When one is attached to one’s body and mind one can find all kinds or reasons or excuses to conduct dharmayudha. So Vishista-advaita Vedanta cannot be translated into a religion that I had described in my original Book ‘A Conception of Reality into Vaishnavism, and nor can it used to justify any political movement that I had started in The Conservative Libertarian Society and its offshoots The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom. Vedanta stands on its own and cannot be bastardised in this way to try and create a dharmarashtra no matter how idealistic that may be as a social engineering formulation.

Vishista-advaita describes that we have a God as Sri Krishna and the rest of it is going by the preordained and pr-eorchestrated nature of the universe to discover ones fate in nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated course of actions and reactions, with no karma, no dharma, no hopes, no objectives, no aims, no expectations, no anticipations, no wishes, no desires and no ego. This is because in the ultimate reality, we have no body or mind, and we do not even have any spirit let alone spiritual guidance from a God as Sri Krishna or by any other name that one can imagine. Even the gunas do not exist as sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness. In advaita, there is no two: it is non-dual in being nothing. In the paramarthika level of Reality where the universe, me and the rest of what we see and know as material reality in vyvahrika reality is an illusion. But we still have to live within that illusion and perform ones actions without reason or justification, nonchalantly spontaneously and unpremeditatedly to attain the highest treasure of satchitananda in our individual experiences. Otherwise we cannot survive in this illusionary world of vyvaharika. The fact is not everyone realises this truth if anyone at all today knows how it works. There are advaitists but how many Vishista-advaitists are there in the world doing what I now do. One has dharma in vyvaharika no doubt and that dharma has been described by me in the past as sanatan dharma, but on reflection this is now to be discarded as delusional for Sri Krishna has never once made it clear to me that this life that I have in vyvaharika should  be lived to an eternal law of the universe. There are no eternal laws in the universe in vyvaharika conception wherein everything is an illusion, including God Sri Krishna.

So when I have in the past said that I was a Mayawadi Vishista-adviatist Sri Krishna bhakta that simply is not true. I live to do what I do automatically with no reference to any God or human being whatsoever living as I do in an illusionary universe. So when I concluded that I am nothing, not even spirit I still operate to live until I die and fill all my spare time on whatever comes to my mind to do without worry about the outcome of those actions and without any fear because I have attained mukti or moksha and nothing matters to me. The Maya of Sri Krishna is His majic by which He has created the illusion of vyavaharika reality of the universe. So I am Mayawadi in Vishistadvaita Vedanta at the paramarthika level only and not in the vyvaharika reality.

As to dharma I have never had a dharma that is specified to me by a guru but I learnt from my father and Odiya bhajans that one needs to travel on the path of truth and dharma and always have prayed to God to take me along that path until the bhakti disappeared when I became self-sufficient as a guru to myself not requiring a Sadhguru any more.

So what should I describe myself as now, simply an advaitist with this final clarification of what Vishistaadvitist is? That will only confuse matters for those who read my Profile and Biodata in Facebook and Twitter. So I will not alter them from ‘I am nothing: not even spirit’.

Updated: 17.49 pm (UK-Time) 11 July 2021

Rita Gupta

Shantanu Panigrahi There is nothing wrong in being attached to your body and mind. A woman's world is different than you men. As a mother, we become attached to our baby for 9 months literally with body and then stay attached mentally. Otherwise we can't do our Dharm of giving birth and taking care of next generation.

If you are in touch with your body and mind, you are attached.

Shantanu Panigrahi

Rita Gupta Of course you are quite right. What I was trying to say is when a person whether male or female has so many body needs and desires where do they get time for doing studies to learn about one's atman which is separate from the jiva and various stages of jivatman. True dharma cannot be learnt unless one surrenders one's attachments. No offence was intended. For example what right do you as a woman have to bring a child into this horribly nasty world in which he or she will struggle to earn money to feed himself or herself when the Earth is in pralaya mode due to overpopulation. Have you thought of that?

Concluding Remarks:

So do we in vyvahariaka have an atman? Of course we do not have an atman but we imagine that we have an atman, So what is the truth? The truth is when the jiva loses all his attachments lock, stock and barrel, physical body-associated and spiritual associations, the the thoughts that he experiences are known as atman. There is no Om, this is the Supermind in Vishista-advaita conception. Get rid of God, get rid of Om, get rid of mind and the supermind, just have moment by moment thoughts that tell your body what to do. The body dies one day and then there are no thoughts to worry one. The thoughts may stop even when one is alive. One just gets on and does what one does, no plans, no objectives, no nothing because there is no mind to think and rationalise. One is a robot in vyvaharika at this point. There is nothing to be at one with, no truths in illusion.

21.22 pm hours (UK-Time) 11 July 2021

My eyes are open, I eat, I go out for a smoke of cigarette but I am dead: a dead man walking. Such is my realisation. I have nothing to contribute to anyone or society in the illusion that is vyvaharika. That is moksha.

21.40 pm hours (UK-Time) 11 July 2021

Sudha Shastri

Shantanu Panigrahi I loved the example in your last sentence! You are so enlightened!

Sudha Shastri

Shantanu Panigrahi If you are not attached to your mind and body, you will vegetate. Somehow People have the wrong ideas about detachment. Be detached without detachment says the first verse of Isha Upanishad. Your mind and body belong to you, and it is your Dharma to take care of them. However you must be aware that you are not your body and/or mind. "Ishaavaasyamidam sarvam" means everything belongs to God. Justifying Dharma yuddha itself is your Dharma, and you don't need any excuse to justify it. It is an extension of caring for your and yours.

Shantanu Panigrahi

Sudha Shastri I am a dead man walking now. Still have eyes that see, heart that is beating, lungs that breathe but otherwise I am dead for all intents and purposes. I don't feel sad or happy, depressed or excited. I was very intelligent earlier to have played my cards right to get to this moment's Realisation. That death is moksha. I still am eating food until my heart stops beating.

22.26 pm hours (UK-Time) 11 July 2021

Rita Gupta

Shantanu Panigrahi Bhagawan says even Gyanies are under the influence of Prakrati. Gita 3.33.

Bhagawan also told Arjun that as a Kshatriya, fighting is your nature. You are saying, "Wouldn't fight" out of ahankar, your nature would force you to fight.

I don't think bringing a child in to the world is my right, it is my nature as a woman and I try to live my nature that is also my Dharm. Just like fighting was Arjun's Dharm as a Kshatriya.

Shantanu Panigrahi

Rita Gupta Thank you for explaining your dharma. I feel you are justified in following your true nature and go where that leads you to. I am a Vishista-advaitist for whom the vyvaharika world (the visible and experiential world) is preordained and preorchestrated and within this Bhagawan Sri Krishna is our Lord and Supreme guide as Sadhguru. If we live in bhakti to that our dharma will be made clear to us each moment of the day that we live automatically when we act nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditately in all our actions and reactions to generate the sanatan dharma, and this sanatan dharma exists as the eternal law of the vyvaharika existence. Dharma Rakshati Rakshita in this respect: meaning that when one performs sanatan dharma, the dharma being intrinsic law of he universe will protect you and all the work that you do. Taking this to your example, if you have bhakti in Bhagwan and live by Gita as your guide with Bhagwan's oversight and blessing, your child will have a good future and will not suffer in the vyavaharika world. So you need not worry. Dharma will protect you and all the work that you do in bringing a child into this world. For me as a Vishista-advaitist I am reviewing what this means to me for I believe the vyvaharika universe to be an illusion and in the paramarthika (absolute Reality) is meaningless to me. When one lives in the parmaarthika Reality, one has relinquished all his mind and body needs and acts nonchalantaly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly so that there is no dharma any more, and accordingly there is no dharmayudha either. When one has realised this one has attained moksha and is just going through the motions for as long as he or she breathes and his heart beats. This has been a very recent transfer for all my life I was a dharmayudhi and battled for material goals as my true nature took and as it changed through the circumstances that I found myself in where I live in the United Kingdom where my reputation was destroyed as a sane person and I was defamed incessantally by the State as being a misconduct person, even forensic or dare I say a criminal, such was the oppression that I faced in the Police State that I lived in. I fought like hell throughout the past 23 years until I realised that it was all an illusionary world and there was no point in taking .part in it in any constructive or productive manner. This is the point of self-transformation that I call now 'moksha' where I am oblivious to everything that happens to me and around me. I hope you understand what I am saying. The Creator God remains Sri Krishna in vyavaharika and paramarthika world for me and I worship Sri Krishna every moment of my day in this this Realisation.I have transcended the material world and the sprititual world to the absolute Reality of paramarthika; and it is irreversible.

08.35 am hours (UK-Time) 12 July 2021

Rita Gupta

Shantanu Panigrahi Every one's life is a continuation from the past life. May be what happened to you was to realize the falseness of the life you were living. For me it's opposite. I was introduced to Adhyatma at very early age, so I never had any grand design for achieving anything. I was happy with my simple life. Then I was shaken to my core and had to work very hard to just have necessity of life for myself and my children. Then everything became very clear to me, nothing was Maya in the world for me, every thing was real and meaning of Gita and it's KarmYog became very clear. Every life is different, we should not generalize.

Shantanu Panigrahi

Rita Gupta Yes every life is different, we all have different experiences. we all have different limitations and obligations. I too am very much of a simpleton, very vulnerable, but I was awakened by God at a time when I faced considerable material problems. He came to me, I am sure of that. He channeled me to new horizons when my career in science ended in doldrums. He stood by me to guide me as my Sadhguru. I still in the past hour have sought his advice using the means that I developed to communicated with him to let me know if I am on the right path, the truth path. For truth is justice; if truth is suppressed by the powers in the State, it is a shortcoming and shame on the State. I have to leave it at that. I exhausted all my dharma yudha means of attaining justice in the manner of the Pandavas in Mahabharrata and Lord Ram in the Ramayana. But I did not harm anyone by violence and disregarding the laws of the State that I lived in. I published all my struggles in the internet to state my case in the Court of Public Opinion and it is for the world to judge whether I was hard done by or whether I am truly mentally ill for my relapses of dharmayudha. In the end I survived and live a comfortable life with my wife and daughter with no issues to separate us. Through bhakti, Sri Krishna taught me knowledge and wisdom, and that wisdom also meant showing me when and how to end my dharmayudha and be satisfied with that. I am content with what I have and what I have done for while I had to pay the Costs of the Defendant in my litigation against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, that decision is still under Appeal, so I am free, and liberated by the grace of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. He exists for me in both vyvaharika and paramarthika, I still do things in vyvaharika to pass my time because if I live I must do something good. So I can put on my vyavaharika hat on and do my dharma but no longer in dharma-yudha mould because I have attained moksha and that moksha means that I bow to God in the paramarthika Reality only now while getting on with my chores in society.

9.32 am (UK-Time) 12 July 2021

In summary, there is karma and dharma in Vyavaharika but no karma or dharma in paramarthika. In paramarthika there is just moksha or inaction. God is present in vyvaharika only and not in paramarthika. One can switch between the two modes of Reality while one is still alive.

12.33 am am (UK-Time) 12 July 2021




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