case as things stand on 5 February 2022 at 14.07 hours that I am writing this account of my experiences. There is no justice in the material world for entrenched human directives are materially there to enslave you.

This leads to the Advaita conception which denounces karma, snantan dharma or even simple dharma and is non-dual in oneness with Reality. Life is needed to be approached in a manner that reduces stress on the body and mind. Engagement in objectives, aims, plans, missions, ego-based desires, anticipations, hopes, wishes, are all stressful and wrong for having a cool, calm and collected demeanour. God exists even as a Personal God if one shows enough bhakti in devotion and He may give or may not give rewards in terms of knowledge, wisdom but there is no certainty of that. He did arouse me into verbal utterances and written ones and seemingly urged me to fight a dharmayduda  who know. I am after 24 years going to dwell on that kind of idle thought as it is a continual source of stress to my mind and as the reaction from the International Criminal Court to the email shows there is no justice in the material world from that kind of subservience and devotion or bhakti to God in Vishistaadvaita religion. So I am philosophical about it now and do not have any such surrender to Truth or God whatsoever. I just react even to my own family members if they annoy me, so no dharma without the sanatan dharma guides me now.1In advaita, there is no dharma; there is only truth that one accommodates through one's nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated actions and reactions: there is no karma resulting from it. All conceptions of human construction are negated, there is no result to ones actions. There is no love, anger, sadness, joy for these are the body’s sensual attributes which have been jettisoned as pointless emotional considerations. There is no Nature, no Loyalty, no separateness from the Absolute. There is only Oneness. It is not even Brahman let alone Brahma-Nature in the guna'-consciousness religion of Vishistadvata  and it is not Consciousness either or Self It is. not an illusion for that is something which must have a Creator. So, is there any such thing as Reality in the first place?

 Advaita is a philosophy not the Reality. There are no Gods in it or Truth for it as these too are human constructions. But clearly there is something out there non-dual. AND THE QUESTION ARISES WHAT IS THIS ONENESS? THE ANSWER;


Advaita is strongly atheistic whereas Vishistaadvaita as conceptualised earlier by me is strongly theistic. That is the basic difference between a philosophy and a religion. You pays your money and takes your choice. Whatever makes you boat float. Choose what is best for you as a married householder or as a monk/sanyassi.


7 February 2022 Update:

Advaita philosophy is therefore for those who seek liberation, or moksha or mukti, wishing total continuous peace of mind whereas Vishistadvaita religion is for those who wish to be active in the samasara taking part in Creation and celebrating Creation through truth accommodation and living in harmony in Nature. It means one is always thinking or more accurately if one has been on the truth part allowing the truth to manifest itself in the mind to guide one into the next steps, thereby seeking one’s destiny in sanatan dharma. Contrary to my earlier concern that Vishistadvaita does not generate peace of mind, I have now found that it does do so for one has been harmonious with the provisions of God and harmonious with the wherewithals of Nature. Accordingly, I reverted to Vishistaadvaitist in my Biodata Profile on Facebook and Twitter.

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