Following on from previous deliberations in the process of satya-advaita yoga the mind settles in stillness and non-duality when Brahman is realised.


’'Brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati.

He who knows Brahma verily becomes Brahma.


I wrote this a year ago in my exploration of Reality and since then tested whether this statement was true or not by moving from the original tamasic state of dharmayudha that I had engaged from 1998 to 2020 as the basis of examining Nature and strive for material justice to sattvic later-on as a Brahmoadvaita Vedanta conception which proved unsustainable in so many ways that I had to abandon it to move on to the rajasic centre of the sphere of reality guna-mode of operations as the basis of my actions in the performance of the Sanatan dharma of Vaishnavism in the construction of the philosophy of Vishista-Advaita Vedanta, as described here:

At the end of this process of satya-advaita yoga I realised that Sri Krishna as Creator and Sadhguru God, after having assisted me into certain actions and answering my bhakti-based quest for material assistance had then ‘retired’ into His dormancy deep in my psyche as unmanifest again for me, leaving me to find out the truth for myself of what constitutues righteous duties or actions and this I continued to do through the process of truth accommodation inchannelling my thoughts towards a presumed pre-ordained and pre-orchestrate destiny/fate/naseeb/Bhagya by losing all of my attachments, which this morning also led me to discard the three gunas of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic modes of operation as having got dissolved out of the considerations of my mind. I therefore became pristine atman hence, existing as Brahma-Nature itself with all the distinctions between the gunas dissolved in it; having lost all my attachments to bodily and sensual needs of survival even out earlier in seeking mukti/liberation. This state of being of looking at Brahma-Nature is known now to me to be, as it were, Brahman only and the gyan (knowledge and wisdom) resulting in this state of understanding thus realised is thereby called Brahmavidya, in being completely non-dual. Thus, at this final state of Realisation, atman=Brahma-Nature as Brahman, and no gods exist for me be it as Vishnu, Shiva or Brahma depicting the rajasic, tamasic and sattvic gunas respectively; or even as Sri Krishna as my Sadhguru, who I assume has also dissolved back into the Unimanfest ‘It’. In order to truth-accommodate fully, the distinctions between the gunas and between the self and Self have became completely eroded. I am free. There was no Sanatan dharma of any kind for me on reflection. There is no Creation; there is only the Unmanfest Sri Krishna as ‘It’ or the Manifest ‘It’ as Brahman.

For me now this state of non-duality is the only liberation there is for a human being at its pristine optimal, when one see no enemies, and treats everyone in the same way, including the birds, the bees, the reptiles and the coronavirus; that is by treating them all with respect as Brahman themselves. I do not disturb the status quo and observe all the rules and regulations that we live under in Nature and it is modified by the State that harbours me and provides me with my essential needs so that I do everything I can possibly do within my limitations of resources and circumstances to develop the ongoing living conditions of my life with the familial-society and State-society. I do not defend myself either for I am who I am, because there is nothing to defend in being non-dual, no arguments to use to justify may actions (they are perfect), and I await the outcome of those actions in the material world whatever they may be unconcerned or unperturbed as to what happens to me. For all is Brahman. I therefore see nothing as an intrusion or attack on me and treat it all interactions as normal course of the functioning of the universe, so have overcome all my earlier paranoid schizophrenia, persistent delusional disorder and mood instability problems in living to the perfection of non-duality; I just go with the flow of events each moment of my life. I seek nothing, not liberation, have no anticipations, missions, plans, tactics to employ, schemes to implement, expectations, ulterior motives for our actions; I just keep the clock of my life ticking over towards the future moments to come in complete harmony with the natural environment. In so doing I am symbiotically at one with the universe as Brahman and being Brahman myself.

So, in conclusion who or what am I? – I am not a body, so I am not a ‘who’. I am Brahman as atman. Everything is Brahman. When I am gone I will still be Brahman in ashes or dust,

Where did Brahman come from? It came from the Unmanifest ‘It’ as Sri Krishna in dormancy within me and presumably everywhere in the universe; Brahman being the Manifest and the Unmanifest Sri Krishna being ‘It’: Tat Tvam Asi: Thou art That.

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