Seek truth and God within by knowing all. Then determine your best religion to uphold, That is how I conceptualised Vishista-advaita Sampradaya. Remember that without a religion one is lost in the wilderness of Nature, faltering in delusions. Steadfastly hold on to your religion if it works for you. You reap as you sow. If you sowed and nurtured your mind you will find the ultimate religion that is optimal to the quest for survival in the dignity of liberty, beyond criticism from anyone. You cannot be defamed if your religion works for you and you are alone in determining that. No guru can teach you nor any Holy books guide you to what you would be satisfied with.

Vishista-advaita Sampradaya of which I am the Founder has truth as its guide, self-determined truth. Oneness with the universe of which God is an intrinsic part who one can approach in bhakti which is reverential and loving in acknowledging that His/She is the Supreme Being and has the essentials of Karma in Sanatan Dharma that works to attain blessings from God.

Do not get diverted into Communal worship for God resides in the psyche of the individual who may guide you even without you knowing that He is doing so. Have faith that this is the case and following the path of Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

So convinced I am that it works that I have for long been nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in my thoughts and actions. My thoughts are detached from my conscious thinking and acquires the truth that determines what I do in my life without conscious plans, aims, objectives, missions, anticipations, expectations, desires, hopes, wishes and no ego either. I just live on until I die. The Vedanta adopts the position that everything in the universe is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated and if one wishes to serve God one has to accept one's fate and not try to change it consciously. Then the destination becomes clear. There is no ultimate goal for goals are not set in the Vedanta. The outcome comes about naturally as the result of one's actions based on nonchalance, spontaneity and unpremeditatedness of a free and liberated mind. That liberation of the mid is the ultimate state that one can get to and if one is lucky one gets to that within one's lifetime. One realises that one is liberated (moksha) when nothing is of interest enough to prod and provoke one to respond and react with an action to influence things. One has become totally detached from life, not judging the carrying on's of other members of humanity or of climate changes's adverse effects, the coronavirus pandemic or family holidays that might be disrupted from wars and the like.

One is not in God's hands. one has perfected the Vedanta to be free of God, not serviing Him any more for one is liberated even from God. He cannot and will not interfere in the lives of any human  beings or animals and plants. He is the Creator of all so is non-judgmental and witnessing the universe and its developments. For it is all preordained and pre=orchestrated so beyond His ability to Consciously change what He has already set in motion for billions of years.

That is the Reality, better understand this before wasting time on irrelevant material things, and seeking fame, fortune, power and legacy as a great human being.

Today is the 17 April 2022 and I am done.

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