This blog post summarises sanatan dharma, the religion of Vaishnavism, an eternal law; as practiced by a the author under the philosophy of vishista-advaita vedanta.



This day on the 20 of June 2021, one day before the D-day when there is a Court Hearing to decide the fate for me, I am optimistic. I have completed all my chores, all my publications, all my tasks and today is Father’s day and I love my daughter. We are going for a meal this evening to celebrate this important occasion one day before the D-day Court Hearing.

It remains to be seen what will happen at this Court Hearing, how I will be interrogated or quizzed, whether I would have to pay costs to the Defendant, whether there will be further proceedings; whether I have done anything wrong; whether I will be punished for in any shape or form. I have already made my viewpoints clear to the Judge.

I have never sought to game the system, harm anybody, be seditious, treasonous, offend anybody. I have just been travelling on a path of truth-search through the jungle of Nature carving and navigating my way through the different interactions that I have had with hundreds, perhaps thousands of people and institutions over the past 23 years.

It has taught me that one has to be optimistic, one has to preserve, one has to conserve, one has to harmonise, one has to symbiotically live with everybody else. That is the way to achieve peace and tranquillity in the mind and carry on with one’s life as the wind blows on us, the winds of Nature that comes upon us.

So, with that said what are my future prospects? Well, I have no aims, no ambitions, no plans, no objectives of any kind, no hopes and anticipations. I just look towards achieving whatever I can every moment going forwards, marching one step at a time towards whatever lies in store for me. So, on this day I offer my sincerest apologies to anyone who I have offended in the past using such vile words, that were never intentional in the sense that they were never meant to offend anyone, but I have steadfastly adhered to the view that when one says do unto others like you would have done to you, I believe that this is not correct. You should do unto others how they deserve to be treated. That is the principal guideline upon which I have lived and which has kept me on good footing all the time in that I have dealt with my enemies who have been trying to distract me off my path in life to truth through truth-accommodation and discover the hidden realities that have long been ignored by humanity. The hidden realities are that we have a God. The God is named by me as Sri Krishna. I am a Mayawadi. Mayawadi means that I dwell in the spirit of the Lord. The spirit of the Lord I dwell in in a very nonchalant way. I do offer my respects to Him from time to time for He is the source of all my inspirations that guide me each morning when I wake up and each day I incessantly think to myself if what I am doing what I am doing, am I wrong, am I incorrect, am I doing something that disturbs Nature such that it may have bad repercussions on me, or on wider society and I do consider these, but at the end of the day, I find that if one is nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated one attains truth, and truth never falters. That truth drives one through the jungle of Nature in a harmonious manner so that one does not need to consider the impact of ones actions on others or on wider Nature. It is automatically perfect action that one has taken. It is harmonious. And it is above all what I call sanatan dharma, that is the eternal law of the universe, the eternal law being what pleases God Sri Krishna.

In that sense I have survived 23 years of considerable mental disturbances that has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorder, but I have steadfastly held on to the belief that through satya-advaita yoga, that is the quest for truth-accommodation, one must persevere as I have done towards the destiny that one is fated for. And it is a question of opinion whether that destiny is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated and what we see happening to us individually and collectively is all part of the grand scheme of things, part of what I call is the Sudharshan Chakra of Sri Krishna. When one realises that one is at peace. And peace means being open, honest and transparent. I have never ever harboured any sense of withholding information from anyone. I have always informed everyone of what my thoughts are at any given moment in time and how I should conduct myself and how I should conduct myself next moment in a way that is automatically attaining peace and harmony. Om Shanti,i Shanti, Shanti. I am not egoistic. I am not greedy. I do not care for money. I do not care for fame. I do not care for anything whatsoever. All I care for is doing the right thing at any given moment in time. And that remains the case on this Father’s day. And I still have my wife and my daughter to live my life with. They are my primary consideration. And they are the underlying, that is the bottom line that I always have my foot on before I aspire to do anything else for wider society or for mankind, be that the society that I live in or be that globally. I do have philanthropic interests to do something good with my life for the betterment of humanity, for the betterment of planet Earth and so on, but they are all of secondary importance when I consider that my primary duty, my primary dharma is to my wife and daughter and I never ever do anything without considering very seriously the impact that has on them because family means everything to me.

So, with that said, I have advised my fellow Hindus in India, my relatives, that dharma is the most important thing and dharma is something one needs to fight to preserve. We believe in ahimsa, which is non-violence. And I have never believed in non-violence. I regret the time when I used to kill rats, mice chickens and so one as laboratory animals when I had a very tamasic attitude to life, a vey bombastic way of attaining material goals and so on. But that riches to rags story was something for me to dwell on, and to consider and take account of and chart my way forwards. I have taken up many many menial jobs over the past 23 years and they never bothered me because I think that one has to survive every day with one’s family intact, and do whatever needs to be done however menial they are, however short they are, however indurable they are to go where the flow of Nature is.

I am not a guru in any sense of the word, but I do write the truth about my experiences, and I leave it to others to judge whether they are philanthropic or whether they are designed to attain certain goals. I do not believe in doing anything that will jeopardise my survival in liberty. And for that one has to navigate Brahma-Nature. Brahma-Nature is composed of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas, all interacting with each other to generate interactions from humans, plants, animals and so on in the complex ecosystems of the planet Earth. One has to navigate that. One has to take steps to avert dangers to oneself. And to do that I am afraid one has to do whatever is necessary: to lie, to cheat, to deceive to do whatever one can to avert danger to oneself. And to do not the normal thing, but going to and fro talking to one person, saying something to one person, saying something to one’s wife that one does not believe in. And it is all tactical manoeuvrings that has come naturally to me. It was never premeditated. It was all spontaneous and nonchalant. And for that, I regarded myself as a purnavatar, a mahatma; a developed mahatma, an emerging genius, a master escapologist, all because it was all preordained and pre-orchestrated for me by God Sri Krishna.

So this is the advice I would give as the result of my truth-search through truth-accommodation on this important day and I leave it for others to judge me and take their own decisions. This video has been created this morning as some food for thought for the Judge tomorrow to think about and to act on, and I will of course be available to answer the telephone from 11.40 am, the scheduled time for the Meeting on BT Meet Me. My Telephone Number is 07967789619. That is my mobile phone number. And I will wait for this Call. I have submitted an Application Notice to set-aside the Notice of Hearing which has been treated by the Defendant as an Order from the Court. If it is an Order, I am fine by it because I am part of the State. I am English. I am not British. I am English. I am not Indian. I am a Hindu but a Hindu-English, or a English-Hindu person. That is how I regard myself. And I serve the Queen, Her Majesty the Queen. Whatever I have done and said in the past, they were all steppingstones to clarify our Constitution in the United Kingdom. That is on reflection the only truthful thing that I can say, but I did so automatically. I fought like hell to restore my reputation, the Defamation that I suffered at the University of Greenwich initially, and which was seconded by the Mental Health Institutions of the United Kingdom through two spells in the mental hospital in 20004 and 2008 and subsequently being as an outpatient under Care in the Community with the Community Mental Health Team at Britton House, Canada House and Kingsley House all through these years taking antipsychotic, antidepressant and mood stabilising medications that were prescribed by the Consultant Psychiatrist. And I have said bad things to them. But they were all tactical trying to survive. I had the survival instinct. And that instinct meant that when one lives in a… well, all States are Police States at varying levels of intensities. And when one lives in a Police State, the Police State has to maintain its integrity. And within that integrity one has to carve/step very carefully each moment of the day taking steps to avert what is being planned: planned because those other people have got their own agendas and they have their own obligations and duties to the State, and they have to fight to retain their own integrities in the operation of their duties to the State. I fully understand that. And I too as a human being and citizen have a desire to live in liberty, to survive in liberty, to have some degree of comfort, if not living in total austerity like I do. I would like to be a vegetarian and so on. I would like to be a vegan. I would never kill a rat, or an animal, a spider or an insect. I have given up my tamasic ways of living long time ago and especially in the past year since I became a Vishista-advaita Vedantist; but going back to the point that I was making, one has to survive, and to survive one has to pay respects when one needs to pay respects and equally swear at people when one needs to swear at people to block them. So I swear at people: phirangi, madarchod, saale suar ke bacche, insects, parasites, pig-shit bastards, and vermine, wankers and so on. I used those terrible words. I do not regret them for at the heat of the moment, I have had to analyse the moment’s needs, and in those moment’s needs I had to survive in liberty. I had to block them by using those words. And they were effective.

So I go back to the point I was making, do unto others not as you would like them to do to you, but do unto others as they deserve in accordance with the truths that you personally know and realise to be true. So when you meet a criminal, give him all the stick you can, shove gaand mein danda up his arse. That is the only way to protect yourself; but balance that with always having the thought that ‘duniya mein suaron ko bhi bacchana padta hai takin wei tumhara joota saaf karen’; that is to say, you have to even preserve your enemies in their places, in their cubby holes so that when the time comes you can use them to have your shoes polished. That is the complex nature that I have. And that complex nature is something that has evolved over the years and fine-tuned to the point that on the eve of the D-day, have to vocally express everything that I am to the Judge through this video so that he can take account of it all and make his decision.

I am not afraid. I have no fear. When I used to be fearful, I was paranoid schizophrenic because of the delusions that accompanied my interactions with others; but now that I do understand the truth, I believe I do, the fear has gone. If my destiny is to be in a mental hospital again, so be it: sanatan dharma would not have been tantamount to dharmo rakshati rakshita. And that is something I need to test out before I die for the sake of Hinduism, because I classify myself as a Hindu. And I classify myself as one of the greatest exponents of Hinduism who has ever lived since Vivekananda and Aurobindo.

So let us leave it at that. God bless.

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