Allured by awakening during 1997-1998 of events to unfold in my life, I had an encounter with a Higher Power and soon afterwards started communicating with it assuming that it was a God residing in my mind. I used a digital clock times to have questions snd answer sessions on a whole host of issues which included the actions that I needed to take on a moment by moment basis against the University of Greenwich and other institutions nationally and internationally. The details were all jotted down in my handwritten diaries.

One of my first questions to the perceived higher power was who was I dealing with. The answer seemed to be that it was Brahman, and i was on a mission of dharmayudha which I clarified to Psychiatrists in the mental hospital of where I had been detained in 2004 by the State of the United Kingdom as me practicing Brahmanism.

Brahman is the Ultimate Reality, whereas Brahmanism is the practice of dharmayudha that conserves Brahman as enabled through satya-advaita yoga, the yoga of truth-accommodation (seek the truth, expose the truth, do not let truth get covered up, and accommodate the truth).

As a Vedanta, Brahmanism is Vishista-advaita Vedanta in its belief that God lies within Brahman such that ones actions are karma in sanatan dharma.



Brahmanism dharma has no purpose, aims, missions, hopes, wishes, expectations or desires: it is just nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated chaos.

One gets to know Brahmanism dharma when one loses all ones attachments to become one's true nature as the Self.

Brahmavid Brahmaiva bhavati (Upanishad): he who knows Brahman verily becomes Brahman; thereafter performing Brahmanism dharma.

God as Sri Krishna, Allah, Jesus Christ, Shiva, Vishnu, etc are names invented by human minds in their purely materialistic surrender to a non-existent higher Being.

Brahman consists of the physical energy of atoms and other subatomic particles rolling on in time in unpredictable and impermanent ways: I am that.

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