Never make up your mind of what action you are going to take in any circumstances that you face until the moment comes when you are compelled to take action to safeguard your liberty. This is because the nature of the threat to your liberty is never clear until those that persecute a libertarian make another move seeing you as an enemy to their interests, otherwise known as vested interests. The action required to thwart the attackers must be proportionate in a reactionary sense (every action should have an equal and opposite reaction) so that it does not generate further scope for the persecutors to use their ammunition to demolish you. Being a libertarian is a very special way to be, When there is a need for action, take action, If you do not have money to survive on find a job, otherwise stay in the house of shelter that you accustomed to without the predators of society banging on your door.

Liberty is worth giving up all ones desires, aims, expectations, wishes, anticipations, hopes, and for this one needs to be attached to nothing, not even to your family members if you have played your cards right to have the security that a person needs for survival with dignity of liberty. Therein lies ananda (joy) and this is when one has attained moksha as a permanent state of nirvana, the bliss of the mind without insecurities, anxieties, delusions, paranoia, and with that having total freedom to do what comes into the mind at any given moment in time, fearless of the future.

So in Vishista Advaita Vedanta, one must always keep one's house of shelter in order. One must be on the look out for dangers. The house of shelter must be strong enough to weather the severest storm. This ultimately comes from knowledge, the knowledge of how Nature works, so that when one is unattached operating the mind at the level of the Supermind having no real connection with the body except that one is still alive and it is therefore a vehicle to use one's mind to do great works that would make ones achievements meaningful, truth alone dawns to steer one so that the status quo of Nature is navigated for another moment. The truth that one comes to rely on comes from the eternal Entity that we name God. Hence one is Vaishnava by religion subscribing to Vishista-advita Vedanta as the conception of Reality with its sattvic, tamasic and rajasic guna attributes, with Vaishnavism having adopted the rajasic mode at the pinpointed centre of the sphere of Reality that is required to access truth.


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