Reconciliation of different strands of what constitutes present day Hinduism is socialism and nationalism to serve a political agenda for Hindustan. The relationship between a person and his or her devotion is and must remain a personal matter between him/her and his/her her god according to what the person’s conscience directs. This is therefore realised only through mind-control. Do not protect your religion; develop your own spirituality, and if the urge is strong enough to follow a spiritual path to your existence as opposed to a material existence, do mind control exercises of yoga and meditation in combination, but realise this, it is a very, very tough road taking almost half a lifetime in adulthood to get this perfect to attain the highest possible level of individual spirituality. Not for the faint-hearted, but for a tough cookie who is a hard nut to crack at the slightest adversity that comes his path to put him or her off the spiritual path. For your country needs you to be a slave trained in materiality as soldiers who march on their stomach so they keep you well fed, clothed and housed to use and dispose when you are no longer of use to these masters. God is different Entity. He expects nothing from you, only gives, material prosperity and spiritual prosperity, for the body and your mind respectively, if you seek him in bhakti hard and true relentlessly reawakening yourself when the chips are down to resume back again the dharmayudha when the coast is clear from predators in Nature for your time, labour and attention to their human needs. So, it is not easy at all. You are better off not seeking God and spirituality but follow strict codes of conduct as dharma, and living like such animals, to keep a clear conscience. But for that you need a guru or teachings that you can trust as generating peace of mind for yourself in contending with your circumstances. For this ‘you pays your money and takes your chances’. If you wish to follow the Bible, do so, see how far that develops peace of mind in coping with life and its challenges upon you. You wish to follow the teachings of Vivekananda or Ramakrishna, do so with caution again risk-free that they were all mere mortals in their ascent up the scale of spirituality. If you idolise the Buddha, Sai Baba, go to ISKON temple, and so on, be again careful, that you are not wasting your precious time on Earth in chasing the fool’s gold of spirituality. Same with online video-watching. Remember ‘Talk is Cheap’, what a person writes is the only thing that stays on public record that they have to defend and which you can read over and over again to make up your own minds. This is why I shun overt-publicity and do not do You-Tube Video. I write for many reasons, the least of which is publicity for myself. It is within the means of truth-seeking, and the Blogging is done with the simultaneous maintenance of moment-by-moment hand-written Diary. This has taught me that truth has to be awaited in the manner of the functioning of Brahma-Nature, in terms of its imminent, durable and permanent realities.

So, this word of cautionary warning, please, my friends from me as you go on your individual chosen paths. The materiality and spirituality of living one’s life has to be held in perfect balance, at pin-pointedly the centre of the sphere of Reality.  This is what a Vaishnavist does or attempts to do, to be more accurate for he is perennially on the search of his/her pre-destiny which is very important in Vishista Advaita Vedanta: That is to say has he/she really acted correctly all the time in the past and is doing so now, and will do in the future with his realised Libertarianism that manifests itself in the nonchalance, spontaneity and unpremeditatedness of his actions that should be officially recognised as Sanatan dharma. He/she needs to know in order to demonstrate with his example that there does exist an eternal law of the universe that is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated for his kismat/naseeb.

In constructing the philosophy of Vishista Advaita Vedanta, its religion of Vaishnavism, and the political party of The Conservative Libertarian Party for engagement with the public to attain to democratically-derived power to govern a nation we have shown a new way forward of how dharmarashtra of realism should be formed. We hope in concluding this publication that our work is inspiring-enough to merit consideration in the passage of time, for it has proved not to be Implementable within the current state of affairs in the world. It is like casting pearls before swine. As they say, you can take a horse to water but you cannot make the horse drink the water unless the animal is thirsty. It is the same with knowledge. Unless a person is awakened by others who care for him/her by inspiring them into living to decency and versatility to make one an all-rounder in the game of life, just like in the sport of cricket, people will specialise in their own paths of living willy-nally; the analogy meaning that the more diverse one’s knowledge and physical prowess and talents are trough learning and training the better your prospects for a balanced life that makes one acceptable in society and even looked up to.

I was fortunate that I was made to get myself straightened out by some hidden ‘demon’ in my head in 1997!

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