I am no longer seeking my Fate: the destination is already in place: I posted all 13 books in the series under the autobiographical theme ‘The Allurement of Reality’ in Internet Archive this morning and in Knowledge for World Conservation as well. I sorted out my Banking arrangements with Pay Pal and the Internet Service providers. I am content with my Realisation that Sri Krishna is both the Creator and Sadhguru in the coin of God with Durga (Devi) being the Preserver who combats evil. Sri Krishna is the Creator through Maya magic of vyvaharika which is not an illusion but a reality in which those performing sanatan dharma are guided through knowledge and steered through truth-acqusition to wards the Ultimate Realisation of Shunyata, that the Absolute Reality is nothing, the cause of God is nothing. It is indescribable as unmanifest ‘It’, and when manifest the whole universe is born from that nothing. Bhakti to Sri Krishna is the only way in which one acquires knowledge and satya-advaita yoga is the means to do so, the only means for doing so, for there are no easy paths to the truth. It has to come from action or karma that teaches the fundamentals of Reality, but when one is uncertain, one can force through bhakti for Sadhguru Sri Krishna to show the sadhaka what God is like and what the Reality is that one needs to contend with in arriving at liberation or moksha of Shunyata state of understanding.

So there is no longer any reason for me to continue adopting the sattvic frame of mind to get to any destination that might be left for me to seek. I have no aims, or ambitions or missions Godly or worldly left. I work on the rajasic mould of Vishista-advaita Vedanta in the Maya unfolded Creation which is to truth-accommodate at being in the Centre of the Sphere of Reality, and contribute to my family, the society both national and global as the opportunity to do so arises.

My latest book visits the issue of Maya, or the Illusion of the reality that we see as Creation and assesses the authors findings through the passage of his satya-advaita yoga to determine if Maya is an aspect of Sri Krishna such that Sri Krishna/Durga exist through it and when necessary override Brahma-Nature with its sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness god entities of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with their respective consorts Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati goddesses. Sri Krishna (Creator&Sadhguru)+Durga (Devi)=God. The details may be read here:



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