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Seeking God and seeking truth are different yogic preoccupations: if you do find God, does He want your bhakti to worship Him when you have living-demands? Ahil SV shared a post. Science of the Vedas Group on Facebook posting 19 February 2021 Shantanu Panigrahi badge icon I am glad about your ethos that you do not forcefully change others and that Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Russia. As a Vaishnavic person we do however need to seek out the truth in order to better ourselves first to become the best person that we are capable of being from the knowledge that we have acquired in our individual lives and then share those thoughts among those who come to us for advice and guidance on how they can benefit from it voluntarily of course, to enable them to live better lives themselves. I think we cannot change others and we must leave them alone to find out for themselves if there is any genuine reason that they should live any differently to their present practices from their own acquired beliefs. That is the basis of e philosophy of Vishista Advaita Vedanta that you may have heard about. It is a very sensitive issue. Trying to be popular is an attachment that hinders the exposition of truth so is a sickness of mind. We Hindus need to be very careful how we tread the art of publicising our views for the objective of philanthropy, which is a good thing as a service to our fellow human beings that we symbiotically share the planet with for mutual material and spiritual happiness. In this regard, we should also point out some basic facts of life as the following correspondence spells out:


Soma Sundar shared his first post. Is there anyone interested to learn complete bhagavad gita? Shantanu Panigrahi If anyone wants to do scholarly studies of what it says that will be useful but to use Bhagavad Gita to help anyone with spiritual guidance on how to live one's life, now that would be a waste of time and of other resources like money to buy the Holy Books and computer to read the scriptures they enunciate online and will cause one more mental anxieties from delusional thoughts and a confused mind that prolongs their agony. Only Publishers benefit from such readings because they make money from sales. So, if one is hoping to find God as Krishna from reading the Bhagavad Gita, I will say No, do not be so foolish. You will not get anywhere from that Book or any other book. You get this knowledge from learnings in living your life and consulting personal gurus wherever and whenever you can find one, not being attached to anyone, but being flexible and critical if their teachings are not consonant from what you yourself see and feel in trying to find whom you can trust from seeing what he or she knows from their own life experiences which you must examine and comprehend before full surrender to the guru or sadhguru. That is the principle of satya-advaita yoga. Always keep a very peaceful and steady mind, still by sleeping off confusion-states, and seek truth through allowing your own mind to be the judge that those gurus are not harbouring ulterior motives in their teachings. If this path is not followed you will end up with even more confused mind in persistent delusional disorderly state and paranoid schizophrenia when you simultaneously transfer the technology of the art of living thus comprehended. Thus, follow a personal contemplation of what the scriptures like Bhagavad Gita state directly in learning and applying Sanskrit language or from reading its interpretations as translated by different Swamijis with discernment for they could all be codswallop fruit salads in the way they are presented to you. In other words, trust none. Be paranoid of other’s intentions: if you are naturally a paranoid-schizophrenic person you are instinctively sensing dangers to your material condition so consider yourself naturally-gifted from superior genetics, and not as vested interests would say that you are a mentally-disordered person requiring psychiatric treatment and anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications to smother you. Treat any such violations of your instinctive ability to preserve yourself as verbal diarrhoea from the government of those that pursue sattvic-libertarianism or tamasic-libertarianism.


Thus, even if someone speaks to you socially or professionally or writes to you out of the blue, first be risk-averse and see it is them wanting something from you under false pretences, not giving an inch of the benefit of the doubt that the person has your welfare at heart. For no one gives you nothing out of charity: charity covereth a multitude of sins, it is said. They are only doing their jobs, nothing else. Usually, these intrusions into your privacy are for financial gain, that is for money that they want to extract from you or for using the interaction with you for other of their business enterpriises that requires this intrusive buccaneering action to advertise or provoke a reaction. Most commonly these intruders dressed in sattvic-spirituality or tamasic-materiality want you to be their followers to make you their slave and benefit from the labour that you provide them or the publicity that you as a disciple or follower provide to enable them to expand their business empires. So, the motto is ‘do not lose your liberty under any circumstances’ to think for yourself in freethought what is right for you.


That formula is what generates peace of mind, and the sooner you follow these fundamental rules of satya-advaita yoga the sooner you will gain enlightenment. If you do not and given in to intrusions into your privacy instead of regarding these external stimuli as bullying, harassment, intimidation, obstructing your path to truth in a perversion of the prevailing law, the eternal law of libertarianism, you will suffer the rest of your life. Remember, God has hidden Himself Perfectly in the universe for His own reasons. It is just what Creation is. For good or for bad. Who are we to judge God, so be free of God. You do not need Him to spoon-feed you with knowledge and wisdom. It is more fun and interesting to find out the truth by your own efforts. God is never going to be able to grant you mukti as permanent moksha for that destroys the whole purpose of Creation. So seeking mukti is a false objective borne of delusions of ancient scriptures described to be moksha. The only way to live is to live naturally, as Created in being a human being, but within the confines of Nature at large for perfect symbiosis to enable the survival. Hence, this website of Vishista Advaita Vedanta and Vishnavism, also man-constructed like all the other theories in the history of mankind on how to live out a meaningful life, that generates permanent ananda.



Be fearless, for Truth protects. That is all you need to know. Truth prevails. Satyamev Jayate. In that light go on with the rest of your life in calmness and equanimity. You owe it to yourself. You have no obligations to anyone one else, not even your own family, for they will find fault in you when it suits them. Your wife and children are also libertarians in their own right, whether sattvic-libertarian, rajasic-libertarian or tamasic-libertarian. You cannot help them. Nor should you. Marriage is a human-construct, a convenience that we use for economic purposes. So be free.


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