From the advice of a respected scholar of Hinduism in Ask a Hindu - Questions on Sanatan Dharma in Facebook, this morning, I have had to change the name of my philosophy from Vishista Advaita Vedanta to Satya Advaita Vedanta.

<<It has been redefined by me, because I do not study scriptures has a scholar.>>
Hence my statement that your views are NOT Viśiṣṭādvaita. Viśiṣṭādvaita is a paradigm of interpretation promoted by Śrī Rāmānuja follwing in the footsteps of the Ālvārs and Yamunācārya. Call your views some other name; don't mislead others by using an established term to describe them. Thank you.
It has been redefined by me, because I do not study scriptures has a scholar. I study my life which has been devoted to understanding reality, and determine what works for me as a human being in having a Hindu upbringing. I use the scri…
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More on this review later, except to say that 10 years ago I had coined the term Satya-advaita, as being oneness with truth, and that search turned into the various conception that I have discussed. I am back to square on hence.
4 April 2021 Update:
I apologise to Raghavendra Rao for disagreeing with him and with all due respects, I cannot change my conception of Vishista-Advaita Vedanta, primarily because I know with certainty now that I operate at the interface between the mind and the Supermind. There is a distinction from self and Self, the somatic mind and the Supermind or Om. Om is equiavalent to Truth as God the Supreme Creator of the universe whom I relate to as Sri Krishna and in his Divine presence in the Trimurti as Vishnu.When one loses all body attachments whatsover as discussed previously the mind is traversing along pure truth at that interface, so that satya is at the interface with Satya.
That interface operation is why we should call the philosophy advaita.
I hope this clarifies this point and I have adjusted the Title of this Blog accordingly as reflecting Redfined Vishistadvaita Vedanta.

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