The basis of dharmayudha according the Order Vishista-advaita Sampradaya is to exhaust all legal avenues in the material world to seek justice and when that fails adopt the spiritual path of truth-accommodation to deal with all who harass and terrorise you and try to destroy your integrity and peace of mind. When the art of resistance to persecution is perfected one is nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in all ones actions because the practitioner is working at the level of the Supermind whichi is as close to God residing dormant in his psyche as one can get to. One does not wish to go any deeper than that because the practitioner believes in living a human life by immersing himself or herself in Creation as a tribute to the Creator God.

Living entirely spiritually bring enemies in the material world who do not like the raison d’etre within which the practitioner survives in the material world otherwise known as the samsara. They would like to eliminate them from amidst their society by hook or by crook. The faith however finds strength and a resourceful mind full of knowledge and awareness to spot the dangers to his survival and react to retain the dignity of liberty. He believes in truth exposure because truth is the spiritual path to God and its attainment is a treasure beyond compare.

So dealing with international criminals non-violently yet effectively requires a frame of mind that is simply blocking the criminals and when the State that one lives under is governed through criminality in being a Police State the warfare against the criminals is a continuous process that neither side wins. Or will truth prevail, as the saying goes. So the author over a 24 year period of developing this technique that is a form of yoga called satya-advaita yoga or the yoga of truth-accommodation is still in the game with a chance of victory against international criminals who have terrorised him and destroyed his livelihood to a bare minimum. He has not run out of resources yet to continue the battle. It will only end when all the persecutors are silenced into their cubby holes, which is when truth would be shown to have prevailed. This is the process of dharmayudha in the Sampradaya created  by the author under the name of Swami Shantananda.

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