The human mind and liberty (Vedanta)


Attachments are bondages, that generate stress and disorder in the mind, causing turmoil and resultant symptoms of paronia that manifest itself in paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusions for truth is an everlasting phenomenon that one is never satisfied with. Calmness of the mind leads to stress-free existence and one is not bogged down with irrelevancies that require intellectual analysis and dissection.


Hence, the strive for freedom and liberty has its own rewards for peace of mind that leads to actions that are safe and sound and brings harmonious interactions with all components of Nature. How is this state of mind attained?


The state of mind is attained by persistent yoga of truth-accommodation that I have termed satya-advaita yoga where nothing material is important enough to lose sleep over. The starting point of satya-advaita yoga is acceptance that God resides in the inner recesses of the mind dormant unless one is alerted by the Diving being manifesting Itself into the subconscious mind. It comes from bhakti, which is assuming that God, a benevolent God exists and through that examining whether it does in fact exist through the passage of one's existence. This framework of satya-advaita yoga is termed atheotheism, which means that one has not seen proof of God but does not rule out the possibility that such a God within the mind and external to it exists for consultation purposes. Under such a framework one experiences life and relates everything that happens to one to the possiblitity of a Divine purpose for one's life.


The crux of the matter is that one seeks out one's future destiny by acting without missions, plans, objectives, anticipations, expectations, hopes, wishes, losing one's ego and through this process losing one's attachment to all bodily functions and desires. This when perfected results in a state of mind that operates at the interface between the somatic mind and the Supermind or OM which is the unmanifest Entity of God in the dormancy of one's psyche. The bhakti never leaves in this framework as one's premise for the experimentation in satya-advavita yoga takes the shape of testing whether all that happens in the universe is preordained and preorchestrated, so that thee devotion to God is only attained by not wishing to change the status quo of one's environment and circumstances. One interacts with others in a calm and unassuming manner, being totally non-judgmental of others actions, seeking justice only as far as the status quo permits and having respect for all, including humans, birds and bees as components of Nature. In so-doing one attains the non-duality of advaita and hence the philosophy containing this process of realisation is termed Vishista-advaita, in which one finds oneself at the pinpointed centre of the sphere of reality, the reality being composed of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic interactions.


I have personal proof today that this conception of Realty is correct as 24 years of struggle to cope with incessant intrusions into my liberty and attempts to destroy me as a libertarian have failed to materialise and this can only be attributed to the bhakti/devotion to truth that I have practiced.


This state is what Hindus call mukti or moksha akin to the Buddhist conception of nirvana attained while stil in the samsara, and with no need for another afterlife to return to Earth for any unfulfilled realisation to the Ultimate Reality. This distinction between vyvaharika and paramarthika as visible/living relaity and absolute realtiy respectively disappears, and one attains full advaita (union with Reality), through truth-accommodation as a Vedantin.


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