May 8, 2021

The Ultimate and perfect means of living comes from occupying pinpointedly the centre of the Sphere of Reality.

Since I abandoned the sattvic idea of the conception of Brahmo-advaita in May 2020, I proceeded nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in all my actions and reactions to discover my fate on the presumption that the universe is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated, so one had go by a certain fate, a naseeb, a bhagya, a kismet to be at one with this presumed truth, for which a libertarian spirit was what was needed, totally free of any considerations and by being natural to see how it would shape up for me in terms of generating my survival instincts. This followed the non-compliance of God to give me any more direct guidance on what should be my actions or missions in life. The only answer to not receiving such commands or instructions any more was that I was becoming a mahatma as well as an avatar as a purnaavatar by this process because I was doing great service to mankind in generating knowledge for world conservation like never before in the history of mankind. I repeatedly asserted to the State authorities that not only was I the most knowledgeable and intelligent person in the world today but who had ever walked on the surface of this Earth and I was also the most creative genius ever having dismantled all theories on religion including Buddhism in the creation of the websites that have not yet received any criticisms.

Being a Vishista Advaitist is the Ultimate Realty, the Truth for me. I hope this is understandable. A decade ago I posted in Wordpress Blog ‘Revelations to an Avatar’ meaning I was suggesting at that time that I was selected for a mission from God, but I had no idea what that mission was and in my satya-advaita yoga to find out, I developed mental disorders like persistent delusional disorder and paranoid schizophrenia which were real feelings that I had and so the State was right to have incarcerated me into mental hospitals on two occasions and then kept me on as an outpatient under its Care in the Community provisions of the Mental Health Act. I was always on a review then of what kind of avatar I am, was that too a delusional presumption on my part. Today in starting this book as the condensation of my experiences I titled the Book Vishista Advata Vedanta of a Mahatman and Purnavatar. That is my understanding. I was always an avatar, a purnaavatar in the I did everything one could possibly do to immerse oneself in Creation and carry on working in any capacity that came my way whether in jobs, in politics and within the family to keep the family together. There were many turning points, such as when I got the Shell job to begin the process of rehabilitation into society from a spell in the mental hospital in 2004 for three months and again for a month in 2008; when I started drawing my occupational pension two years ago from the University of Greenwich job, and lately when I got a part-time job to supplement this pension with Tesco Supermarkets. These kept rebuilding my finances to a point that I could establish my websites and survive without being again a parasite on my wife so still had dignity within the family and society as a productive person and not an idler. Life goes on. We need to move with the times was and is my motto. I am fresh every moment after resting my mind to move to those new rebirths. I take on new challenges and went to overseas countries to develop farming techniques with different cultures, my legal proceedings as a layman who had to learn about the Constitution of the United Kingdom to conduct the litigations myself as a person in litigant when up to law firms and associated legal institutions would not assist me in my complaints against the Police State of the United Kingdom; and I am not charged yet with any crimes, felonies, misdemeanours against State or any of its institutions and agents showing that I have always acted perfectly in a totally harmonious manner. All this because I can get along with anyone. For I see no distinction between lives and beings in being Brahman. Hence, I do classify myself as a purnaavatar and have always been so throughout my life being a avid sportsman in my youth, drinking alcohol in bars, dancing to disco music, playing cards like Bridge, playing scrabble, leaning new languages, writing an easy way to learn my birth language of Oriya, and so on, a real allrounder in physical and mental exertions. A complete person, or a purushottama. That is what a Purnavatar is.

I am however much more than that because I studied sprituality too and became the highest form of atman, pristine atman as I have described in operating at the interface between the mind and the Supermind, the atman being Brahman, so I became a mahatman. That is the context for which the title of the book is assembled.

I still believe in the pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated nature of events in the universe, so the idea is to search one’s path forward to be in tune with that perceived reality. Events that do occur have a meaning in that they open up fresh new outlooks and opportunities to make progress. Until I became a Libertarian Conservative I had lived to bhakti in treating those events and incidents as God created for me to latch on to, as for example when in 2016 I was caught by a Police camera speeding in a 30 miles per hour zone and I decided to use it to battle with State authorities using my  intelligence to thwart the charge and appeal against the Speeding conviction instead of doing the good thing of paying the fine imposed on me. I picked on that opportunity, as I picked on the criminal anonymous email received when working for Sainsburys to stir it up to add to litigation at the Employment Tribunal and the Central London County Court, all done nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly. This is how I chart my future. Anything that happens must be followed up. I then see which way I should be heading.

The Earth is a sphere; in the same way Reality is a sphere. Any digression from the pin-pointed centre of the sphere of reality for one’s actions and reactions to circumstances runs counter to the libertarian survival instinct so affects one survival in liberty. I have bhakti for God, yet I do not have any bhakti to God. I have a mission (to improve things) yet I am devoid of any mission whatsoever. I am a detective, a scientist, an investigator yet I am none of those things. Truth just comes my way insidiously through my nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated actions. I am non-judgmental yet I am judgmental at the same time as the truth reveals the judgment on hindsight. This is misinterpreted as a psychiatric mental condition of persistent delusions disorder. I look for my fate, yet I do not look for my fate. I believe in the pre-ordainment and pre-orchestration of the universe as part of Creation yet I do not dwell on it as my feet are firmly on ground realities. So, when needed I swear at people to resist oppression in the only means that I can retaliate by employing my freedom of expression within the State that I live in and which I have tested as being a genuine act of vigil-ante conduct; and yet I am the politest person one can imagine. It is all to do with the truth that is needed to enable one shift one’s ground when one is facing threats to one’s liberty and survival as one’s circumstances change with the roll of the sphere of Reality with time. I have learnt that to diversify one’s options and buccaneer for the truth by always responding to external stimuli blocks persecutory attacks on oneself and so I use these right of reply provision of society to clear my path and wipe the slate clean every moment that I survive to retain my liberty. I am conscious of the need for money yet I spend lavishly to continue with means of withstanding persecution within the limitations of funds at my disposal. These means are risk-free optionisation and optimisation strategy diversification of one’s resources to enable the acquisition of the knowledge needed to home-in on the centre of the sphere of reality, and they are moment by moment considerations. As long as no one says anything to me; pursues an agenda of vitriol against me I am happy to keep myself to myself content and satisfied with my living conditions.

This is the proven raison d’etre that shows that a sadhaka has harmonised, preserved and conserved. So, a Vishista-Advaita Vedantist is living to the Ultimate Reality in perfection.


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