Satya-advaita: seek the truth, expose the truth, do not let truth get covered up and accommodate the truth for that is Reality.

To seek the truth is yoga, to act to expose the truth is dharma, to protect truth is also dharma, and to accommodate the truth is the acceptance of the Reality. Together these are the elements of Satya-advaita Vedanta. Truth is Reality.

Upon reflection on the evening of Friday 10 June 2022, I changed the title of this website to Satya-advaita Vedanta from Vishista-advaita Vedanta as being a superior way of enunciating advaita.

When you want to achieve your ambition take steps to identify the greatest threat to you and litigate before they can scupper your plan thereby stay one step ahead.

Why does this approach to living work? It works for a satya-advaitist for he finds through the pursuit of truth that truth is the eternal law.

It goes without saying that it will not work for a liar, dishonest and corrupt person for the law in independent judiciary catches up with them: truth does prevail.

The moral is honesty frees the mind unto truth which finds the career path towards an idealistic goal that cannot be criticised by the judiciary of a civilised State.

Self-enquiry (swadhyaya) is the culmination of all studies and so the most rewarding.

When you get to be nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in all your actions you are expressing your true nature: that is the Self (Brahman).

So the answer to the ages-old question of "who am I' is I am Brahman, my Self: follow me so far?

Given that I am Brahman, everyone and everything is also Brahman because potentially all can express their true nature having minds of their own.

So does a Personal God exist? is there a Creator God in the first place. There has to be a cause for Brahman.These are the ultimate questions.

If one accepts that everybody and everything is Brahman, God, if It exists at all must be within Brahman.So Brahman is God manifest from unmanifest Maya.

Accordingly both Creator God and Personal God exist in Reality, not illusion.

It is from my 24 years of explorative search for the truth that I base my conclusion that a Personal God exists dormant in the psyche who can awaken one to high ideals of living.

So what is next? Will God awaken any one else as It awakened me in 1998 with visions, utterences and sparks of prophecies. No. Not necessary if you study my life



The road-map to maturity of the mind is ascertained through satya-advaita that brings one to ones true nature of Self when atman= Brahman.

Atman is simply the term for the mind baing purified off its ego which heightens awareness as it approaches the Self state.

Satya-advaita is truth-accommodation, that is to say the whole-hearted acceptance of Reality every moment; the status quo.


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