On review, the contentment from bhakti knows no bounds, if one stays the course, the distance, no matter how long that takes with patience. This is what I have found today the 25th of May 2021.



SimpleSite 22 February 2021 12.00 noon (UK-Time) Happy now with your bhakti?

I reflect on the ups and downs of the past 25 years of my life, as follows: When you were all alone in the world, did your bhakti in your traditional manner of idol worship, of going to the temples and offering flowers and sweets in the rituals of puja, went for dips in the Ganga river and especially in the Sangam of Ganga and Jamuna confluence; and then when you then came to calamitous-trouble in 1998, you believed that God came to your rescue and would do so no matter how much danger you were in your underlying practice of Vaishnavism that you performed and continued to do so from your childhood. You even wrote under the Title of 'Ram Dasami' when you were imprisoned inside a mental hospital in 2004 and were struggling there to justify your behaviour and actions in the world. You never gave up your bhakti did you, be honest. And you continue to believe that God is showing you the way forwards under Divine Protection. You asked for His Trishul in devotion at the University of Greenwich to fight the rakshases then. Now you believe that it has turned out to be not a Trishul but the Sudarshan Chakra itself. You wanted the Saviour, the Preserver God, and that was Vishnu you now believe, in your assessment that He brought you through the gyana marg (of performing the right karma) in the samsara. This, when you thought for a long time that Brahma was the source of knowledge/gyana, and that the practices of Brahmanism in dharmyudha would take you there in Hindutva mode of travel. Hence, you constructed the idea formulated by yourself of Brahmo Advaita Vedanta then.

Now it seems all too clear to you that all this while it had been actually Vishnu who you believe you had dreamt one night dressed in a white gown in the very early days of your troubles as coming to you, and not Shiva or Brahma. You realised in your own way that history was wrong in having attributed Krishna to being an incarnation of the Supreme Being Vishnu which as what the Vedas were interpreted as by generations of Hindus to be the reality, and you said that you have confirmed from your imaginations and the Numerological studies that you did for your own self in carrying out your ‘scientific’ satya-advaita yoga, as you call it, that it is in fact the other way round in that Sri Krishna is the Creator, and He is represented in your conception of Prakriti of Brahma-Nature in the Vishnu of the Trimurti Triad as the Preserver and Saviour. To change from your new understanding you shifted from your original University days of pursuing the tamasic mode of conduct in Brahma-Nature as being destructive in the Shiva as the Destroyer/Lingaraj of the Trimuri, You wanted to become sattvic in being pure-hearted and so became a vegetarian in the mental hospital in 2004 and even later wanted to be a vegan as you continued to fight your legal battles but you found that your wife would be overloaded with kitchen work to cook vegetarian food for you and non-vegetarian for others, and in other ways also you found that even this modified Brahmanism mode of operation did not help because that only took you to Brahman as the Self who would not give guidance from meditation practice of sleeping on how to fight for material justice for yourself, and so It would not do so for anyone else on Earth. You had wondered if being an advaitist in Brahman should be the sattvic purpose of living your life, and for which Brahma in the Trimurti should be accessed, that took you to Brahman, as Brahma gyan, but when you went there but found that it did not help you to conduct your duties to your family in taking the right decisions to fulfil your marital vows to God, Sri Krishna or Vishnu (you did not know because no one told you at the wedding which of the gods was blessing the marriage-ceremony in 1985, so were seeking divorce from her in legal proceedings for fear that she would put you back in the mental hospital from her reports to the Psychiatrist on your behaviour at home which you were continually harassed and persecuted. So you soon realised it Brahman was not going to be part of your raisnon d’etre as unsustainable for your own life, seeing instead that advaitists related to Brahma and consider it to be Consciousness to be at one with, for they claim to find mukti/liberation from that form of realisation and oneness with Creation. You were not able to go there if you wished to remain within your family and not in an physical-ashram in Friars at Aylesford, Kent, but wished to remain at home life to seclude yourself society in that you were seeking to find it as your ‘Shanti Niwas’ ashram but even your wife was a source of irritation and harassment on you and would not leave you alone. You decided then that you were therefore not any kind of sanyassi who claim to understand Creation from reading the scriptures of the Upanishads in the contemplation manner. Your mind could not ever do any other kind of forced meditation to even try and find out even when the Psychiatrist said that you should do ‘mindfulness’ exercises. You wanted instead to be active in life and immerse yourself in Creation by relying on your fate as kismet/naseeb as devotion to God on the premise that everything in the world is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated so going against that consideration was sinful and you had therefore to become nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in your actions which would then determine your karma in the rest of your life. So, you still did not give up your bhakti and what happened to you since was your Sanatan Dharma mission to serve mankind as you saw the results unfolding through appropriate karma/activities as a preserver of Nature yourself.

At the same time, you realised that Shiva is Destroyer, severely tamasic like a tiger, so plunderer, exploiter, slave-master, predator, sexual deviant in paedophilia and rape, and very schematic in being Satan-evil like the extreme forms of Islamic conduct in Brahma-Nature. Above all, you saw finally that the country you lived in was itself a dictatorial Monarchy dressed up as a liberal-democracy, where even the Prime Minister of the day was also a slave to the present wicked witch, who you defined as being the green-witch of tamasic-evil, who uses agents to buccaneer into people's life-savings by destroying family life of individual groups that maintain the highest possible level of liberty for the family members living together in symbiosis of family-socialism, into societal socialisms enforced through the idea of nationalism that the people are coerced into displaying whether they like it or not by accusing them of not being patriotic if they do not cooperate, and thereby enforcing the idea of the equality of men and women as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual transvestite people through legalised single-sex marriages and civil partnerships; and further the depriving children from inheriting their parent's savings that they wish to bequeath to their loved ones through inheritance taxes and the deliberate acts of Parliament designed to split apart the close-knit family structure of family-socialism; and finally, send senior citizens to Care homes that they have to pay money towards to make them the useless live long lives so that the buccaneering parasites of the tamasic-Satan evil can profit from the destruction and incarceration in this institution. Thus, in this way the rest of the population of the United Kingdom (sattvic and rajasic) were all held as captive-slaves to the Monarch through the legalisation process of Democracy, and in that way there was no prospect whatsoever for your efforts to bring her to account legally by instituting processes to boot her out by getting the Monarch legally dethroned, impeached or changed constitutionally to remove her assumed divine right to rule over the United Kingdom and its global realm by reducing the Monarch’s term in office to a 15 year-term only following which a referendum would have to assess whether she had done well-enough in performance of the duties of the Monarch to still have the job as Ruler reassessed by the electorate though your party, it had no chance to get approved by the Election Commission, so you have had to abandon your desires to change the Constitution of the United Kingdom against such an Absolute Monarchy dressed up in a nation for publicity purposes under the term 'Constitutional Monarchy' so as to render the façade of civility by giving the impression that the people wanted the Monarch to continue till he/she decides to abdicate or when death deprives the population by such a calamitous event to put an end to their hearts desire to love and to cherish the Monarch in living their slavery-subservience and surrender to her moment by moment wishes. Further, you found in your understanding now that while Brahma was responsible for the sattvic sentimentality of piety for self-glorification purposes for the bestower and the doer in the receiving of not only financial-security but also awards tor the slaves (to also be rewarded by ‘gongs’ in name-titles, like Professor, Sir, Dame, etc), building statues and public monuments for them for the sacrifices they made to the Monarchial-Empire, and associated worship of the slaves in the future in recommending them as saints of Catholicism and the ‘Very Reverends’ of the Anglican Church for providing care, comfort and doing other saintly social duties of ‘dharma’ to the Monarch/Dictator, akin to the adoption of what the Buddha pronounced in the Eight-fold Path of the four Noble Truths Dhamma, adopted in many countries to rule over their people in slavery.

So now you have, when all is said and done ended up in the rajasic mode of operation, and founded the Vishista Advaita Vedanta, as the philosophy in,, with its religion of Vaishnavism to worship the Saviour and Preserver of Brahma-Nature in the rajasic modus operandi in You are not concerned with whether it progresses further materially now or ever in the future to any form of personal or collective wisdom for implementation into dharmarashtras, world-wide within States, or globally as a unit, for it is not possible for one State to pursue this agenda when other States are pulling the wagon of humanity in other directions. Effectively then, you are stuck with all your material objectives having been as the  delusional pursuit of missions, that have threatened to take away your liberty once again by the State potentially you back into a mental hospital again, as happened in 2004 and 2008.

In your final own assessment now you therefore think that impositions of any kind of morality upon the population is wrong: that what you have been inventing in terms of concepts for the management of the economy were never going to get to acquire followers and disciples for they have not been practicable-enough for the common man and those politically-motivated to consider implementation as immeritorious. Instead, the golden rule of being at one with Creation is to allow societally-accepted moralities as the evolutionary-justified disbursement of natural liberty of living in Nature using whatever a person’s own genetically-determined intelligence enables as Created by God so that no one is having to consider escaping out of the otherwise considered ‘hell-hole’ of samsara as perceived by individual judgments of values which could all  e delusional, as you are well-aware from your own experiences, so promoting any such idea by yourself is civil-disorder of sorts which may cause mayhem in the  world and so suicides which you abhor as ahimisa for what you propose yourself may be viewed as many  as anti-social and disrupting the collegiate manner with which people of the world live together as one humanity with their differences take care of in the changing boundaries of geographical States.  Your values that you describe  in your formulation of Vishista Advaita Vedanta and its offshoot The Conservative Libertarian Society is non-secular and who on Earth wishes to live to a imagined Higher Supreme Entity that you are describing as Vishnu, have you thought of that? Have you got any proof of Vishnu or the Trimurti Triad that you talk about. You have not a shred of concrete evidence for your proclamations, that you are effectively warning humanity on in suggesting that they are foolhardy in their acquiescence of surrendering to what you only perceive as the Satan-evil States’ bastardisation of the underlying-Reality of the universe in the various countries of the world as presented to their populations in getting them through your publications to adhere to their Holy Books-based secular Constitutions, and considering that the suppression of your Truths is preventing them thinking for themselves through a study the formation of your ‘cherished’ Blog ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ at of the ‘evidence-based’ compilation of what you consider to be human rights issues that formed the basis of the present Shantanu’s Humanology website ( as a nail in the coffin of the old world order: delusions of grandeur, do you not think now? So, I say to you think again both forms of escapisms from ground-based realities must be avoided in the face of the inevitability that the status quo would have its own evolutionary path to progressing forwards and your involvement can only do more harm to Nature, not preserve it. And be-warned you will end up destroying your life of being in some limited liberty that you enjoy now in a great and wealthy  country of the United Kingdoms in your delusional quest to do some kind of service to mankind, consider regarding it as an attachment which as you yourself wrote in Facebook as being suicidal in living life as a Libertarian, and you very well know that there is no value to martyrdom when you are silenced and returned to the mental hospital as you feel seems likely from the lack of reply from Ms Sharon Harris today from the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner on its Case Ref 9145 considerations on your right to British or some other Citizenship. Liberty  has to be sacrificed, you have been pursuing it as a spiritual enterprise, am I right, mukti, ananda, nitvana and moksha that you have mentioned. Have you considered at an end of this day that spirituality is morally wrong, if not even sinful if you truly believe in Creator Gd and wanting that God to Preserve as you put it so putting the onus on the God to guide you in your spiritual-objectives? You asked for my advice and I gave you plenty. So, you are thinking now very carefully on your next path in life, from living in the liberty that you have at this moment that you cherish above all else so as to be in freethought and flexible in your navigating your path through what you describe to be jungle of Brahma-Nature, so that you have rightly now I believe let the bygones be bygones and live to  free in your own mind to live in only that mukti from what you describe as the ugly face of socialism in its partners in crime of the sattvic and tamasic elements combined as the social-animals as you put it of sansaar . In my final comment then sort your House of Shelter and see if you are even able to live with your chosen duties to those who are dear to you, if anyone really is, so as to preserve what is left of your useless and meaningless life in search of the meaning of life, and see what those who are left in your social circle now as your ‘loved ones’ in your own family stick by you.

Are you happy now with your bhakti for Creator God, Sri Krishna? – or will you continue with your buccaneering for more truths as so-called satyagraha through the satya-advaita yoga, that you call yourself as practicing. Answer me! Will you ever learn?

You did not answer: Have I not covered everything?


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