In Vishista Advaita Vedanta, a person is a human being even following the process of ascertaining that through satya-advaita yoga he or she has become so learned that there is no further truths to discover and accommodate oneself into as the raison d'etre of being at one with the truth.

For if one is still living, another day has begun, let the dead past bury itself, do not be attached to what one has experienced in the past, for today is the beginning of new realities that has changed from yesterday and requires fresh thoughts for what one does.

We begin the day with prayers in our thoughts that we should step in the right direction once again and continue with the process of satya-advaita yoga. For a person could for example run out of money and be forced to abandon one's retirement and resume the mundane practical things in life to secure his material prosperity once again.

All this is done through a fresh mind and secure that we have started the day in the only way we can by offering our mental puja to God, which is Sri Krishna for us, and through our activities of preservation we are worshipping God as Vishnu in our work, which remains immersing oneself into Creation for another day that we are here on Earth.

So we go through the process of reviewing our thoughts and let the mind settled down to a stable, unconfused state, and take the next step.

In the process, we do not actively buccaneer for the truth once again after becoming an avatar, through self-perseverence, so what do I mean by being an avatar. That requires fresh new thoughts.

In the past few days, under our conception of the preordination and preorchestration of the universe, we refer to the shloka  in Bhagavad Gita, 'Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya.....Yuge Yuge', which simple terms means that when there is terrible evil, or adharma, God Sri Krishna manifests Himself in human form to settle down the guna consciousness upon which our psyche is constructed and restores balance in Creation, in Nature of the Earth as far as we are concerned. We adhere to those strictures. But that does not mean that anyone person can claim to be an incarnation of Sri Krishna, doing so is irreverential and an assumption that is unjustified for we do not know whether our own particular lives can demonstrate to anyone living or those coming as to what God is like, that He has lived his incarnated life through a particular person. This could have been Guru Nanadk Moses, Jesus, Allah, Valmiki, Tulsidas, my own father Gopinath Panigrahi, my mothers Shantilata Panigrahi, and Sarojini Panigrahi, and my father-in-law Ramanath Praharaj. I mention this to put the avatar-hood or avatar-status into its proper context before going any further down this track.

So when I said in an earlier blog-post that I am the Kalki avatar of Sri Krishna, it means just that, with my own mission to do what I have hitherto done with my life, and we leave it to posterity to judge whether Sri Krishna made a specific intervention, and what His intentions and purposes were in having listened to my pleas for Diving help during my struggle to restore my material reputation over the past 23 years since I was dismissed from the University of Greenwich from my scientific career to apparently, as prophetically written in one of my emails of 1998 to a senior manager at the University, move on to higher things from the noddy work of animal nutrition and production.  So in describing myself as the Kalki avatar, it is just a term of expression for me, many others in Hinduism have said the same thing about themselves, and they may all be write, who am I to judge, I am non-judgmental about every thing that comes into my mind, for I let my fingers do the talking when I sit at my computer each day that I am in physical retirement.

This is what is called the process of truth-exposure that is the title of this Blog post. I have already set out my new raison-d'etre for the day, and it has brought me down to Earth once again as I face new challenges, for example what I should do about this email that I responded to yesterday evening, for all my websites have once again come under attack from the adverse winds of Nature:

''This is a special delivery: RE: Termination of your blog hosted at SIMPLESITE ;7 Mar at 21:22; PrintRaw message; shantanupanigrahi <>To: VOPA-CPS <> Fuck off Saale, madarchod, bhosadiwale, suar-ke-bacche kahinke pig-shit behenchod wanking fascist shit-bag criminal dog. I will stuff gaand mein danda into you for as long as I am alive, you arsehole Are you not happy with all the pissing and shitting I have done over your phirangi Naxi shit-filled gobar brains enough for 23 years you nameless, faceless humanimal swimming in the sewer that I have drowned you in. Where are your compatriots Sivaji Panesar Fritz Wuellar, and the rest? Answer me now creep. I am your piss-artist tormentor, that is what you get you fucking plundering colonisers of India for 400 years I told you it is my turn on behalf of the millions who suffered under your predecessor slave-masters in the 'jewel in the crown'. You will never get rid of me. You think I care for my ego shitbag. I take revenge so am here to knock the stuffing out of pigs like. You show how civilised you are: you are no more than an insect to me. You think I care for my websites shitbag. They have served their purpose to knock the shit out of the likes of you. Apologise or you will get more. I take on all-comers. I am fearless shitbag moron. You get it now? Sent from my Galaxy -------- Original message --------From: VOPA-CPS <> Date: 07/03/2021 20:32 (GMT+00:00) To:,,,, Subject: Termination of your blog hosted at SIMPLESITE Dear Mr Panigrahi, This is a courtesy email to let you know that we now persuaded SIMPLESITE AG to shut down your offensive blog, this with the assistance of Dr Femi Odesanya whom I think you know well, and an official letter from Kent Police and the CPS. now should return to the home page. We also thank your family for co-operating in this. However, as a courtesy for a short time, we arranged for to carry a copy of your blog. Kent Police are now arranging takedown notifications under DMCA for BRAVESITE and ODOO. The procedure is a little different for LINKEDIN and TWITTER but that too will happen. Judicial castration was not enough for you? But have a good day on us! "Marty" 01622 690690.''

The point being, that the first task for a Vaishnavist is to expose the truth. You may ask why the need. I say the need will come into focus in our mind on reflection only, it must not be pre-meditated buccaneering and exposing. That is not how the direction of the universe should be allowed to proceed. But I have a life-story. People may feel interested on how I have spent my time on Earth, so I do what comes to my mind at any given moment in time in which I face new obstacles to my liberty that these intrusions threaten me with to try and dislodge me from my cool, calm and collected state of anandic mind in the state of avatar-hood. So avatar-hood is just like saying I am experiencing 'nirvana', that nothing budges me, nothing deters me, and I am totally unconcerned about my material prospects in mankind now or am concerned in the slightest bit for what 'stupid legacy' that I am leaving behind for people to look up to me as I look up to Mahatma Gandhi, as the only human being in history after Valmiki whoever he was, or Tulsi Das, that I not little about. I also like Shirdi Sai Baba, etc. They were all divine people to me and perhaps this is what we remember them for, in that when one has proved to oneself that one is self-controlled in the rajasic 'Vishnu'-preserver means of living one's life, then one can call one's self an avatar. It is for history to judge if a person is a Mahatma or an avatar, Mahatma may mean Sattvically-perfect, a Hindu saint. I do not yet know whether the two terms of Avatar and Mahatman are interchangeable in Hinduism.

We need to explore these questions all the time in Vishista Advaita Vedanta, and the search for the truth does not end at any particular point of the process of Realisation, for I have a family life to consider, each day, for which I have faith that my nonchalant, spontaneous and un-premeditated actions such as this post at 07.47 am (UK-Time) this morning, 8 March 2021 should go to demonstrate.




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