The Vishista Advaita Vedantist does not disregard the body as being unimportant so is not purely spiritual in conception. The body is a vehicle for the chanelling of one'es thoughts into actions, so needs to be kept to its optimal functionality. Without the body there is no mind to do anything. It just exists in the ethers. What is the mind is so highly complex that we humans are unable to fathom it. This has already been discussed and we therefore use the sound of the monsylabllic entity as Om.

A year has passed by and I have been going through the process of finely considering just what kind of advaitist I am destined to be for in experimenting it further I hypothesised that we all have a pre-destiny, our naseeb, bhagya kismat, or fate. Through this journey I found that I still believed in God as Creator and the concept of Preserver or Saviour materially and spiritually gradually left me for I found that there is no worthwhile dharma (duties and responsibilities) to actively pursue because attachments such as beliefs, missions, aims, laws, rules, regulations, plans, objectives, desires, hopes, wishes, anticipations, and self (the body), Creation as something intentionally worth preserving, one's expectations, religions, strategies, schemes, do not produce peace of mind. Only acting nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly generates truthful responses to ONE’S externalities. ‘Doing/acting’ in this manner is believing. That is liberation or moksha or mukti in that the mind is then becomes free of anxieties, depressions, delusions, mood-swings, fears, and stress. Deliberate vows like Buddhists and other religions take to seek to regulate themselves to do actions in strategically adhering to noble paths are not conducive to attaining the feeling of 'ananda' or 'nirvana', Only the willingness to do tyaag (to sacrifice of everything that one possesses) and thereby contentment with one's moment by moment circumstances is what liberates a person, for then one's actions emerge from the depths of truth, in being what I define as the Supermind or Om in Hindu parlance.

So, over this past year I have redefined myself from being an advaitist of trying oneness with Reality, or Consciousness or Self or Brahman, to being a Vishista Advatist now in which truthfulness each moment is the way to move towards one’s pre-destiny. In that way the theology is theistic not atheistic that being an advaitist deliberately countenances.

Being a Vishista Advaitist is the Ultimate Realty, the Truth for me.

I hope this is understandable.

1 Year Ago on Facebook remind me of what I had written, as follows

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Shantanu Panigrahi

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‘’Through the process of satya-advaita I became an advaitist with total renunciation that subscribes to a nothingness philosophy’’.

We are governed by our mind, the body does what is dictated by the mind. This mind causes all movements of the body even in viruses and bacteria. We humans have a highly evolved mind. How that came about is a million dollar question. But remember, we humans are coerced or enslaved by other humans to be used as servants just like other animals in the wild have been tamed like horses, donkeys, elephants and dogs. Some cannot be tamed so we humans kill them to create more space for ourselves. In the law of the jungle it is a question of survival of the fittest. For that we need to sharpen our minds so that it is fully aware of the opportunities and dangers to survival. There is no other spirituality than having ones wit about oneself to conquer the human predators who want to destroy you in the dogfight to become the lord of the jungle. That person is the purushouttama. There are no Gods. It is all in the mind. But God created the mind as part of Creation.

Act effortlessly (no hidden agendas) if you think you have Reality mastered in your comprehension and thereby put your actions to the test in satya-advaita yoga.

Only a fool would say that the body is not important. Its gives us considerable possibilities to express our minds into actions. So, we need to preserve our bodies. But mind needs to be trained to generate a body that is optimal to ourselves circumstances in the objective of truth accommodation.

Momentary intelligence is all that one needs and should work towards through yoga of the mind that I use the term satya-advaita yoga to distinguish it from any other forms of yoga. When one has momentary intelligence it means that one has become fully aware in knowledge to generate moment by moment intelligence of wisdom to survive without much material resources still, to keep ones body working away somehow till the inevitable death because one has always truth-accommodated.

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