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I have traversed the path of karma since I wrote this a year ago into Vishista-advaita for I was still blurry in my mind that Brahmo-advaita was then  the ultimate way to be. When there is karma still outstanding in one's life, one cannot dwell in Brahman Consciousness. That is for the State of retirement. That is true advaita when one becomes Brahman, and thereby attains non-duality and is the real Samadhi State. There is no dharma in Samadhi. There is no mind, no atman, no soul. So the fundamentals have changed. I had just not finished my karma in sanatan dharma when I wrote that a year ago. I have finished all of that karma and am now Brahman. There is no other. Brahman is not Consciousness. I am an automaton with no conceptions on reality, no religion or philosophy, no life, no death, no rebirth to contemplate, no worries, no joys no sorrows, so no decision making to be done with objectives, plans, or the hitherto mission of truth-seeking: for I have attained moksha, the absolution on Earth. This I defined to be the union of the soul with the Soul of souls. So now there is no yoga to truth-accommodate (satya-advaita).

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Shantanu Panigrahi

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If one thinks, it means that his body is attached to his mind (God) so that his actions are calculated based on analysis of information observed, felt, heard or tasted (senses). In Brahmoadvaita through yoga the mind is realeased as the sixth 'organ of sense' (that is undetectable by scientific tools) and the body then overtakes the decision-making free of all sensual-attachments, just detecting the environment with mind-unpolluted perfection to generate the pristine instructions for actions, that are then perfect to the needs of the individual because the instructions are brainless. One has become psychic through yoga (satya-advatic yoga). One has only then entered Samadhi, because without a mind there are no questions left. There is only truth as Brahman (no mind, no body). That State of being is liberation, otherwise known as moksha). One is Brahman.

In Brahmoadvaita Vedanta, Brahma-Nature (hitherto in history of Hinduism known as plants and animals) are attached to as the mind in their somatic bodies and act in decisions that these gunas impart to the mind. This gives them the physical manifestation of characteristics to their actions in terms of behaviour in Brahman. The decisions are not perfect to aid the survival of the living beings as they do not truth-accommodate as actions. Only by transcending the gunas (sattvic, rajasic and tamasic altogether, that is the mind, is non-duality attained for total awareness and actions and one is then Brahman perfectly. The mind is thereby lost, so there is total peace, one is not bothered for anything. That is why I call it Brahmoadvaita Vedanta.

Sri Krishna is the Creator God who created Brahman with his maya (magic). The guna consciousness gods are not gods who act on the mind, living beings only access them in their minds. When one prays to God it is Sri Krishna that one prays to. He may or may not answer depending on the level of devotion and surrender (bhakti). Sri Krishna can if He chooses override Brahman by intervening in Brahma-Nature, either continuously to worshippers, or by avatars from Yuga to Yuga when He considers that there is a preponderance of tamasic guna manifestation Brahma-Nature.


Considerations and deliberations:

To be a libertarian, to be saying that one is an advaitist are both attachments to concepts. So I am Brahman as things stand at this moment in time. I have attained immortality in moksha: in becoming Brahman. That is Brahma gyan. That is the real reason why there are no temples for worship of Brahma in India. I as a human being do not exist. Brahman may be rocks, Brahman is everything as physical energy according to Aupanyav of New Delhi in India. But this seems wrong. In Absolute Reality Brahman alone exists, and Brahman is not life that one part eats, another is just rocks, or seas and mountains which do things as doers. So that is in vyvaharika, hitherto known as the visible reality. But is that well defined. Is not the correct definition of vyvaharika the Relative Reality’, which is an illusion. In paramarthika, the Absolute Reality, nothing exists that we see, hear, sense, react to and carry out works as karma. Is this Brahman then? No it cannot be for that too is a concept in Absolute Reality that does not exist. So what exists? Thou are that, Tat Tvam Asi, the Relative Reality being an illusion. Tat seems to be Brahman unmanifest so is beyond all Existence where I am. Who knows for certain. I cannot force truth into my brains. Only time will tell, if I live as a human being long enough in this Samadhi state and see myself transform or revert back to Brahman. Let me see.

Included as introduction in Internet Archive and the books: ‘The Samadhi state was utilised by the author of the Conception of Vishista Advaita Vedanta to delve further into what the thoughts and actions should be in this state of mind, so from exploring the idea of advaita purely and simply to represent all the elements of Creation, it was too an attachment to Creation and so had to be relinquished. So what was left. This book is an exploration of the mind to fathom the final  stages of Realisation which is therefore yet incomplete under the theme 'The Allurement of Reality' for the author still lives and his actions need to be assessed in light of previous publications of his in websites and books, all of which are referred to in the items deposited in Internet Archive’.

I started this book in Lulu Publishing in only the digital eBook format and expanded the ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ website, Internet Archive and the shops at The Conservative Libertarian Society and ‘The Allurement of Reality in Review websites. Rashmi said that she had received another criminal anonymous email addressing her as Srimati from Nitin Bhardwaj critical of her for standing by me and trying to send the email to Rupa. I said to her he has not sent any email to me. I am unconcerned. I will say no more to her. Let her do what she pleases. She said ‘As far as Paul Tiwana destroying me don’t worry about it. I am not a scardy cat like you. You think I am scared of stray dog, No.  I said nothing. I am liberated through truth into Brahman. I am therefore simply Brahman, or That. I go through the motions. Nothing to probe out now. Rashmi said she would come with Rupa and myself on her first shift on the 7th. I said OK.

In truth one cannot be attached to atheism or theism, hence atheotheism remains the outlook, but there is actually no outlook in Samadhi state as I do not exist.

So, from dharmayudha in sanatan dharma dharma, to Brahmo-advaita to Vishista-advaita, then to Advaita, retiring into Samadhi, then entering thereafter Brahman the Supreme Self state, followed by being ‘It’ the Unmanifest: and Thou are that/'Tat Tvam Asi' That is the finality of the state of Moksha, The Meaning of Life. Or was it: I am in fact nothing. And that really is moksha.

That then is the end of my quest for the truth in having adopted the satya-advaita yoga as the path and process of truth-accommodation. I am done now, back to routinal rajasic matters in living life as normal within the family and society. I am not a preacher, I was seeking the truth to find how best to lead my life, and remains to be as a Vishista-advaitist: I have dharma to perform, a family to support. I cannot be a nothing. I have problems to deal with in this material existence. I need to listen to others, and especially to my wife and daughter as well as other more distant family members, if not in wider society. I have the choice to make in so doing so this autobiography will be extended as a story of a Sadhaka in Samadhi. I have to come out of Samadhi now, and take judicious decisions so long as I am alive. I need to be there to support our daughter for which I must give up smoking cigarettes now. I must earn an income from my books at Lulu and in my websites through donations made to my Foundation, The Conservative Libertarian Society. So no karma, just ordinary dharma to maintain my lifestyle and assist my family in the process in a cool and calm manner. I cannot be attached to Nothingness either.

Ahmad Ali

How long did it take you to reach this state? So much change in one year. Congratulations 👍

Shantanu Panigrahi

Ahmad Ali I was a student with no guide as a guru except for Sri Krishna the Supreme God whom I consulted over 24 years to get to understand the Ultimate Reality, and so the meaning of life. I used the yogic process of satya-advaita to get to know everything because I had a mission in life to distill truth and develop 'knowledge for world conservation. I have succeeded in that and can answer all your questions. So feel free to interrogate me Ahmad.

Ahmad Ali

Shantanu Panigrahi thank for sharing. In the Samadhi State, as you noted, do you still do devotion? I mean puja, meditation, etc?

Shantanu Panigrahi

Ahmad Ali, I currently operate on a Vishista-advata philosophy as my religion. But since I know what the Absolute Reality is, I do not worship God Sri Krishna through puja or any other means like performing sanatan dharma. I have therefore reverted back from the Samadhi state because I have a family to support, income to earn, and have duties to society like cooperating on the coronavirus management. I am just thankful that through my satya-advaita yoga I lived to the afternoon this day when my learning is fully complete. Does that answer your question?

I posted on my Facebook Timeline:

The options are there for anyone to see: what you make of your life depends on the choice you make on the level of Reality to operate on’. ~ 16.40 pm 2 Oct 2021.



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