.This is another level of attainment of mental faculties experienced by the author and it is appropriate to write it within the context of Vihista-advaita Vedanta. Beyond Consciousness lies the Self which is God with a small g, or bhagwan.


Having experienced the Self it does not solve ones day to day problems in coping with the nuances of Brahma-Nature interactions, when mind wants to achieve.

Between truth and dharma the latter is unavoidable or one will be crushed by the tamasic forces of Brahma-Nature when seeking liberation.

This means that truth takes one to knowledge at the ulimate level of the Self and God thereby bringing an end to gyan yoga, but not wisdom.

Wisdom requires calculated steps and tactics of dharmayudhic warfare against tamasic oppressors to survive in material and spiritual liberty.

Vishista-advaita Vedànta is that wisdom, that is to say, it is dharma blessed by God to survive in Brahma-Nature; hence sanatan dharma.

Vishista advaita is for those who wish a purely spiritual life within a family structure and not is an ashram so have to achieve goals to earn money and run a household.

So my experience is there is an end to Self-realisation and God-search. Once satiated there is nothing to gain from the association; one moves on.

Achieve what else but the Self? SELF IS ULTIMATE TRUTH, after that there is nothing to achieve. SELF IS EVERYTHING. There is no mind left.

The brain generates the mind as a biological phenomenon. When one loses ones attachments to the point of losing ones mind one is ones true Self which is God (bhagwan).

So what is God? God is everything: the Truth. The Self state is faultless. One has attained perfection of actions hence.

So in the final analysis truth comes before specìfied dharma, even sanatan dharma, for the Self takes the faultless actions for truth-preservation (dharma)

Self, being Truth, is unpolluted by the mind and presrves itself by its faultless actions which is called dharma: thus dharma rakshati rakshita)

God being everything created Itself as Creation and Minds it through the ages influencing changes to preserve It as appropriate.

Living beings are therefore just pawns in God's hands for Its amusement purposes, so one must never worship God or surrender to It.

This means one should stay within the limits of ones mental capacity for which the most heightened awareness is attained in the state of Self.


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