Above all lose all attachments and be steadfast in your devotion to truth so as to obtain a clarity of vision for your future:

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‘Shunyata (Nothingness) is the realisation that truth is inconsequential: 'It' amounts to nothing’.

The steadfast devotion to truth through sayta-advaita yoga leads one to question the meaning of life fundamentally. After 24 years of truth-search in the most intensive manner imaginable, I questioned whether I had a brain or a mind because I had used the detachment from bodily senses to raise myself to the point of mahatman or the mind operating at its interface with the Supermind in what I described as OM with Paramatman residing beyond as dormant in my psyche. It was a structure, a framework to assess Reality, nothing more, for delving into the intricacies of how the Ultimate Reality manifests itself on Earth is not something that one could get any evidence for. Such was the nature of truth. Nothing I did in my life ended in anything of substance for myself or society. I wrote 12 books, the Mind and Mindfulness being the last one under the theme, 'The Allurement of Reality' but few gave it credence by visiting my webiste and commenting on the contents. Some seem to have purchased the books as I received intimation of the creditation of £65.45 into my PayPal Account from the Publishing Company Lulu Publishing, but the contents of the book would not be easy to decipher. Only I know the truth of what happened to me over these years, most of which was spent in litigation that I was not be castigated in society as a mental patient, but I was a genuine autistically motivated truth-seeker.

It was pure truth that I was devoted to and treated truth as sacrosanct in that it had to be uncovered one way or the other. I would not take no to my process of truth seeking through truth-accommodation as the only manner in which truth could be ascertained with certainty. This is because one has to have the hypothesis that a God as a Personal God exists and is residing within oneself and fundamentally in one's mind. That being the framework the investigation had to continue while I still had breath in my body as the only thing that interested me for I had visions, utterances and prophecies of old that had to be ascertained. They were true and genuine experiences. But there were no guides for me as to the eventual outcome of what I was entering into in my late adulthood. I had to adopt a strategy of experimentation to determine that. And tactically conduct myself through my navigation of society in arriving at the destination.

So nothing of what I have ever written should be taken seriously. They were just explorations of the truth: to go where no man has ever been before me. I had all the facilities that I needed, the internet age to study Humanology through the computer being the most important, and I had the benefit of a good wife and daughter to look after me while I chased my dreams in this satya-advaita yoga.

No one has challenged anything that I have ever written on the numerous websites that I have and in the books that I have written and I am a free person in the United Kingdom, never having been charged with any crime or misdemeanours except for two short spells in a mental hospital for persistent delusional disorder.

So today I posted what I have realised: the truths I uncovered were inconsequential to the functioning of society globally and were just a personal quest as a scientist to get to the truth through experiencing Shunyata.


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7.58 am (UK-Time) 9 October 2021


So with reference to the above Forum post when we are asked to give evidence on any matter to a Court of law or to just to another person, we have only our imagination of the Reality that we are experiencing. There is no truth in it for truth does not exist, this being so because Reality does not exist. We cannot be truthful for there is noone to judge the truth. It is all imagination. We are nothing in the Absolute Reality. We do not exist even. The so-called It does not exist. We are nothing in existence. This is described as Shunyata so nothing matters. There is no birth nor death.

This is not philosophy but the Reality that nothing exists. There is no point to Religion. There is no point to Statehoods, There are no obligations, no duties or responsibililites to oneself of anyone else. Is Existence an illusion then? What does this mean. It is worth examining, but how do we examine what is not there. There can be no examination.

So do not be attached to the truth you think you know, no one’s truth exists. It is all an illusion, an illusion that is made of what we describe as vyvaharika; in the paramarthika nothing exists, no mind, no Gods, no Reality which is known as Shunyata. In the vyvaharika that one lives an illusionary life, one does what comes naturally as one’s dharma (duties and responsibilities). This means interacting with people, socialising, and contributing to welfare of all as Nature allows. For me then there are no Gods in vyvaharika either for I know the Absolute Reality of Shunyata. If I go to the temple it is part of socialising, harmonising and doing something good like teaching and educating people with my knowledge. If I start a petition  like I did yesterday in 38 Degrees, it is to make life better in vyvaharika as my dharma. So dharma is the key to Hinduism, nothing else: no worship of Gods or gods, as attachments that destroy the peace of mind that I have in my realisation of Existence. No Dharma Rakshati Rakhita truth left to test as it has already been proven because I have attained the ultimate liberty, Shunyata in pamarthika realisation of the illusion of vyvaharika.


9.05 am (UK-Time) 9 October 2021


Posted in Linkedin with the above Blog Post in Libertarian Democrat website: ‘This is the true libertarian. The person who has surmounted all obstacles to get to realise Shunyata, and the distinction in outlook from the Absolute to the Relative, described as being paramarthika and vyvaharika in Hinduism, respectively. One is then just totally free in total liberty and this would be the moksha or mukti that Hindus have sought since time immemorial’.  


9.22 am (UK-Time) 9 October 2021

Comments: If there is no God for me in vyvaharika, did my so-called visions, utterances and prophecies of 1997-1998 and since were revealed to me by a Higher Entity that I called Sri Krishna? Who is to tell. But I cannot worship that so-called Entity because I have no evidence for any such God in vyvaharika. I only have my dubious clock-checking so-called ‘consultations’ with God from 1999-2014 to go by. Why would any such God leave me to find my own way in life. What is the evidence for the preordination and preorchestration of the so-called Grand Design in vyvaharika. It is all conjecture and imagination. The mind conjures. This should be borne in mind, and I write this for the betterment of humanity so that no other person goes down the path that I did in these 24 wasted years of my life when I could have cooperated with the University of Greenwich in its Disciplinary action against me and still retained my career in science or secured my redundancy, or get a through investigation going then to clear my name. I sought to fight a dharmayudha in the Hindu way and that got me into the mental hospital on two occasions and then kept as an outpatient under the Care in the Community provisions of the National Health Service as semi-detention in a form of house arrest before I was discharged into primary care but still under enforced anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications so that my reputation got from bad to worse over those 24 years. It was the interpretation of those visions, utterances and prophecies that I had reflected on that was the cause of my truth-search and led me to a dogfight with the State authorities of the United Kingdom just to be able to stay out of the mental hospital or even prison as well as in this country.

Even the construction of the Conservative Libertarian Society and its offshoots as well as Vishista-advaita conception I attributed to a God-given mission for me to restore the credibility of Hinduism and bring it all together as a Saviour for which I was expecting the award of ‘Bharat Ratna’ from as long back as 1999. Now it is all up in the air as something that I cannot be attached to in my Shunyata realisation that the vyvaharika is an illusion and there is no evidence of a God in this relative reality, let alone a God who resides in the psyche dormant in living beings and who may surface to get the living being to do different things under the Hindu concept of sanatan dharma.

So before I die, I wish to put the record straight for the only reality I know is that in vyvaharika illusion, my heart is beating and I am drinking coffee and typing this out since I got up this morning nonchalantly spontaneously and unpremeditatedly to see where it goes to from here. It is a disclaimer for everything that I have ever written during the past decades under the theme ‘The Allurement of Reality’, now in 12 Volumes.


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Posted the above disclaimer here:


Comment: The Libertarian Democrat website relates to the libertarian spirit and spirituality is out of the question in vyvaharika. What I do know however is that we must preserve Nature for the well being of the planet and its biodiversity that we enjoy and so my Society, the Conservative Libertarian Society holds promise as a dharma but that too has the word Libertarian for which there are no takers currently as no one has come forth to engage with me from anywhere so pursuing this through the website is just whistling in the dark, unless I change the constitution to separate it from Vishista advaita Vedanta. This is not possible as in vyvaharika the philosophy of Vishist-advaitism is important as it conserves, preserves and harmonises in Nature whether or not Nature is constited as Brahma-Nature, who is to tell. I will therefore engage to determine the path forward for me.

So I cannot get into spirituality at all and will abandon all association with the Libertarian Democrat.


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