So we have now clarified that only to the extent that a Creator exists lying dormant in our psyche as Self and what we should call God for that God can manifest Itself in vyvaharika when It sees it necessary to come out of that dormancy in accordance with the shloka from Bhagawad Gita ‘Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhuyuthznam tadharmasya tadatmanam srjamaham Paritranaya sandhana vinashaya cha dristiktam Dhrma sansthapnarthya sambhawami yuge yuge’, it essential for a Vishista-dvaitist not to concern himself or herself with this possibility of direct interactions with God as Self. It is only up to the Creator to intervene in any such manner in the affairs of vyvaharika when He considers it necessary. Vishista-advaitist cannot even get to speculate Its objectives for intervening. But it is certain that God has demonstrated to me that It can and will intervene. In my personal case this started the process back in 1997-1998 with awakenings in terms of utterances, writings of prophetic nature, and visions that set the ball rolling for me. The rest is history as described in my 40 books under the theme ‘The Allurement of Reality’. I survived intense persecution to live to tell the tale as a master escapologist. I learnt as I was under Divine Protection to conduct a mission of eradicating ignorance and re-establishing dharma on Earth, not as sanatan dharma but as man-assessed rights and wrongs in terms of morality and environmental sustainability. I developed intense devotional bhakti but it was clear enough that It had gone back into dormancy so I then persevered sanatan dharma through satya-advaita yoga to find my destiny which ended with educating the masses through my websites and books that are all preserved so that this Dharma Rakshati Rahshita did come true. Practiciing dharma in a small way with an open mind on theism/atheism/atheotheism leads to the sanatan dharma that I have realised.

These are the lessons from this experience that a sadhaka should grasp in living his or her life. There is no evidence that the Creator God will come out of the dormancy to anyone else on this planet from devotional bhakti. It should be assumed that any such attempt would be a total waste of time and based on a delusional perspective. An attempt to seek and live to sanatan dharma instead may bear fruit as mentioned but this is just a speculation on my part. One will have considerable difficulty in losing one;s ego-based desires to attain the Self state of the atman. But dharmayudha is something that can be practiced by all. When it achieves sanatan dharma one would attain the Self with being unattached to anything; and through yoga one would lose one's reliance on the senses as a source of perception out of which Self-directed truth would come to the individual.

The body is just to be used as a vehicle for the mind and used as tools for interacting with the elements of guna-consciousness in Brahma-Nature. To have peace of mind, to be liberated materially and spiritually, is termed moksha. That is the ultimate treasure.

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