Do not assume that there is a higher power or entity as God or Brahman to be in union with. Find your Self and become the best person you can be. To do this express the truth and accommodate the truth. Nothing else is needed

It takes you towards the experience of your true nature free of all attachments and bondages of the body-brain-mind complex to the state of being that we can call as one's Self. This state is faultless for living in truth. Nothing else matters. Union with truth is freedom/liberation for truth prevails.

Truth-accommodation is a term that I have coined. In Hinduism the word equivalent is Satya-advaita. It means oneness with truth to distinguish it from other forms of Advaita.

The Reality changes every moment so be aware to truth-accommodate continually. To be at one with the impermanence of Nature be your true nature (Self) fully flexible for perfect adaptation to the environmental Reality. This will make you the best person you can be by taking the minimum from Nature or maximal as times allow and thereby living in harmony; all due to satya-advaita that is the truth accommodation.

So after all is said and done truth-accommodation is a biological necessity for survival purposes only. Being liberated assists survival. All that I have been engaged in throughout my adult life was being truth-accommodational just to survive to live to .my maximal potential genetically. When I needed to fight the humanimals persecuting me I fought with what I called 'dharmayudha' to preserve what little we had as a family and keeping them reasonably happy for good symbiosis. I used God to that end but I knew that excessive surrender to God would be counterproductive in achieving material objectives. I needed liberty from man and God in a balanced way to find my way to physical and financial security.

I have been risk-averse to the nth degree. So after a very long time of association, I did away with God entirely once I found that my true nature as Self attained everything that I needed. I took out an injunction and money claim litigation against the State Police here in the United Kingdom to prevent further harassment on me on which judgment is pending. Since the Courts are also part of the State apparatus, I have the legal proceedings under my control.

So it goes on: my life ihas been a battle for survival using my high intelligence and in recent times optimising it with operation as my Self watching anything that moves so that I can duck and dive according to circumstances using the process of truth-accommodation. Who cares for God or Brahman or Brahma-Nature when there first is the battle of survival to be won.

I built my 'house of shelter,' by successfully navigating the State of the United Kingdom with a solid knowledgebase. Now I am lying comfortably in that house minding my own business. In recent times this was done nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly working 16 hours a day to get on top of my involvements, without plans, aims, missions, objectives, hopes, wishes, desires or ego to simply go with the flow of truth.

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