Ever since I rebelled against lies and unruly management of the Natural Resources Institute by the University of Greenwich from 1996 that it formally took over the Institute under ‘The next steps’ mission of the government, a slow and gradual evolution of the original Tropical Products Institute under the previous Civil Service (now that was civil) my integrity of faultless personal conduct of natural origin has been called into question as whether I a human being at the true service of Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom, with regard to which there have been continuous obstacles along my path of riches to rags in never again recovering from the damage to my reputation and incessant obstacles, whether State-organised in a physical sense involving conspiracy between actual human beings endorsing the unceremonious Defamation mounted on me by the in labelling as effectively a 'good for nothing' gross-misconduct person, as subsequently endorsed by Shell UK, and lately Sainsburys plc, where now, effectively, my right to live and work in the United Kingdom is unclear in assessing whether in fact I have, as an immigrant, successfully-naturalised in accordance with the Naturalisation Ceremony of 1984 that resulted in me being granted the British Passport to remove all restrictions upon me in travelling around the world without visas into the European Community then and elsewhere, which opened up the prospects for developing and expanding my Life of Riley personal empire as a scientist in the Biological Sciences. Now I cannot even get menial jobs in the United Kingdom so irreversible the Defamation has been 23 years since the Natural Resources Institute days.  I believe still that Dr Odesanya's instruction to me on 19 February 2021 Care Plan that is available in my Facebook Page ‘Searching for Mental Health Services’ ( not to apply for any jobs because of the Coronavirus-associated lockdown-shutdown currently in place in the United Kingdom in response to my complaint to the Consultant Psychiatrist that Morrissons, ASDA, Tesco and Sainsburys (in its not-for-rehire) decisions not to even bother to reply to my recent job applications as some kind of outcaste of the British Society all traced to that unfortunate date on 20 October 1998 when I was dismissed from the service of the University, is a red-herring from his Eminence to not explicitly state that I am now ‘stateless’, so have no rights in employment and financial support as evidenced by the fact the Personal Independence Payment replacement of the old Disability Living Allowance (that was paid for years to me, not much in actual amounts but with a £10 Christmas Bonus that helped make ends meet from doing jobs as Cleaner/Warehousman/Shop Assistant etc) for mentally-ill diagnosed people, has not replied to my application two-months ago for a resumption of this support, for this reason, such is the duplicity with which the United Kingdom State has operated against me in order to maintain its strangle-hold over my prospects for liberty through prospeity. Notwithstanding, I have no reason to go to any other country anymore whether on holiday or for permanent escape from this hell of living in the United Kingdom. It is disconcerting but I have faith that the Vaishnavism that I live under as personal philosophy rather than anything having been revealed to me from a higher Power that one refers to as God, gives me the morals to live in freedom of thought and moral-conscience that I have never, ever, done anything wrong in my  life as I am a libertarian living in Nature as conceptualised through a scientific study of Humanology ( to have then described it as Brahma-Nature to distinguish it from any other forms of the composition of Reality  ever imagined, I should say, in the history  of mankind: take it or leave it. I have given my caveat and appropriate disclaimer for I harbour no delusions of grandeur. The Judgment of being rendered Stateless effectively, although disconcerting in itself, has not totally demoralised me and I am pursuing with my application instead to personally stand as a candidate in the May Police and Crime Commissioner Elections in the Medway Towns as narrated to my Facebook friend Raghavendra Rao in the attached: Correspondence with Raghavendra Rao on Facebook on 20 February 2021.docx. The authorities have been informed about this yesterday, but for the record, I wish to openly publish the contents as set out here, in response to a query from indeed Recruitment Agency to look for menial jobs again:


1. Thank you for your offer to apply for menial jobs, but I am better off in Shanti Niwas for the present.


2. Thank you please do understand me and read this very carefully before you jump to conclusions. True Vaishnavists, worshippers of Vishnu, although I appreciate that there is a debate as to whether Sri Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu or the other way round, has many facets to 'Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, glanir bhavati bharatta..........dharmasansthapnarthaya yuge yuge'. There is a story of Prahlad and Vishnu, we know that. There is the Mahabharatta into which Bhagavad Gita was embedded sometime in history, we do not know when exactly and who by. Some argue against this embedding as I am sure you do know. So different people, use the Bhagavad Gita differently within the Hindu fold, to suit their own special outlook and perspectives. In that way, Bhagavad Gita is all things to all people in Hinduism. I have personally tested the karma aspect to see if it does lead to Sri Krishna, for I am a family man and not a secluded sanyassi in some ashram somewhere. I had to explore this out, also in the context of Prahlad and Vishnu, for I personally ended up living in a land of rakshases, who persecuted me for my devotion to Sri Krishna as the Creator and Vishnu as the incarnation in Brahma-Nature. I am not out of the woods of darkness yet on either of these issues, I go on trying to survive in this country of the United Kingdom in attempted liberty, though still suppressed by the fact that the United Kingdom State has sent me to its prison of mental hospital twice, once in 2004 and the other in 2008 and still forces me to take antipsychotic, mood stabilising, and antidepressant medications to smother my mind into slavery to the Queen of England, which may yet be the result of my struggle for existence of being a satya-advaita yogi, seeking what manner of worship or bhakti to Sri Krishna will lead me to salvation and mukti (full liberation). It has come to this in the construction of Vishista Advaita Vedanta at the website: which clearly spells out that I took my inspiration into my search from the Swami Gambhirananda interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita that my father in law in Bhubaneswar, Odisha India was kind-enough in 1985 to let me have from his house upon my request. So I am sure, you approach Bhagavad Gita not from the bhakti standpoint but as an aid to Realisation of Brahman. I tried that, it did not satisfy me, for I did not obtain any kind of gyan through the process of truth-accommodating to the Brahman as Self. I do not believe that Consciousness discharges knowledge and wisdom acquired through simple meditation, with the greatest of respect and in purely the spirit of truth, rather than me defending my bhakti/devotion to God, whether as Sri Krishna or as Vishnu. It is important to me that I must immerse myself into Creation in my bhakti, and do my karma, every moment of the day regardless of the difficulties and adversities I face, and especially now that I have enunciated Vishista Advaita Vedanta with its political offshoot, and more specifically, to proceed determinedly to stand candidates at the May Elections for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner in the Medway Towns, Kent, United Kingdom. So, whether I have been working under Divine Protection over the past 23 years to fulfil my dream for a utopian world as a personal mission, I will stick my head into the British Lion's mouth and hope to bring it back out again unscathed. Do you follow what I mean by karma comes first, truth-based karma, for I tried other objectives with the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party as well as the United Kingdom Independence Party under Nigel Farage of Brexit Fame that I supported, it did not get me into Parliament as a Member of Parliament that I wished for, so had to be jettisoned, and now I am pursuing the same mission from my own funding sources: God or no God.

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