TIn this update of a blog-post I have provided a revision of my approach on 14 July 2021 to karma and finalised my raison d'etre in what is conscience-led surrender to God.


Karma in Sanatan Dharma posted at 19.04 pm hours 13 July 2021 in ‘Knowledge for World Conservation website’:    

Life while it lasts has to have action. That is karma. Everyone does that. But there is a difference. Waywardness in directions. People going different ways depending on their education and upbringing as well as what the State imposes on the people. The State goes by what Aristotle imagined in that man is a social animal. There is no such thing. We individually tread the Earth looking for fresh pastures. We herd together only like beasts do for security. The herd is better off fighting predators when they are together. This herd mentality also applies to man to be brought  under the banner of 'united we stand and divided we fall', so come all ye faithful, come under the Union Jack. Or so they say.

Today on the 13 of July 2021 after a 23 year old struggle to fight off the herded oppressors, the herded dogs or hyenas collectively seeking a prey, I have proven that the individual has the wherewithal to fight off any kind of enemy and survive in this world in the dignity of individuality and individual creativity and pursuits. The individual can do anything. I said a year ago that I intended to put my head into the mouth of the British lion and hope to take it out unscathed. I have said that to myself in relation to other individuals and institutions with whom I have had disagreements with. And I came out the winner in the battle of wits.

So the Theory of Evolution does not apply. That is the point I am making. What does that mean? It means that we have a mind that is capable to directing us to security in prosperity no matter what the opposition. What does this need.

It needs devotion, it needs attention, it needs commitment to truth. And it needs a belief that we humans and life forms are not alone. There is a hidden Power within our minds and outside to but others do not realise it and live to their bodies desires and egos. These need to be overcome, transcended, and that is the way to find the truth that carves out a path to one's survival against all opposition to one's strive for liberty, including in the home where a wife can harass you for she has her own agenda. What one needs to adopt is the idea of sacrifice, being prepared to sacrifice all ones needs, such as money, reputation, family, and so one, being steadfast in the knowledge that man was designed to live alone and not in organised socialism in which even a marriage is a socialistic institution. One needs to be aware and tell one's persecutors to 'go to hell' when the intrusion to one's privacy gets beyond a point where it will depress one mentally and break one's concentration on what needs to be done to maintain one's creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

For that there is no dharma in one's karma. There is only swadharma (duty to oneself). Because one has realised that God has existed in one's psyche all along and inspired one to creating wonderful things and simultaneously helped one preserve oneself from one's enemies. So that is God and me; an individual relationship, not to be shared with anyone, not one's wife, not one's society or the Head of the State. It comes to me now nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in whatever I do from one moment to the next just surviving in liberty for another moment to write this post to replace the earlier one because I wished to delete the uploaded File 'Karma in Sanatan Dharma' as now having served its purpose. So it has been removed from the public domain where I had entered it to swipe at my persecutors and silence them. Now the cat and mouse game has moved on. I anticipate that there will be further challenges to my liberty. I need to be prepared for anything and everything that the persecutors can throw at me in the future just as I have done in the past 23 years in withstanding the Satan evil State of the United Kingdom and its tyranny over me by incarcerating me in a mental hospital on two occasions in 2004 and 2008 and to this hour still treating me as a discarded mentally disordered patient of its Community Mental Health Institution.

In short there is no dharma in sanatan dharma either. All there is in life is to aspire to supremacy in the world of humanimals. That supremacy comes from knowing the truth in all its aspects so that one is fully armed against the opposition. This opposition includes the Government of India and other Nations  who tried to get me incarcerated and out of the public arena where I have the liberty to write my thoughts. I have now written 6 books in my magnum opus and not one word has been said to me in evaluation of the contents by the British Library or Foyles Bookshop in criticism. It means I must have had the right ideas all along as to the real intentions of the State on me arising from the ridiculous manner in which my scientific career was terminated by the University of Greenwich in 1998 in a kangaroo court. All the States institutions, every single one of them, including all the official courts of law, the Police Force, the Parliament, and the Head of State to which I had taken my grievances to have been proven to be kangaroo courts of a Police State Establishment of the United Kingdom, where the population was prophesised by me in 1998 to being herded as a nation of morons in a Police State by Big Brother for the persecution that I was about to be subjected to.

When you focus or surrender to God, one does not see the ground realities, the dangers to one's liberty from the vested interests of greed and power, so it is best to go one's own way and face the consequences of one's actions. This ensures that if one does make a mistake in one's dealings with others one cannot blame God for that, for who knows His mind. I could yet be sacrificed and martyred. The idea is to survive for as long as possible, that survival, especially if it attained as survival in liberty and not once again in a mental hospital or worse in a prison cell, is the greatest punishment one can inflict on one's persecutors out to marginalise you into destitution. Now today my wife tells me that she has once again been targeted by criminal anonymous emails after I delivered a knockout blow yesterday on the fictitious Dr Sivaji Panesar. So they are trying their best to reduce our incomes that fund my websites and the books that I have written.

We will see what happens next. I have ordered my final book, The Climate Change Phenomenon to be printed and have deposited it as eBook in the British Library Publisher Digital Deposit Portal but there are no signs of anyone accepting what is written let alone purchasing any of these books. I will have my 6 books with their ISBN Numbers at my Shanti Niwas home for the record for they t condense 23 years of State-organised persecution. I will not be selling any of the eBooks or the printed books until the Court of Central London rules on their legality under Claim E35YM660 on which an Application Notice was submitted on 23 June 2021 appealing the decision of Judge Lightman that the award of Costs to the Defendant, the Cabinet Office, was not proportionate and needs to be dealt with at a Hearing. The £100 Court Fee was cashed by Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service. That is why I am free.

Edited: 07.38 am (UK-Time) 14 July 2021

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