This is an update on the position of bhakti in truth-search and the meaning of life.

Bhakti is important to begin with if only because it is the fundamental question that is needed to be assessed by an individual in determining his future course of life on the actions that he takes moment by moment. But bear this in mind. God Vishnu or Sri Krishna does not have the need or mind to interfere in what we humans do with ourselves. We are human beings. God is there as Creator, but it is we humans who preserve our own planet and look after our children and develop our society. For this the jnana path is vital and takes over from the bhakti path once its limits of fruitful jnana is exhausted to the individual. And jnana then becomes a personal yogic pathway to liberation. No God is there to guide one to that end, it is for us human beings who should consider whether liberation within one's lifetime is worth the struggle for existence. Hence in Vishista-advaita Vedanta, we leave God alone for we have seen the the swirling of His Sudharshan Chakra that we need to navigate ourselves through for personal mental peace of mind and for whatever prosperity that we are destined to have when we nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly each moment take ourselves forward in the course of our life journey. So Sri Krishna is our Sadhguru but like all great gurus, He only points the way forward and then it is left to us to do what we can or wish to do with our freewill to live like human beings in acknowledgment only that we are children of God, and do not need to have bhakti in surrender for He does not respond to the surrender. It is self serving to consider that Sri Krishna should be worshipped through mental or physical rituals, which are not only a waste of time it causes stresses and are always presumptuous that God will listen to one's prayers. We must not live in fear of God as we must not live in fear of anything material. That is liberation from all spiritual and material considerations. All actions must be spontaneous from losing all ones ego, our attachments, our desires, missions, our arguments to assume the supremacy of our knowledge over others. When one is doing this the mind has become a Mahatman and the result is one lives like a purushottama Hindu. That is what a purnavatar is. So leave bhakti as it has served its purpose towards the acquisition of jnana, which is the most important need that helps us live our daily lives in peace within and without. Even the so-called awareness is an impediment to truth. Truth is what comes to the mind automatically when one is free and libertated.

Bhakti leads to jihadism if it continues beyond the maximal knowledge attainable through bhakti. Jnana is a yogic pursuit best attained from experience of Reality. There is nothing beyond knowledge acquired through yoga which takes one through dharma-yudha to pave the way to Realisation, the realisation that is supreme knowledge and wisdom leading to faultless actions every moment one is challenged.

Further, bhakti causes mental disorders like paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorders that leads one to engaging in conflicts with the rest of humanity in the false belief that one is acting according to instructions from God.


Raghavendra Rao posted on Facebook Sanatan Dharma- Ask a Hindu

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The impersonalists say that Brahman is not the Supreme Person nor a Supreme Being, but rather is a thing that has no attributes and no form and no personality.

Question: What is the difference between this concept of Brahman and ATHEISM?


Shantanu Panigrahi replied:

The difference between Atheism and Brahman as not being a Supreme Person nor a Supreme Being (impersonalists) is that Sri Krishna in unmanifest in Brahman, that is He lies dormant unless He decides to manifest Himself in Brahman. Brahman is more accurately described as Brahma-Nature, composed of sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic guna consciousness, that is nothing to do with theism. For a Vishista-advaitist. who believes in this conception, Sri Krishna exists beyond Brahman and it is momentarily and inadvertently still realised as the source of everything that exists and everything that happens to the universe through His Sudharshan Chakra.

What is proven, who has proven that. How can anyone get proof, it is all to do with personal experiences of Reality and the opinions that these experiences raise to one's mind as knowledge. Bhakti should be there to begin with but one is immature at the beginning whilse still having bhakti in that one does puju rituals and goes to temples, bathes in Ganga, chants Gayatri Mantra, sings bhajans and so on without any precondition, just assuming that God is there and needs to be worshipped. Jnana comes later when this faith in bhakti is put to the test that God is a Sadhguru and Preserver to the individual and for Nature. This can take 20 years of life journey to realise, then once again one has not bhakti anymore but simple acknowledgment of the guru-assistance that God has bestowed on the jyana-yogi over those years. One still has to live like a human being unattached to any God and treat the Supreme Being as Brahman consisting of Brahman-Nature. This is my belief. It is my rendition of Vishista-advaita Vednata from personal experience at the age of 64. I have no attachments other than expressing the truth of what I know as I trudge along in life. This is what I have always done. I know when I was in total surrender to God, taking instructions from him, I learnt a lot, fought like hell against enemies in dharmayudha, but in the Police States of the World I was treated as a mental patient and put in mental hospitals on two occasions, first in 2004 and then again on a relapse of dharmayudha in 2008. That is when I had paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorder combined not knowing what God wanted me to do and how I could survive in this world without permanent incarceration in a mental hospital or in a prison cell. I had a further relapse of dharmayudha in 2014 but became more careful and came off bhakti altogether to live my own life by myself and learn what I could by my own efforts. This is when I fine-tuned the yoga of satya-advaita in the quest for Realisation to find out the meaning of life. I gave up slowly all dharma, karma, aims, objectives, desires, ego, missions, and became very critical of Hindutva that is bhakti-based. My enemies had grown considerably when I opened my Blog and published all my knowledge to the mission that i had set out in 2010: Towards Knowledge for World Conservation. I made so many enemies that I was hounded by agents through the internet and by emails and they organised themselves as Victims of Panigrahi Association to try and make me Stateless and deprive me of employment and reduce my Blogging of these crimes against me here in the United Kingdom. But I was determined to use my intelligence to stay afloat and survive in this country rather than being forced to go back to India with my tail in between my legs. I studied in considerable detail and published everything in internet websites nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in the later stages to fight the dharmayudha without any bhakti other then momentary considerations that what I was going through as a Sri Krishna Sudharshan Chakra in motion assumption perhaps. I lost all my friends and became a solitary person to realise that the meaning of life is to seek liberation, not just from material things but also from God, and this Realisation came from knowledge that is automatically attained when one is unattached and operating one's mind at a Mahatman level where the mind has left the body and is at the Supermind interface with Om, the Supreme Entity unmanifest of Sri Krishna. So today I have no bhakti left. I am free and liberated fully.

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