There is a question when through the passage of Satya-advaita yoga one found Visihsta-advaita Vedanta, and one is still alive as a householder. What should the Sadhaka do in this situation.

Here is a glimpse of the author's findings at the age of 64 and half, having Realised Shunyata or the Absolute Reality of Nothingness.


For a Sadhaka who has explored Reality in all its dimensions through satya-advaita yoga, and not interested in taking sanyasi status being a householder with responsibilities, his course of life for what is remaining of it is back to Brahmanism. So it is appropriate to explore what this philosophical concept means.

Brahmanism means dharmayudha, not in the sanatan dharma format, but in the swadharma format. He must eradicate all his enemies and aspire to be the Lord of the Jungle of Nature so that he can dominate all others and live in comfort and security.

The Brahmanism I practiced from 1998 till 2015 was sanatan dharma dharmayudha and so a distinct form of Brahmanism where I was taking instructions from God through my clock checking for messages to follow the visions, utterances and prophecies that had come my way in my mind in personal assessments of my mental state. Since God had left me and I was very careful to ensure that He did not have any messages for me since that time, I wanted to understand Nature, the Reality in fine detail as my sole objective.

The Brahmanism in Samadhi is different: it is swadharma dharmayudha, so there is a distinction to be made: there is Sanatandharma Brahmanism and there is Swadharma-Brahmanism the latter being for personal material gain to fight one’s enemies in Nature and withstand all persecution upon oneself. It operates therefore on a different level of Reality where one is Brahman, the Supreme Self. There is no Gods for me as Sri Krishna/Durga in Vishista-advaita Samadhi in now having adopted Swadharma-Brahmanism. I still have my gods in Brahma-Nature and all the devas and asuras as souls, so revere my departed parents and remember them in my thoughts as dwelling in Brahmaloka.

09.17 am hours (UK-Time) 4 October 2021


I changed my Bio in Facebook and Twitter to ‘Swadharma’.

Posted in reply to a Facebook post on Shraddha to an Acharya of Hinduism:

Punditji, we revere our parents after they die for the physical and spiritual upbringing that we appreciate when we have lived our lives well into adulthood. I use their names as passwords and dedicate my  books to their memories as my shraddha, and I remember them In my thoughts and actions. My mothers as souls visited me at a time of great ordeal that I faced so I know they still exist in Brahmaloka.

No emails came from the Court of Central London or from any other source. The telephone has not rung either.

I posted in my Facebook Timeline:

The Lord of the jungle understands Brahma-Nature so well that he is cautious to ensure the preservation of his dominance over the tamasic elements of Nature.

I then changed my Bio in Facebook and Twitter to ‘Lord of the Jungle of Brahma-Nature’.

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