I am 63 years of age and see that so few people in the world today examine through writing their thoughts in the internet and inviting comments and reactions to what they say preferring, instead of self-discovery, the standard academic method of scientific explorations and knowledge that gets one nowhere in terms of mental peace of mind. I have kind of determined over the past 24 years since I abandoned my scientific career for that was so materialistic and did not satisfy in terms of questions that were incessant and insoluble in searching for the truth of our existence. Spirituality is the result of constant exploration and the realisation of the God in our psyche lying dormant but in an unassuming manner still inspiring the seeker towards their individual destiny in mental terms. There is no greater accomplishment than the spirituality that causes the restless mind to come to a standstill such that a person can conduct oneself nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly for the final strait of one’s life.

Christians who preach love and especially love they neighbour or thy enemy is a puzzling philosophy for me. Older persons now not having to contend with the obstacles and hurdles that one feels challenged by during the early adult hood when one has done ones studies under the protection of ones parents and then has to be released into the world to fend for oneself have frustrations. If one has not encountered any such obstacles in the earlier part of your life one is fitting into the status quo of the State; but if one did, how does a Christian with these challenges: Feeling love for all in Nature is a sensual thought, but if one goes by the mind at a higher level of consciousness some  other means that accepts what one gets yet gets on with ones life positively in search of one’s dreams and ideals is the outcome. It would be interesting to compare and contrast these conflicting philosophies for I am a Hindu who also feels God’s love but in a different way to what Christians might be feeling. I work for preservation, conservation and harmony in Nature and showing unconditional love seems not to be conducive to that objective. It is through work to preserve what God has created for us that I get to know that I am performing sanatan dharma, for which one cannot really ignore all the negativity and retain ones peace of mind, the stillness of love, and be oblivious to the restrictions that humans place on our liberty to think and act within our conscience.

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