My discovery of the conception of Vishista-advaita Vedanta took me into Vaishnavism as a religion with its manifestation of sanatan dharma because I was seeking the truth of the destination of my life for which I acted nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in all my conduct as karma.

I learnt a lot about God as Sri Krishna and having survived in liberty on this New Years Day 2022, all I know is that God exists as resident in our psyche lying dormant in the deepest recesses of our mind and the way to develop one's knowledge of God is to operate the mind at the level of the Supermind of what I have described as being a mahatman state of mentality where all the truths are accessed in the most self-protective manner possible.

I cannot in all honesty say this morning that there was ever anything called sanatan dharma (explicit God-instructed duties and righteous actions) except for what I have considered as being my attempt at achieving oneness with the hypothesised idea of a preordained and pre-orchestrated nature of the universe through time that a person can realise if he or she adopts the satya-advaitic path to truth discovery that I have done. Once this knowledge is gained and I am now fully satisfied that I have developed the correct understanding of this Reality through the use of the techniques of exploration that I have employed, I cannot say that there has been a God resident in my psyche to which I approached as the source of truth, and through that truth adopted the tactics and strategies needed for my survival in liberty in the United Kingdom where I faced severe persecution over the pat 24 years for my legitimate legal proceedings of both civil and criminal nature against persecutors. For this lately I was hounded by Kent Police from mid-September 2021 through to this morning on criminally-set up charge of apparently me harassing and stalking an individual through the internet emailing system for which our desktop computer, Mobile Phone and USB Memory Stick has been confiscated by the Police. But I was destined to survive it all from years of efforts to make me stateless and to deprive me of dignity by incarcerating me in mental hospitals and other lesser forms of detention under enforced mental health medications and in a Police Cell on the 24 of November 2021. I survived it all because I was and remain an avatar, an incarnation of Sri Krishna, on a truth-path for which I spent enormous sums of money to fight to save my reputation in the material world. There was only one side that could win this battle, and in having cornered Kent Police into inaction on the attempt of the State  to prosecute me in a criminal court, I have attained what I always sought out to do, namely to clear my name of the charges of gross misconduct that the University of Greenwich labelled me with in 1998. I had a spiritual experience, there is no doubt about that now after this 24 years of struggle in a patient manner, and withstanding the persecution that was State-organised. It was a small price to pay to have supplied £4170 as costs to the Defendant in my Claim against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in Claim E35YM660, and I look at the loss of our computer devices to the State in the same light. I have a brand new British passport issued to me on 8 December 2021 and a new job to restore my credibility as a perfectly sane human being who was victimised and harassed by the State for seeking justice. See: this:

Where does that leave me now? I have determined that I would not be silenced, and since Brahma-Nature is a reality that we have to contend with in its sattvic, rajsaic and tamasic interactions, the struggle to go on in santan dharma as part of the Vishista-advaita Vedanta conception continues. I have to be on my guard for the persecutors cannot be expected to give up their victimisation and persecution. Having said that I have no evidence of any of this analyses so so need to watch the situation closely, to see what happens next.

I am where I am and I have no real proof that I have been an avatar or an incarnation of God. That is for posterity to decide. But I do have evidence of a very high level of self-awareness that I have developed over the course of these 24 years, even if one concludes there was no evidence of God or my avatarhood. Maybe  that awareness that has led me to to safety is the essence of what Vishista-adavita Vedanta represents in the final analysis.

For me I am still alive and I need to put God out of my considerations altogether and simply assume that sanatan dharma is a personal Vishista-advaitic means of attaining oneness with Reality both in terms of its construction as Brahma-Nature and in terms of the preordination and preorchestration of the universe.So this morning I have for the new dawn that I have set my mind on as 2022 has begun, and I have reiterated my Resolutions for the rest of my life as follows:

My New Year's Resolutions: no politics, no religion as in sanatan dharma, no tobacco, no alcohol, and rebuild health with good food, hygiene, exercise and a job.

Enough of freedom as in 'Born to be Free'. The time has come to enjoy living as well as the body enables- I have earned it.

Freethought and rationalism led me to conduct scholarly studies by the Grace of God, but now I must pay attention to my body to attain peak physical performance.

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