Through the course of my process of realisation using the satya-advaita yogic method of assessing the truth, I had separated Reality into the vyvaharika (experiential and visible reality) and the paramarthika reality that encompassed the spiritual dimension of nothingness, but increasingly there was contradiction felt in how a human being could live under both the vyavharika and paramarthika modes of reality at the same time. What would be the dharma in each reality. I attributed sanatan dharma to the Sri Krishna God visualised in the inner depths of my psyche through what I considered was the Supermind, but equally who would believe that kind of suggestion. It could have been merely a conjecture  a speculation. Could it be explained in terms of the possibility that I was simply mentally getting to the truth of the real construction of Reality by losing my attachments such as beliefs, concepts, ideas, hopes, aims, targets, missions, anticipations, expectations, objectives, desires, ego etc and this was an automatic process that led me to increasing awareness of reality with its nonchalant, spontaeous and unpremditated scope for action that then had to lead me to my destination of shunyata as things stood today the 6 of January 2022? UNDER WHICH LAW OF NATURE COULD SUCH A THING ARISE?. I had survived all persecution upon myself from vested interests out to thwart my progress in life by incarcerating him in mental hospitals or police cells or even in the prison after all that was tried, so I deduced from this that there was a right path to the truth and that I was on it. Satya-advaita yoga was therefore a genuine method of truth determination. Now there is no need for satya-advaita yoga as the destination is already arrived at. How can I be sure of this analyses?

Further, in having separated reality into the illusionary vyaharika relative reality and the paramarthika, the Absolute Reality of Nothingness, what should I be doing with the remainder of his life by way of personal conduct? It could not go on forever for me to have one foot in vyvaharika and another foot in paramarthika to switch and change between the two as the situation demands. There was only one way to live: that is in the Absolute Reality of Nothingness, which describes the vyvaharika as illusionary.

I made up my mind as follows:

In paramarthika regardless of what one felt on bhakti-worship of God through sanatan dharma there is no Personal God so one is an atheist. One cannot worship God as one has now considered sanatan dharma in the vyvaharika mode as also having been an illusion on reflection if it is an illusion now. At this moment of the Realisation process certainly it is true that in the Absolute Reality of paramarthika dharma of any kind is delusional.

There is only one Reality to live in, at any given moment in time and hopefully it would be durable. For I am now the Absolute Reality, so must always now live in paramarthika mode, the vyvaharika reality having been history or totally delusional experience.. One has no choice but to be rational and logical accordingly in such a line of argument. In paramarthika regardless of what one felt on bhakti-worship of God through sanatan dharma there is no Personal God now so one is an atheist. One cannot worship God as one has now considered sanatan dharma in the vyvaharika mode to also have been an illusion in my history. So how does one live? By accommodation into Reality may be?. This is purely and simply Advaita, where all dualistic considerations have disappeared because all attachments have jettisoned automatically off ones psyche through the process of satya-advaita yoga. But what has advaita got to do with shunyata?

To take the argument further, there is only one Reality to live in, that is the Absolute Reality, the real world, the real universe in terms of the real interactions between components of Nature as understood to be Brahma-Nature or Brahman as the manifest 'It' (SHUNYA). Vyvaharika is the illusion, so one needs to conduct further studies on how to accommodate Brahman as an Advaitist. But what is Brahma-Nature and what is Brahman, I have no evidence for their existence. They were all speculative ideas in my journey.

I determined that I must always live in paramarthika mode from the lessons that I have learnt in my life. One has no choice but to live to material realities for who knows whether there was a Personal God for me whom I named Sri Krishna. I was just awakened internally by visions, deja vous symptoms and utterrances that turned into prophecies for certain, but these are not scientific proof of a God residing dormant in my psyche. One has to come down to Earth to be rational and logical accordingly in such a line of argument. For this one must search what precisely is paramarthika for paramarthika is the result of the search. Vyvaharika was a real passing phase for me. Was there really a God who came to me to awaken me into an allurement of Reality if nothing else besides?. Whatever may be the truth of that I still have a life to lead. All is not lost yet. Better late than never as far as coming to ones senses is concerned. So I have to be realistic that the vyvaharika phase is exhausted.

Having said that I got to where and what I deserved. JUSTICE WAS SERVED IN LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. I HAD SACRIFICED MY SCIENTIFIC CAREER TO CHASE MY VISIONS. I LEARNT EVERYTHING THERE WAS TO LEARN.It may be possibly all have been wishful thinking and now to be consigned to the past, if not the dustbin of my personal life. But I survived severely intense persecution possibly because of good luck and having family support and persomal honest and innocent efforts. I  DID NOT LOSE MY LIBERTY AND WROTE 26 BOOKS. I have a pension and a part-time job. I am in reasonably good health. We have a family here and in India. I have a British passport. I disposed off the State's mental health authorities. So this evening at 20.30 pm hours (UK-Time) I am very happy indeed.

Now I have determined that I am simply going to tick over moment by moment by regarding that there is no longer any vyvaharika for me. THE VISIBLE AND EXPERIENTIAL WORLD IS THE REALITY WITHIN WHICH I WILL OPERATE.

There will be no advaita for me, no Brahman  No Brahma-Nature, no shunyata. No nothing. I am devoid of knowledge. I have no inclination to know anything more to obtain greater clarity on my Realisation. I want to work like a machine at my new employment  keep a clean nose hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

The future considerations will naturally reveal themselves if there is any more revelation to come.



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Whether one calls Reality as vyvaharika or paramarthika, there is no such thing as sanatan dharma which implicitly serves a God.

There is only one Reality to live to that one can be sure of: this is what one senses and develops an awareness of; imagined realities are all delusional.

Do not truth-accommodate except to aid the search for the truth and establish truth and justice as the swadharma in the real world.

Always be in control with truth as your tool to strive for justice and do not take no for an answer: there are no Gods for me in this quest.

Whether God exists or not, keep the question out of your mind for the God retards human progress towards the shaping of a better world for oneself.

Assess Reality to determine what you are up against in terms of the intransigence of adversaries before aiming for just rewards.

The only person who is important is the self: considering others in a socialistic manner leads to self-destruction. HENCE PPRACTICE SWADHARMA.. A Conservative Libertarian is a one man band  because Liberty is exclusively individualistic.

Do not put your faith in other humans or a God; free your mind into Self mode that makes you self-sufficient to become the lord of the jungle.

In vyavaharika a Hindu may conduct sanatan dharma in bhakti/devotion to Sri Krishna to satisfy himself/herself of how a Personal God is manifest in the yogi's psyche: afterwards the Hindu conducts only 'swadharma' in the  realisation of shunyata (unmanifest). In the shunyata modus operandi the yogi is a rishi in Samadhi and does nothing controversial: he/she hears no evil, sees no evil, and speaks no evil: just lives to tick over day by day until the death of the body. Shunyata is the Ultimate Reality (paramarthika). The experience of both these stages of Realisation is the Absolute Reality for a Hindu incorporated in Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

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