About me, I can add to what I have included in the About Page of this website, that in my 64 years of life, not only did I have detailed educational expertise and a long period of basic research in the Biological Sciences, I have also had a lot of Sales experience is Stores, like Supermarkets and Convenience Stores. I enjoy customer service, and wish to spend my later years in life in part-time work in a Supermarket, where I can do Till work on check-outs that requires concentration on all the rules and laws on what can be sold to which age-groups and how to maintain good customer relations. This is what motivated me. I also spent at least the years in international internet forums in socialising and learning experiences to complement the academia.

In reviewing my life-afresh I see that in my youth, I was so very ambitious for material prosperity then that when calamity struck sending me into the doldrums, I would not take ‘No’ for an answer and fought like hell for years in legal battles feeling that I had not done anything wrong but was only expressing my libertarian spirits so-constructed. What we Hindus were taught was to engage in dharmayudha in Sanatan Dharma on the assumption that God over-rides human laws (what man proposes, God disposes is also an English proverb) and will always provide Divine protection on whoever undertakes the fight for material justice under the concept of Truth Prevails (Satyamev Jayate), and God wanted all living beings to be living freely in Nature and doing so was Truth that will prevail. This led to years of anxieties, depression, paranoid schizophrenia in a persistently delusional disorderly state of my mind; however, I was intelligent enough to have learnt from those lessons that I found over the 23 years to be totally and clearly-delusional approach to living in that the University of Greenwich has still not paid me the £55,000 severence pay, and not even the £20,000 that it offered with a employment reference for an out-of-court settlement. It was not the Truth that prevails. I went about trying to find out what if any Truth does prevail, and slowly homed In the most recent realisation the real truth of Vishista-Advaita Vedanta conception of truth-accommodation.

This is the approach of not anticipating, let alone expecting, not hoping, let alone wishing anything to materialise. Let the future unfold as Truth, the Reality, and accommodate into it by nonchalance, spontaneity an un-premeditatedness of actions in response to external stimuli, in accommodating oneself to a pre-destiny for oneself, the pre-destiny that is dictated by one’s genetic endowment, not by a God pre-ordained and pre-orchestration of events on Earth, even if that was a possible Truth that one considers and conceptualises into one’s Vaishnavism. We are human beings is the analysis thereby, for who are we to judge the Creator of the universe, as to any Grand Design that might have been the construction of Creation. We human beings are restricted by the limitations of our physical body as it ages and the mind as it evolves in light of one’s learnings from one’s experiences of living. The correct approach then being that let your mind be totally free of any impediments to free-thought and the expression of those thoughts into deeds, without any attachments to plans, schemes, missions, objectives at any given moment in time; and look out for opportunities that come from Nature, without interrogating the incoming stimulus to seek truth or anything else so not treating the enquiry made as an intrusion into one’s privacy, as Providence-led awakenings into the path that one must follow to truth-accommodate. In this way the mind tends to ascend into happiness and even bliss/Ananda in its deliberations that one still has a clear conscience in which one has not assumed anything whatsoever as intent of the stimulus and one has not actively taken any steps towards influencing Nature into the next moment. One has in this manner stayed in Truth as the reality of the moment that was revealed to the mind. So, the Vishista-Advaita Vedantist does not even try to survive physically or materially in terms of publicity for his work as a legacy for mankind; if he does survive another moment, he counts himself fortunate that he is still alive on Earth to continue witnessing Creation in its dynamic flux and movement towards the next moment in the future of the universe.

I was born in India but came to the United Kingdom at the age of 15. That was nearly 47 years ago. I have really enjoyed living here and have worked in all kinds of diverse capacities for various employers, some successfully but others I have had my disagreements because I feel I am a perfectionist in how I approach work, and this is not always a good mental framework when working for an employer where the overriding objective is to carry out ones business-instructed duties. I have learnt over the years to accommodate this into my way of thinking about what I do at the workplace, from a trial-and-error learning process, because the mind has to switch off the spiritual to the material when at work, I have learnt. So, all in all, I am now ready to channel my energies to the good of society from employment. I do not like to be lazily spending my time at home even at this age. I am not burnt-out, or washed-out. I am a happy person, having full control over myself and have a faith that keeps me going.

For my interests and hobbies, I immerse myself into Creation, and treat everything that moves as valuable part of Creation, to learn from studies every moment of my life, and to look positively in moving on to the next step of the passage of time, nonchalantly, spontaneously and un-premeditatedly in liberty of mind. I believe that this frame-work is essential in the Quest for truth-accommodation, a process of satya-advaita yoga that I embarked upon when I lost my cherished job at the University of Greenwich where I was single-mindedly ambitious to achieve fame and fortune in the tamasic frame of mind-set, and I ended up from riches to rags: it reminded me of what my father taught me, namely, ‘Aaji je rajendra aasone, kali se fakir', so be careful what you wish for. I have also learnt lately, from the song in 'Mera Naam Joker': ‘Girne se darta, hai kyun, marne se darta hai kyun, thokar na jab tak tu khaige, Janwar se aadmi tab tak na ban payega, jindagi kya cheez hai kabhi na jaan payega, rota hua aaya hai, rota chala jayega'. So, I am very philosophical about life and take each moment as it comes in terms of the search of judicious opportunities to buccaneer Nature for greater material prosperity, which I feel is the right way forwards for me, for it harmonises with Nature and does not do any harm to any other creatures of Nature, virus or human or plant. Let it be, Live and let live is my guiding motto.

So, at last due to the fact that my faith in the wonders of Creation have been fulfilled in being a justified devotional practice, I lived positively and optimistically for what remains of my life, talking  each moment as it comes as Providence providing with new opportunities to better myself materially and spiritually. In this way I am a Vaishnavic person in the acceptance ot Reality as defined by my faith encapsulated in Vishista Advaita Vedanta.

I am also fortunate to have married at the age of 28 and have had a 30 year old daughter, living in the United Kingdom  peacefully and happily under Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth's jurisdiction and Realm, which have been invaluable in teaching me about life and getting to where I am today, for one must experience the body fully in sexual and parental activities as the body allows one to blend into the understanding of Reality.


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